Friday, 15 May 2015

Zeal Zone - Anzac Biscuits

Today for our Zeal Zone group we had the fabulous Mrs Te'lea with us. And the theme that we were doing with her is learning how to make Anzac biscuits. I was so excited about what we are going to be doing. So first we watched a short little video about the steps and how to make Anzac Biscuits. Then we went straight to the kitchen after the morning tea bell rang. 
Did Anzac biscuits actually get to the soldiers?  Why - why not? Well soldiers actually did consume biscuits during the World War 1, but in those days they didn't use rolled oats. So yes they did have Anzac biscuits in there days but they didn't have it the way we make it now, because they ingredients they used was just plain flour and coconut/sugar.

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