Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Future Aspiration

Today at Pt England School, all the year 7 and 8 students as well as the teachers who are in the intermediate block have a huge surprise coming their way. Because the famous and wonderful ‘Marcus Winter and Louis -Latty” have been collected by “Andrew Patterson” to inspire us in what they have been doing in their lives. So they made their way to the intermediate block and “Mr Burt” our principal, started the speech for our visitors. “Welcome up, Andrew Patterson”. The one thing that everyone know’s about him is that he collects people and then he connects them. And the other thing that he also collects is quotes. Marcus is the special person who does cool and amazing art work with sand, and people call him the "incredible sand man". Louis Gordon-Latty talks and does things all about the glory league sport that tall men like playing, this game is similar and is just like playing basketball

Andrew Patterson is a famous man who is not only the man who collects people and connects them together by doing good things though they already are. But he is also included on the radio. First up to tell there speech was "Mr Burt" who was introducing everyone to us. And then Mr Andrew Patterson came up and talked to us about the people that he collected. Marcus Winter told us about how he started and how he ended up in this place and where he is right now. So back in primary he wasn't the man who you think he is now, because he wasn't the best hand writer you could possibly have seen. But then he knew that he was capable at doing at least one good thing, which was a good artist and that is what had wanted to be all his life. 

“Did you know that” Marcus winter is a famous artist? Well he is a professional artist but he does his art with black sand which is quite cool and interesting at the same time. Because I would actually like to be him when I grow up, and the thing that I liked about the videos that he did of him doing the sand art is that he tells stories while doing it. As well as thinking what to do next and trying not to bounce back at the same time. Focusing on your art as well as trying to trying to hook in your audience by going virelle. After he told everyone a little bit about himself he took us back to his primary days and  I know you are probably thinking that he was the man at art in school. And yes he was, but he wasn’t the best hand writer you may have seen as a year 3-4 when he was about 7 years old. So he thought of doing his future/dream aspiration which was to become an artist. All the things that he told us was so cool and they were so understandable but my most favorite one was " have something good to think about and then no one will stop you from doing what you want to do and think about good things when ever you struggle". 

So he went to the streets, and the street is the place where he started doing his dream which was art, with dark black sand. He was the man at doing art with sand especially in front of a whole heap of people watching him doing it. There was one thing that kind of stopped him or well distracted him from doing that which was how he thought.

The question that they asked is the question that I had in mind which was “who and how do the people video the men playing “glory league”.  And Louises

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