Friday, 17 February 2012

Healthy Food.

Healthy Eating,

Healthy food is important because if you had breakfast in the morning so that means that you

are a healthy kid. If you did not have breakfast at home then that means that you have, not been

healthy at all and that means that you might of bean sleeping in the classroom well doing your

work on your net book Because if you go to school and have morning tea or lunch in your lunch

box so it will need to be healthy not like pies,fizzy drinks,chocolates,lollies and big packets of

chips.Well because you might get fat if you want to lose wight then you can eat healthy food

and there is another way and that is going for a run going for a bike ride and taking a potal of

water that’s really healthy.So your brain can make fast awake in stead of being lazy jeering

class time.My mum is trying to lose weight by eating healthy food just like bananas, apples,

oranges, pears, blue berry's.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Recipe for an awesome Pt. Englander

Recipe for an awesome Pt.Englander.



2:be Responsible.

3:take charge.

4:walk away.

5:be kind.

How to use the ingredients:

1:help one another.

2:sharing is caring.

3:dont make pepple cry and make them angry.

4:Respect-Respecting the teachers around the school and friends.Respecting your teacher and yourself by doing your work.

5:dont talk when the techers talking or when a student is trying to say some think.

6:listen to the teacher,your friends and most of all listen to your mum and dad.

7: its a tap not a kick.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

My Holiday.

Holiday Highlight
In the holidays I got a lot of poket money every week . When I got bored my mum let me go to the pools with my friends. Do you want to no how many clubs I'm in? 5! I went to friend ship club, breakfast club, river side club and karate club. When my mum let me go to my aunties house for a sleep over I was so excited. I was happy to meet my new teacher for this year and make new friends .I'm so happy about my net book.