Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Last day at Pt England School for the yr 8 students

On the very last day of school we just enjoyed the last moments that we will have together with the year 8’s and hopefully we will have know down times. So we had an Immersion Assembly together at the second bell which was 8.50am. Shared our last certificates out to every body and and also said our good byes and farewells to all the teachers who will be leaving our school. Most of them are retiring, they already have another job, or they are just going over sea’s to see their family.

A couple mintues and hours later we all went back to our classes and moved furniture around and helped other junior classes. It wasn’t really a good day to end school because it was raining really badly oudside. The least I could say is that we will have fun and the weather will not disterbe us when we are playing, cleaning, singing, dancing and doing a whole heap of cools things, especially on the last day.

So my class “class 4” just moved all the furniture out of the way and just had fun. We made video stars, watched funny and cool movies, sang songs together, danced together and had fun together “just like our Pt England family would do”. Me and my friends didn’t stay at class for half of the morning block, we went of to help other classes take pictures of fthe walls, move furniture around to the right palces and just went back to class at half time.

Saddly after a while we realized that the time went pass fast, and it only felt like a bursting wind went straight past  cbour eye’s. It got quite no one talked except for the school bell ringing and heading of to class. We lined up and took our seats in the hall and waited for Mr Burt to say the Korero.

we said “our farewells and good buy’s to our yr 8 students, and wish them good luck for college next year”. We didn’t really want any of them to leave but they had to go, but the best thing is that they will always visit us and we will see them time by time juring the holidays. We gave them all huge cuddly hugs and hand shakes to show them that we love them and we will miss them. They cried a litle bit and showed us their Christmas talents throught out the entire time they spent at Pt England School.

My best friends birthday

On Friday the 19 of December, an hour after school finished. I had a chance to have a sleep over at my friends house and her name is “Ashlee”. First of all we went to my house to pick up my clothes for the sleep over, then my mum took us for a ride to Pak’n’save to buy us some snacks and then I said good bye family I will see you all tommorow I love 

A while after we finished buying some snacks something really ugly and terribly happened, “sadly it started to poor down with rain and lighting (thunder) came down from the sky. So we had to take the bus instead of the train because we wouldnt be able to make it to the other side.

We made it to her house and we were just on time because her mum and dad made it home about 10 minutes before us and dinner was already finsish. We told them about our last day at school and after school, but while waiting we had dinner and watched movies. Her mum, dad, little brother “Conna” and her nan were their, but her mum and dad had to go and get christmas shopping. I think they got it that day I came because it will keep Ashlee from asking to see the presents! “Shhh”.

We watched a horror movie along with a dancing program as well, and we made us these things that the year 8 students got o make at their camp. Which was these “mashmollows and thin buiskits all together” so first of all (do you know how people frie their mashmollows over the fire outside) well we did that, but her nan was their to light the fire and watch us. Then we went inside and used the thin buiskits as our sandwich and put one mashmollow in between the thin buiskits.

The next day after that her mums best friend “Suzie” came over to her house in the morning to pick us up and take us over to Sylvia Park. Once we got their we realized that we forgot the money at home but “Ashlee” thought that she might’ve droped in Sylvia. So we trained all the way back to Glenn Innes to tell her aunty what happened and her aunty handed her $3.00 for our train back to Meadobank. Quess what the money was safely under her pollow in her nans pearse that her nan let her borrow. So we used that money to get us back to her aunties house then had lunch before we left.

A nice day at the Pools

On Monday 3 days before Christmas we decided to enjoy a nice hot day at the pools in Panmure. Before we made our way to the pools we packed us some togs, towels, spare clothes for after the pools and made us some lunch. On our way to the pools we brought us some drinks and chicken'n'chips before we headed in the pools. We ate outside the pools underneath the tree in the shade and settled our stomach before going inside.

The good thing was that it was closer to my dads work and their water slide but you had to pay for the bands to get in and the pools were for free. So we paid for our bands to get into the water-slide and headed on in. When we made our way in with our bands we noticed that my nanny, uncle's, aunties and cousin were all their as well. The only ones that weren't swimming was my older sister "Martha and my mum". But unless we all enjoyed a good day at the pools with the family their.

After a while I saw a couple of friends that comes to my school, and most of all my best friend was their. I got a little bored but luckily my best friend "Mary, Stacey her sister, cousin and her auntie" come along. We enjoyed the day they brought them selves some bands as well and come into the slide with me, because their was a lot of little and big boys and girls to scared to go down. So we just went for it and had a lot of fun because "why pay for it and not enjoy it".

