Thursday, 16 May 2013

LIzara Adelie and Emperor Penguins

Hi if you do not understand what is the differents between a Adelie and Emperor penguin look below
and you just might fin out what is the differents between each of them and what is similar about them.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A new start playing baseball

Once there was a girl named isabella she had a mum and two stepsisters and they never got to meet their father. He lived in france and they lived in hollywood there father used to play baseball. Isabella wanted to be the same as her father but her step sisters would always moan and they won't even agree at all.

Every lunch time @ school there will be a baseball practice. They will be going to have a tournament in two weeks time and she never misses the practices. She was better than all the other players just like her father. Isabella’s coach asked her politely if she could play for the school. She ask her mother if she could play. Her mother said,” NO you can not play because you have been grounded little girl.

She had one more sleep until the game started so she had a nice and calmest sleep she had ever had. In the morning she had breakfast, got her lunch and she sneaked quickly out the window and ran to the bus for the game. When her mum woke up her mum went to the game and saw isabella playing baseball and she was so proud of her. The end:

Friday, 10 May 2013

Will.I.Am is the MAN

OMG yesterday morning came to our school to share his wonderful exsperience to us and it was all about him self. Will.I.Am had told us that he got raised in hell and him, his family had’nt met his father before. All the teachers and students really appreciated what he has shared with us, and it was a 100 thousand check velchuri for our manaiakalani festival, and Mr Burt was so kind that he had shared it with all the other schools. It was the first time a famous singer has visited our school and he gave us a 100 thousand dollar velchuri we want to thank you for what you have shared with us and when you invited Mr Burt to a party but he couldn't come because he had to go to dinner with his mum or else he will get in trouble.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Antarctica wildlife exsperience

One morning Mr marks and the class got to watch a movie about a woman that was talking all about the environment for Antarctica’s, davelimeants. Antarctica is like the world’s largest ice desert and its temperature is like holding a pack of ice on my hand for an hour or even more. “Did you know that when you go to Antarctica the precipitation the rain is like hundreds of huge icebergs falling down from the sky?”

The wildlife of Antarctica is like a lot of animals swimming in and around the water like seals, whales and penguins. Did you know that emperor seals is stronger than a penguin, but a whale is stronger than a seal. There is a lot of wildlife animals all around the world pluss some wildlife animals a friendly but some wildlife animals aren't that friendly at all.