Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Stan Walker (New Zealand Kiwi Musicians)

Do you know who is one of our New Zealand Kiwi musicians? Well I know one person who is Kiwi and he was brought up in Melbourne, Australia and his name is Stan Walker. The first I heard his voice is when he was performing on American Idol for his very first time, and the song that he sang was ( Ordinary People by John Legend). Stan Walker was 15 years old when he went on that show and he sang beautiful.

Stan Walker was born on October the 23, in 1990, and he is 23 years old. He was brought up in Melbourne, Australia his Nationality is Australian. He went to the Hamilton Boys' High School and he was in the movie called Australian Idol Mt, Zion. Did you know that Stan Walker is an Australian and New Zealand recording artist, actor and television personality? He was subsequently signed a recording contract with a Sony Music Australia.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Commonwealth Games Quiz

In what year were the Commonwealth Games first held?
1. 1913
2. 1930
3. 1931
4. 1933

What does “CGF” stand for?
A. Games of the Commonwealth Federation
B. Commonwealth Group Federation      
C. Commonwealth Games Federation
D. Countries of the Commonwealth Federation

True or False? Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and Scotland are the only nations to have attended every Commonwealth Games.
A. True
B. False

What were the Commonwealth Games first called?
A. British Commonwealth Games
B. British Empire and Commonwealth Games
C. British Commonwealth and Empire Games
D. British Empire Games

What is the minimum number of core sports the host city must choose?
1. (10
2. (17
3. (22
4. (261

How many para-sports events will there be in Glasshow?
1. (10
2. (17
3. (22

In what years were the Commonwealth Games not held?
A. 1930 and 1932
B. 1942 and 1946
C. 1954 and 1966
D. 1970 and 1974

What are the Commonwealth Games known as?
1. The Friendship Games
2. The Sporty Games
3. The Happy Games
4. The Friendly Games

How many medal events will there be in Glasgow?
A. 261
B. 216
C. 612
D. 126

The Commonwealth Games are similar to what other international, multi-sport event?
1. Rugby World Cup
2. WOrld Cup
3. Olympics
4. World Series

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Commonwealth Games for 2014

Commonwealth Games Athlete
Athlete’s Background
Possible Athletes:  Valerie Adams
Chosen Athlete: Name: Valerie Adams         Age: 29
Sport: Shot Put                           Representing: Valerie Adams is representing New Zealand
Background: adams-gold.jpg

Key Characteristics (with evidence)
1. TEAM ADAMS: Valerie Adams' family is thrilled she has now won the Olympic gold medal. Pictured at the family home in Mangere, Auckland:
2. Valerie Kasanita Adams, ONZM is a shot putter from New Zealand. She is a four-time World champion, three time World Indoor champion and two-time Olympic and Commonwealth champion.
3. In 1998 Adams met former javelin thrower Kirsten Hellier, who would become her coach for the next 11 years.
4. She currently holds the New Zealand, Oceanian,Commonwealth and equal World Championship records with a personal best throw of 21.24 metres.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Pt England School Immersion Assembly

Finally the day has come for us to go back to school. Pt England school is going to be having another amazing immersion assembly for the start of term 3 2014. The topic for term 3 is "Game On". The topic that Pt England school is focusing on is all about the commonwealth games and what it actually means. I think it means everyone at Pt England school will be concentrating on there sports and making it to all the team training's and games. 

5 minutes later the bell rang. Then all the kids made there way to there class rooms and there teachers sent them in the hall for the immersion assembly. Usually it is Mr Burt who is in charge of doing the assembly but it was Mr Jacobson. Mr Burt was still over sea's doing something very important, but he will be back on Tuesday. Then Mr Jacobson said " welcome back everyone.

Then Mr Jacobson did our prayer and told us all about the topic that we will be learning about all of term 3. After that team 1 showed us their amazing movie and so did all the other teams like team 2, 3, 4 and 5. I think the best one that we had watched had to be team 3. The reason why my favorite movie was team 3 is because it was all about these amazing athletes that was performing in ice skating in the finals. They did cool tricks and it looked so cool but I don't think I can do that it probably took them a long time to do something cool like that. 

At the very end of the immersion assembly Mr Jacobson showed he entire school what Mr Burt has been doing and why. Mr Burt has been away to show us all the things that he has been doing and he also did a quiz for the entire school to do. So what he did is he took pictures of all the things that he saw and did, and we have to ques what it is and where he is. So all we have to do is answer all the questions that he has brought up for us to do. 

Friday, 4 July 2014

My Maths Strategy - Decimals

The Best Day Ever - At the AMI netball courts

Ms Tito said “can all the kapa haka students please meet in the hall, thank you”. So all the kapa haka students meet Ms Tito in the hall to have a meeting about the workshop that we will be going on Wednesday. “You will all be given this permission slip and it will be brought in in the morning” Ms Tito said. “ Okay Ms Tito” the kapa haka students replied back.

The noticed said “ you will need to be at school by 7.45am. This will all be held at the netball courts. But before entering the courts you will have to be welcoming a powhiri. It is a Taonga to us, and we should all treasure it like its our own. Its not just our school going there will be other school coming to the courts as well.

There will also be a Maori game held at the courts too. It is the Ki O Rahi people that is going to be playing this fun and amazing game as well as all the other schools that will be coming. But some of the kapa haka students were in the Ki O Rahi. So they will go to the Ki O Rahi game to represent our school, because that is the most important thing that will be going on.

So Mr Jacobson was taking all of us to the courts, so that is the kapa haka people and the people that is playing Kia O Rahi. He could only take 9 people at a time but Ms TIto and Tyson will be taking some of us too. So they had to go back and forth. About 15 minutes later all the Pt England students made their way to the courts. So we all found good place to put our stuff, and just waited for all the other schools to come.

FInally waiting for 20 minutes we made our way to the inside of the courts and waited for the powhiri to start. The Tangata Whenua did there karanga and everyone sang a waita (He Honore). The kapa haka students from Selwyn College were singing a beautiful waiata for us, which meant welcome everyone. Then all the people from our school and other schools that will be playing Ki O Rahi will have 15 minutes to get ready for their game to start, before they left we said “good luck Pt England and we hope you make it into the finals”.

Then the kids went of to do there first activity for the workshop. There was games set up for us stations on how to make a bracelet out of harakeke (flax) and how to make a Kawowo. So all the students went of to play Kia O Rahi and the rest of us stayed and waited for all the grown ups to set up the workshop. The kapa haka students went of to make a bracelet but before making it we will need to pay attention for the rules.