We played swimming competitions in the big pool, handstands, flips and more bombing. Then we had a snack and settled our stomach for 10 minutes. We had our funny times come back up from when we were at school with the year 8 students. But we were like "oh unless we get to see them now and then in the holidays". So we just spent the rest of the day going up and down for more on the hydra slide. 

After 3 hours or more my dad called on my mums phone and asked us to "pick him up from work". So we had to go besides my sister were getting tiered any ways so, we picked up my dad and went home to have a nice sleep. We enjoyed 3 or more hours at the pools, especially because we got to see each other and not have to wait for next to see each other. We said "good bye and hopefully we will see each other soon".

A day at the beach with my family

On Tuesday me, my mum and my sister's did a spring clean around the house after my mum dropped my dad of to work. Then we cleaned up for 20 minutes and went for a ride some where after we had breakfast. Then my older sisters friend came over to ask if she was aloud to go to the pools again, so she went to the pools and me, my mum and my 3 little sisters went to Mishenbay.

Before we left we had lunch which was 3 boxes of pizza different toppings and hot chips. Then we packed us some drinks and chips for snacks if we get hungry. Played on the park and had a little swim in the water-fountain. After about 40 minutes in the pool they got changed in the changing room then had some chips and drinks. Then had 10 minutes on the park because they got tired and felt like ice-cream.

So we packed up all our things and went into the car, and went of to "MacDonald" to get us some chocolate waffles but my mum wan'ted a frozen coke but sprite instead of coke. But my sisters were asleep so we woke them up and they saw the ice-cream and ate it slowly because if they eat it too fast it will make them get brain freeze. 

Then we made our way home and saw my sister playing with her friend and her mum my sisters friends mum came over to pick her up. Then we all waited in the sitting room or in our own rooms watched movies or read books or played on our net-books, and waited for my dad to ring to say "he needs to be picked up because he is finished work".

Watching a brand knew movie - Moondance Alexandrer

On Monday night we were trying to decided which movie we will be watching. So my dad went into his room and brought out a brand new movie that know one in our family as seen "so this should be interesting". So we sat down and found out what this movie would be like and ate popcorn and drank fizzy along with the movie. The movie was all about this young little girl who was always teased by kids at her school, but she found this mysterious horse that was running around the street by himself. And she decided to be a champion of what she was never thought to be. Her name is "Moondance and her horse is Checkers". 

This story is based on a true story and their real names are called Don Johnson, Kay Panabaker, Lori and Loughlin. She gave us a tip which was "sometimes you have to be different to fit in". Or you can just be yourself and maybe good things will happen but you just have to get out their. It is inspired by a true story, and this was a family adventure features an all-star cast.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a time of the year where people get presents ready, cook delicious food for the family, and most of all having a lovely time of a day with your family. Because the next day it will be  the actual Christmas day where people and the kids enjoy opening their beautiful presents and having to see their happy faces when they see there surprise. I just want to wish everyone a lovely time of the year that they had with the family and hopefully you will have another vacation after Christmas. Because Christmas for me is every day, and I love that. Presents and money isn't the entire reason of Christmas it is about Santa Clause and his helpers at the North Pole trying to make kids believe'n Christmas and saving all the children who is on the good list and put the kids from the bad list onto the good list. So that everyone will be able to get Christmas presents and help around the house.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Maori D.L.O - Korero

Kia Ora and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy watching my Maori D.L.O that I have created. Followed by Mary who helped me edit it. Have an awesome day today and enjoy my movie. "Please leave a comment on my blog".

Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Te Tuhi Writing

On Tuesday class 2 and 4 got to go on an exciting trip to the art Gallery. Class 2 had to go in the morning because they didn’t have enough room for 2 classes at one time, so they went in the morning block. My classroom “class 4” went in the afternoon, we were all looking forward to a great time at the art gallery once the bus arrived.

After a while the buses arrived and it was our turn to go to the art gallery. We boarded the bus and we asked the bus driver to pick us up after we were finish. When we made our way into the Te Tuhi art gallery. Then there was a staff member who showed us around the environment.

The helpers name was “Jeremy” and he was happy to take our class and show us the 3 most important patterns that means a lot to them. So he introduced himself to us and lead us to the art room where we will experience the 3 pattern from 3 different countries.

So we did ink painting with pastel and a A4 printed paper. So we had to draw 4 things in 4 boxes about our “family, interest, home, and our culture”. So before we started drawing our designs we had to scrunch up our paper to make it feel like mulberry tree. Then we would have to colour in each box and only the boxes with the pastel. Then after that we had to paint over the entire paper with the ink.

He showed us these 2 different Tapa patterns that come from different Islands which is called “Fiji and Samoa”. Then we had to give our piece of artwork to “Jeremy” and we would let them dry up for the next class.  So we used the other classes artwork and drew our 4 different things about our “family, home, interest and culture” and painted around our drawing with pastel and ink ( 2 with ink and 2 with pastel).

About half an hour later we went over to the water room and watched all the things that people would do in the clips and which one of them have family, home, interest and culture init. We saw one about family, culture and home but not interest. We saw a huge picture on top of a big wall paper which had interest in it and the very last one was about the Mangere bridge and saw the difference of what it looks like now and how it looked like a long time ago.

Then Mary and Lesieli went over to get our artwork from the art gallery room and the rest of the classroom had to wait outside for the bus. While we were waiting we took pictures of the building and all around the environment and discovered that they use a lot of detail in their work and the kids actually love this place. They have enough room for kids to play around and me, Ashlee and Quasia took photos of everything.

Friday, 28 November 2014

My - Future Aspiration Writing

On Wednesday the Intermediate block had a special presentation about our future aspiration. There were special visitors coming by to show us what they have been doing in the past and advice that can help us in the future. Their names are “Paula Fakalata, Anthony Samuels, Andrew Patterson, and Amelia Unufe.  

When they made their way into the door we sang a little Waiata, to them and our Mihi and Karakia. Andrew Patterson was the presenter of introducing them to the front and repeating the key things of they have told us, just checking if we remember.

“First up to show and tell us what they have done in the future and how it turned them into a better person is Anthony Samuels”. Anthony Samuels told us a little key thing that will help us is “your past does not have to determine your future”. Do you know what To Miharo Hoki mean in English? It mean “you are amazing”. He also showed us a short video of other people who changed and didn’t let the past determine their future.

Paula Fakalata was up next. He wasn't’t scared of what we do to strive and succeed, but he was scared of us not giving things a try. He was a professional swimmer and he would always win every single competition. But this one time he was swimming and he was reaching for the ground because of his height but he couldn't find it, so something bad happened. “And he was drowning in the water he stopped breathing and his mum was crying, so the lifeguard dived into the water and let him out of the water and started pushing onto his heart. Trying to bring him back, so a while later it worked. He spat out a lot of water and all his friends were laughing at him. He felt so shy and embarrassed in himself.

He never went into the water for a very long time, but suddenly one day he realized that “it doesn't matter if one mistake had happened in the water, and it won’t stop me from doing something that I love to do”. He continued swimming and he recognised that he actually had a lot of fun doing it too. He told us his secret for how he kept winning it was because he would always get the middle and he would put his feet down onto the ground because of his height. That is how he would always win the race

Monday, 10 November 2014

My Reading Task: About Fatu Feu'u

A special place in the Community - Our Pt England Reserve

Have you ever been to the Pt England Reserve before? Well at our Pt England Reserve we have a beach down at the bottom and a lot of people enjoy going down there including our school. Not long ago these hard working men built a beautiful playground that kids really love playing on. Most of the time children are down on the beach making sand castles and swimming in the water.

Not many people have heard about our Reserve so usually we would have the entire area to ourselves. We really do like sharing it with other people. Our Pt England Reserve has all kinds of amazing things that you can do there, like playing on the playground and down the beach. There are toilets, changing rooms and showers in the toilet rooms as well.

Once every a year at Pt England school we have a big school picnic at the Reserve. We bring sports gear to play with and a lot of fresh fruit if the children want any. It is a good thing that we bring sports gear because we have a huge field down there as well. We all have an awesome time and other people come down join us as well.

Often other sports teams from other schools and clubs come over to use our field on the Reserve for competition. Usually every weekends families come over to have a “BBQ” and bring their children over to play games, play on the park and down by the beach. We have a large beach down at the end and a lot of people play with the clay and build big and cool sand castles which look “fantastic”.

If you haven’t seen our Pt England Reserve then come near by and you will be amazed. Our Community is lucky because the beach is quite nice and cheerful, and it is a nice place to have a family picnic. This Reserve is a very special place for us at Pt England school, and our Community because we enjoy visiting it every time.

Friday, 7 November 2014

My art work

Today class 4 have been looking at all of the amazing art work that this incredible person has drawn. Her name is "Jo May". She lives near a beach and with nature creatures. So she draws picture of them and what she really loves looking at. It has a lot of inspiring things in it and the colour really stands out. So that is what we were doing in our class today, and we really enjoyed it. Now all I have to do is paint my picture and it will look sort of the same. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lizara RT - Book Review (The Floods:Play School)

Book Title: The Floods - Play School
Author: Colin Thompson
Reviewer: Lizara - Class 4
Grand total of books read this year: ?
Book Genre: (Highlight)

  • Science fiction
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Series
  • Fantasy
  • Other (state)

  • Biographies/Autobiographies
  • Historical
  • Instructional
  • Other (state)
Insert photo of book cover here:

Reading Level:
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Advanced
(Leave how many stars you rate it.)
Every day five of the children travel halfway round the world to Quickline College, the ultimate school for witches and wizards.

Orkward Warlock, the vilest boy in the school, hates the big happy Flood family, and together with his sidekick. The Toad, he's plotting to kill the Floods - on sports day.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Colour Wheel Activity

Me and my brand knew Chromebook

 I was having an awesome time at school! And when I went to see Ms Tele'a I had been told that I will be given a brand knew Chromebook. That excite me a lot and my family as well. It wasn't only me who was going to be given a Chromebook it was also Nathan, Sarona, Taunese, Iron, Johnlee and Jayden. So a while later we went into the staff room to practice how we will greet them and how we will stand up tall and proud with a big smile too thank them heaps. Then we met all the other school and children from those schools and enjoyed standing up on the stage together with our Chromebooks. Thank you Warehouse and Variety we appreciate it!!! 

My Barista Explanation

I have had a nice time learning how to use the machine and make delicious things. Like for example hot chocolate, Mocha, Flat white, Long and short black. The supplies that we have to use is a green cloth, three different jugs ( measuring, coffee and a hot chocolate jug). 

The people that also do it with me is my best friends Quasia, Ashlee, Mary, Nikki, Lesieli. Oh Sarah and Mohammed as well. I started doing barista in term 2 for the last few weeks, and that was when I became a professional barista "I was so pleased with myself". I have been training Quasia and Nikki with Mary and Lesieli and we turned them into experts for next year if they sign up like us. 

I just want to thank Ms Flavelle for an awesome opportunity that you have given me. Now I will just go home and teach my family the way you all taught me and I hope the year 6's enjoy being a barista the next year coming. 

Harry Potter (Quiz - Article)

Harry Potter is a famous actor doing mysterious things, that excite people a lot. He does series of seven epic and fantasy novels, and had been written by a British author named " J.K Rowling". Our young adventure wizard "Harry Potter" titular character has recently been in movies but not only that, he has also been  in books of excitement that tell you about what the story means. He has only made 7 books now and his very first book was had been written in 1997 and continued to 2007. If you have not seen any of harry potters movies or books have a look at them, you might like it.

Friday, 31 October 2014

My Museum Writng

My Museum Writing:
“Wow” have you ever been to the Auckland Museum before? Well here at Pt England school, the year 7 students were invited to spend the day at the Auckland Museum. We were all looking forward to an awesome day the Museum! So we went home and gave our notices to our parents, and waited for the next day of experience.

When we arrived at school in the morning at about 8.30am when the first bell rang. We went into class and chatted to our mates, just waiting for the teachers to sort out our groups and which parent will be taking which group with them along the trip. So we did our Mihi, Karkia and our Waiata, then Ms Paget read out the roll and put us into our groups.

“Yea the buses have arrived” So the very first team to go into the bus was Mr Barks group, then ms Lagitepu’s group, Ms Paget, Shannons, My Mums “Sueanna”, Villi, Babra, Tamati, and Shatna. We all boarded the bus and made our way to the Auckland Museum!

We all made our way into the Museum and first of all we had our morning tea then put our bags into our 3 lookers. Then we all got split up and went to the places that was said on the piece of paper that were given to the parents.


What do you do on Halloween day? Well most of the time people don't like staying home, so they go out to visit other peoples houses and ask for treats. Because that is what Halloween is all about, but not only for children to get thousands of treats. It also represents the "Devil" so another things is people don't like doing trick or treat, especially on the "devils" numbers. As the "Devil" does not have a birthday or something special.  

Well me and my best friends Quasia and Ashlee will be going to trick or treat together and visit other peoples houses to find more treat and show them an awesome halloween trick. "Yes" people might think that it will be much better if you go in the afternoon because if you go late most of all the lollies will be all gone. But all the children will be at school from 7.00am to 3.00pm so that will probly be the time that everyone will go out trick or treating. 


What he had too do on the first day in class!

We had an amazing time today, because we had to study more about one of these three artist. So the artist that we had study about was Warren Pohuta, but not only he does art he is also an Author writer. The only classes that were with Ms Paget and Mr Barks, well the "Panuba" class, was class 4, 5 and 1. It was very quite without the year 8's, which didn't really feel like we were at school, and yes most people might say that a quite class "could be helpful and cheerful". For us it isn't normal and I think the other year 8's miss everyone else!!!! We didn't only just miss the yr 8's but we missed Ms Nua, Ms Squires and Ms Clark as well.                                                  

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Presntation about Warren Pohatu

My first day for - Term 4, Week 2 on the 28.10.14

Well this would be quite the tuffest day now, especially on the first day of week 2. Because all the year 8 chlidren had been invited to go on a camp, and the year 7's had to go on a trip to the Auckland Museum. We also found out that the adults had a home school partinship to attend at 6.30pm. Wouldnt this be a fine day for you if you had to go on a trip and afterwords, you would have to be at the school by 6.30pm to attend the home school partinship. 

First of all the year 8 parents would have too drop off their child of to the hall with all the lagudge and just have a short meeting together before they leave, and say good bye to them. The teachers that went of to help with the year 8 camp was Ms Squires, Ms Nua, and Ms Clark. When that is over most of the adults would leave and go home or some will come over to the year 7 and 8 street and help us with the year 7 trip. The parents that helped us on the trip was my mum "Sueanna and her best friend Shannon" along with Vili, Shatna, Barbra, and Alarzae's dad. 

The year 7's had to wait in the street with Ms Paget, Mr Barks and Ms Lagitepu to lead us to the buses and tell us what we will be doing, and our groups. The first thing we had to do is wait for Ms Paget to read out the roll and put us into groups, and tell us who our leader will be for each group. Their was 3 teachers, 4 aldult helpers and 50-60 children boarding the two buses. We were ready too head of to the Auckland Museumand study about more art also to have a awesome time. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My Siapo Presentation

kia ora and welcome to my blog. This is my Presentation all about Siapo. All I am doing here is naming the subjects of these different patterns!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Empathy Story

One day their was a very responsible and generous young boy who loved to play outside on the play ground. He had a lot of hopes for the future and he loved being empathetic.   His name was “Jason”and he had a lot of good friends. But in his neighbourhood there were a lot of bad kids who always thought that bullying people would solve their problem. I call them the “trouble makers”. That was the one and only reason why Jason does not like going to the playground that is outside of his house.

A while after that he made his way outside onto the playground “I don’t care about those meanie boys they need to learn empathy” Jason replied. “Oh no they are following me, I have to try and run away but I am so slow at running” Jason said in his head ( Mind). Jason started running away but the trouble makers were too fast. “Ahhhhhh let me go, what did I ever do to you”. Jason got caught, and said “Stop being so nasty and be empathetic”. They couldn’t hear him, so they bait him up!!!

Then this  was strange there was a person living in our neighbourhood and he looked like a very nice person. That knew boys name is “Calvin” and he made his way to the park and he could see someone feeling sad on the field. “Hi are you okay, my name is Calvin come you can play with me”.  So first of all he met a new friend and he introduced him to his other friends, and told him what those trouble makers did to him. Not only they met a new friend but they all lived happily ever after and had an awesome time on the park.

So after about 2 hours playing on the park, the trouble makers came over just to make trouble. Then Calvin came up and took the mean person to the field and had a little talk to him about empathy. Calvin told them not to be so mean and you will never have to live in the dark and just apologise to Jason and tell him why you are being so mean. So  I that mean person came over and said “I am so sorry for being so mean, I was just so julious because I have never had such cool and friendly, friends like you and that was the reason why I got so angry at you”. Jason and his friends became friends with the bad people and they also became empathetic just like Jason and his friends.

Empathy Explanation

Do you know what empathy is all about? Well Imagine a world without peace, kindness and empathy. Our world would be trapped with darkness, and know happiness for the world. So put yourself into other peoples shoes and imagine what all those amazing and generous people are going through. Think about how you would feel if that was you ( crying and having know one with you) you would feel very lonely.

Well those people who are rich who can afford power, food, water, light in the house. If there was no light in your house and it was pitch black. You were living with no power, no food, and nothing to drink. Just take a minute to realise how other people are living. Just think about being empathetic.

Empathy is all about what? Well empathy is like looking into other peoples minds and seeing what they are thinking about and how they are feeling. Feeling what other people are feeling is being kind and helpful, or helping people out when they are feeling sad and angry. Sharing how you are feeling and what you have been going through.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lizara, Ashlee, Quasia and Nikki's Transformation - Reflection, Enlargement, Rotation, Translation.

Immersion Assembly Writing - Term 4/2014

“Wow” I can not believe that it come to the last term of 2014 at Pt England School. Mr Burt said “It is time for term 4 Immersion Assembly item, Pt England School”. Everyone made their way to the hall and Mr Burt announced team 1 up to show us their amazing presentation about what they will be doing throughout all of term 4.

So we welcomed each team up by 1, and they showed us their amazing presentations, and we good not wait to see all of them. First up was team 1, and their presentation was all about
looking at all the different things that you could draw about in art and who are the special and famous people. Mr Burt replied back to every single team “well done and we will be looking forward to your amazing work”.

Their presentation was all about famous artist showing us what their art pictures are all about, and which one would you buy and who is the best one. They stood up onto the stage ready to introduce themselves to everyone. The famous artist are Andy Warhol (who is known as the man of pop art). Fatu Fe’u ( is Samoan). Vincent Van Gogh ( has a Bandaged ear, because he had cut himself). Pablo Picasso (cubism) Angular Monet ( French accent) and George Seurat  was pointillism dots.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ashlee and Lizaras Netball project

The sport Netball was first invented in 1895. If you wondered why the sport is so similar to
Basketball? The answer would have to be before the first game of netball was played, a
few people were playing the sport basketball when they accidentally created a new game
called “Netball”.

There is no explanation for why this game was created. It was just like a few other popular sports that was created by accident. Did you know the first game of netball was played at Madame Ostenburg's College, England.

Apparently a variety of boys and girls created the sport one lunch time when playing Basketball and then it turned into Netball. Through to inclusion the game is one of the must have sports in the commonwealth games.

If you have never played the game netball then don’t fear because we are here to tell you. You must have 2 teams with at least 7 players on each side. You play on a rectangular court with raised hoops on each side. The objective of the game is to see which team has the most goals at the end of the game. They do this by passing the ball down the court to their team members without breaking the rules. 

To see the rules of netball then keep tuned for a movie explaining the rules of Netball.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Our MTV - Lizara, Quasia and Nikki

We hope you enjoy watching our "Amazing MTV" and write a comment
on our blog!!!! Enjoy the rest of your day:)

Monday, 8 September 2014

Weekly Quiz Article - John Campbell

Do you know who John Campbell is? Well if you do not know who he is, this story will tell you who he is and his personality. John Campbell is 50 years old now ( in 2014 ) and was first born in the 1964, February the 10th. His home is in Wellington, in New Zealand (Aotearoa). Did you know that he is apart of the New Zealand 3 News live on Television ( TV ). He is a traditional New Zealand News reporter in Wellington - newsroom, and he has moved political gallery over one year time. And is on TV at 7:00pm to 7:30pm (only on Television for half an hour).

Friday, 5 September 2014

Revolution Tour Writing

Pt England School was lucky enough to be invited to watch an amazing show. The year 7 and 8 students got to watch them perform for us at 2.00pm as a group. And their group name is the “Revolution team” They were on a tour all around the world to tell people a story of what “Tiaki Taonga” means to us and what our school needs to focus on.

The first thing that they showed us when we were entering in the hall, they introduced themselves to us, and then they offered to sing a song to us. The song was called “Roar by Katy Perry”. And they sang it wonderful it actually sounded like they were the real singer, well close very close. After about 10 minutes they finally showed us an important story (Legend) that meant “never ever feel lonely, if you are always ask for help and never be mean or quite selfish to knew people”.

What they did is they went on stage and set up the story, and began to tell the story of when a man first started school. There was a young boy who really hasn’t seen people like this, and he was hoping that it would be a wonderful day of his life. “But” when he arrived at school he got bullied only because he was wearing a pink T-shirt. So these two mean boys came over and “pushed him real hard, and it made him get a bad bruise on his leg”. “This is when the story actually begins, and what you guys should be doing when someone is in trouble”.

Then after a while these two young and responsible kind and generous men, come over and help him up to see if he is alright. “Know I am not alright, I just got humiliated in front of the entire school. “But thank you for helping me guys, I appreciate it”. So they went home and started chatting to each other on facebook, slipping texts to each other on their phones. Now what those two boys did is they texted a message to every single person who goes to his school and asked everyone if they could where a pink T-shirt tomorrow. Then asked the young boy who got humiliated, to wear that pink T-shirt again tomorrow,  just come to school in that pink T-shirt and I promises you will not get embarrassed tomorrow.

That is what the Revolution group arrived to our school for, only to show us what we should be thinking about doing in the future. And I bet today people have realized that what they are doing is not themselves and that they would need to do a big change if they want to go far, in the future. So if you have been bullying people a lot lately don’t blame your self, just ask people for help and you will change. And if you are being bullied just walk away or tell that person for help and you will end up being a hero.

My Kabaddi Research - Writing Explanation

Kabaddi is an amazing and fun game if you get use to playing it. It has a range of combinations like Rugby (tackling is allowed) and a little bit of tag or tiggy. But if you play tiggy, you will only have to touch them to make them in. You will have to tackle them down to the ground and leave them their for at least 10 seconds.  

You will need to have a strategy before you start the game . And agility to run fast like the wind, to get passed them. Or lets just say you need to have speed, but most of all your tackling will need to have aggression, but don’t take it over the mark “okay.” “And when one of your opponents come over to tag one of your team members, try to defend them from tagging you. Or just get ready to run and tackle them down to the ground with aggression and strength.

Before you get into the habit of playing Kabaddi you will first of all need a long rectangular field, not a court because you might gets seriously injured. Then you will need some people to play and you can have as much people as you want but only 4 people can play in each team ( only two teams in this game). A set of cones and a referee or a teacher, who ever can take the game. The set of cones should be laid out in the middle of the rectangular field and your team of four have to be opposite side’s at the end. (So one team will be lined up on the left, or top and the other team will be on the right, or bottom and the cones should be right in the middle between each of the teams).

“This is how you play Kabaddi” In the teams of four you will need to get into a chain and make sure your arms are sealed nice and tight. Because if your team lets go you will be disqualified from the competition. So “lets say the team on the left side, one of there team members will have to tag the opposite team (the other team). And the person that got tagged has to try and tackle them to the ground before they cross over the cones that was in the middle lined up.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Wave: Storybytes 13 -15

The wave which changes the world:
This is a story all about a young and confident boy who lives at a house, near the beach. His name is Paul, and he had always had a dream of being a real surfer and playing in the action of being one. He would always watch the surfers get there surfboards ready and get into the water, and have a race together. “My mum never lets  me go near the water, she would always tell me that the water would be quite cruel these days” But I would always think that it was just an excuse, and I wasn’t aloud to surf until I get me a knew one when I grow older.

Paul made a really, really big mistake! “He decided to go for one last dive into the water, just before his parents would arrive back at home”. Right from the point that he got ready to swim, he finally realised that the power had stretched so far away for such a rhythmic fashion. It was unstoppable for him, it was like a never ending story. The Sun was shining into his blue eyes descending a quickly horizon above the sky. He rushed down to the sand hurtling and jumping of the deck with a sprained of action.

It felt like a challenge to him. just like what those other men were doing earlier. He was fighting the momentum downwards, just beginning his incredible journey. Finally entering the water, his feet getting stuck into the warm sand (similar to quicksand). Out of know where he got trapped and he was feeling so worried and terrified, thinking that he might die to death. His knee was deep into the water so was his waist. “I knew this would be a bad idea, I hope my parents come home soon”.

Now this is a lesson to all of the kids around the world, and the lesson is that you should always listen to your parents and never do the opposite thing to what you are told. And if you do that you will always make it far in your life, and never get into trouble. Like what this young man did in the story. So always listen to your parents.

Recount Writing - Writing Motivation: 3 Paragraphs

Rimu heard a voice saying Rimu. He heard something tap on the window. Rimu rolled over. He still felt sleepy. He couldn’t figure out why he could hear his name. He didn’t think it could be hail because it was the middle of summer.
He sat up, and looked. It was early morning. He could just make out a shadow, which leant forward and raped again, louder this time.
“Rimu! You deadhead. Wake up!”
Rimu groaned. Ollie! He would have preferred hail

One weird night Rimu could hear a strange sound that was calling out his name “Rimu”. He saw a shadow outside of his window and something tapping onto it, he felt really terrified. Rimu rolled over trying not to make a sound, and still feeling tired. He was still wondering why he could hear someone saying his name. He knew it wouldn’t have been hail because it was still the middle of summer, so why would it be. So he went up to the window and looked outside “wow it is early in the morning”. He would have made a weird shadow or raped again, but making it even more louder this time. “Rimu, Rimu wake up you sleepyhead, wake up” Rimu groaned his face and said to Ollie “It is still early go back to sleep please, Ollie” I would have preferred that the hail was making all that racket, but it is all over now.

Never in my life had I faced such a difficult challenge. I stood in front of the cargo net I felt hot.. I would never be ready for this.
It was Physical Education and there was lots of equipment around. The net was something we all had to do and I needed to at least try to climb it. I was not a good climber, and never had been. I wanted to turn away. But I grabbed the net in my hands  and began to climb. I said words to encourage myself as I went. I was worried that I might get a rope burn or splinters.  I tried not to think about feeling scared of heights. I went more slowly the longer I climbed.
I stopped altogether. I felt weak and there was still so far to climb.
I called to the teacher that I was finished. I lowered myself down. I was thinking that I had tried my best. I still most likely cannot climb the  cargo net. But I was pleased I had tried.

I have never ever faced a difficult challenge like this. I went over to the Cargo net and stood near it feeling so hot. But I will never be ready for this day. What we had to do was a Physical Education task where there is lots of equipment lying around. Everyone had to complete the net test and I needed to try and climb higher than anyone else. But the only problem was that I was not a really good climber, and never was. All I just wanted to do is just give up but I couldn’t. So I grabbed the net and began to climb and as I was climbing to net I was saying really nice and encouraging words to myself, to help me not to give up. I was thinking in my mind that I might actually break a rope or burn the entire thing down, and my parents would have to pay for the damage that I have caused. Heights are my fare so I tried to think about something that I really love, like my family. I kept slowing down as I was getting closer to the top of the net. I stopped climbing feeling so upset of my self and still had to climb farer not even getting near the top. “Yea, I finished” I called out to my teacher “I have finished our warm up”. I went all the way back down to the ground and thought that I have done my very best, well tried and made it to the top of the net. I don’t actually like climbing the cargo net, but I am very proud of my self.


The boy is still asleep. He is tucked in his blankets because it was cold last night. He sleeps covered like this because last night was very cold. Also because now that it is summer, the sun shines earlier through his bedroom window. It would  wake him before he needed to. Half past five is early enough to have to wake as it is.
But the morning comes. The sun shines through the tree outside the boy's window and makes  shadows within the room. It shines on a pile of school clothes on the floor.  Then it shines on the pencil marks on the wallpaper. But they don’t rub off.  It shows how tall he has grown in the last five years. The boy is disappointed he hasn’t grown at all in the last few months.. He can comb his hair higher if he wants to or put on his thickest soled shoes, but he will still only be five foot two and a quarter inches tall and he may as well get used to it. Anyway that's tall enough for a thirteen-year-old boy isn't it? 

“Shh he is still sleeping, he was freezing cold last night” He is nice warm tucked underneath his cosy blanket. “Well last night was very cold indeed, but now since it is the start of summer the sun will be shining through his bedroom window”. So he should be nice and warm why the sun will be shining clearly early in the morning. “The sun should be able to wake him up early, lets say about half past five ( 5:30 ).
The morning arrives and the sun is shining nice and bright, through the light blue sky and the bright green trees. His curtains are closed but the sun is shiny enough to get through the young boys window, making a weird shadow shape. It shines through the pile of his school uniform that was left out on the floor and the pencils marks that was left on his wallpaper. To bad the pencil marks don’t rub of, it was left as a stein on his wallpaper. Then it shows them how tall he has grown throughout the last past 5 year. The only problem is that he hasn’t really grown tall enough, and he feels really disappointed and letting himself down real badly.

He was able to comb his hair as tall as the sky tower or he would either sell his thickets shoes, but it wouldn’t change the height that he is now. “It doesn’t matter anymore because, for a thirteen year old boy it just might be tall enough wouldn't it?