Monday, 23 March 2015

My recount about the Polyfest

When we got dropped of at the Poly fest, outside of the gates to wait for the other class to arrive. So we waited nicely and patiently for the other class to arrive but we have been waiting for quite a while now, about 20 minutes tops. I was just wondering if the other class were clever enough to find another entrance to the poly fest. Guess what they did, so we lined up in front of the security men, so that they can check our bags and water bottles. Before going to the stations we had to get together and, this kind laddie was going to introduce herself and show us where all the stations and stalls will be held. “Out of no where our prime minister of Auckland, New Zealand came along to the Poly fest it was a huge surprise. “John Key” at the Poly fest this was so cool, and it felt like nothing was going to ruin our day at Poly fest!

Traveling around the Poly fest was my most favorite part of the day! Because all we would need to do is walk around the entire part of the Poly fest and see what people are doing at their stations and have install for us. Most and many of the stations had fun and cool activities that we can enjoy, like creating (making) hair ties but with petals on them, making stuffed rice balls to play with, lollies been given out to everyone, cream, jellybeans. “Guess how many jellybeans are in 1 jar and then guess how many jellybeans are in 5 jars all together. Then the “ASB” people were kind enough to give all of the yr 7 & 8 students in Pt England School 1 bag each and a cap that says “ASB on the top”. Then our teacher who was taking this group was “Mrs Moala” and the students that were in her group was Lizara, Mao, Sela, Marilyn, Lucy, Elizabeth, and Jalen who was the only boy but he didn't really mind.

There were two stalls that were giving out bags that had cool and things that would really need to help us getting sun burnt and all those kinds of unhealthy things. The colors of the bags were black and blue, and yes they were from different stalls not the same. In the bags that we can use if it gets very hot! the black bag had sun cream, a hacky sack, a drink bottle of water, glasses, a paper fan, a cap, bands lollipops. The blue bag had papers that were for the parents because I didn't really get the point of what it was trying to say. Our gift bags were the best things and generous things that they can do for us. I am looking forward to next poly fest, it seems that poly fest has grown to be the best from the beginning in 1976!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Three things that I like about Polyfest

The best things that mostly enjoyed about "Poly fest" was the free things and getting to know every one there. When we first arrived at the "Poly fest activities" the first thing that I was looking forward to was the performances. Samoa, Tonga, Maori, Niue, Cook-Island and all these amazing cultural performances that were performing for us so that we can enjoy this day that they have organised for us.

The activities that we did for that entire day in the morning block was the fireman station, flava, global, ASB, Mai-FM, batter speed (it is when we have to hit the ball the hardest that we can" and all the other extra activities that people were holding outside the stage where all the performances were held. I love kiwi bank but just for now my most favorite thing is the ASB bank for the poly fest.

The fire man people were asking us some important questions to do about fire safety and how to escape out of the house, where and when we will, call for help. And the first person to put there hand up and reply to them with the correct answer they will earn a prize. "Ohh" and did I tell you that, at the begging of the Poly fest our New Zealand "Prime minister" of the national party since 2008-2015, so he has been the Prime minister for 7 year now. But it felt so weird how he came into the poly fest and said hello and welcoming us here, it felt like I was dreaming but it was actually happening.

The poly fest was the most wonderful and coolest thing that every happened this year and I can not wait for the Pt England yr 8 camp that is coming up in another 2 weeks. So I would just like to say thank you to the ASB bank for giving up these amazing gifts and the rest of the helpers at the poly fest.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Where no boat could live

The polyfest Concert :)

Have you ever been or seen a Polyfest performance before? Well everyone in their own culture participate in this event as a whanau so that everyone can see that they are supporting there culture! It doesn't mean that the eldest people have to be the only ones on stage, but the youngest ones can as well.

Before the cultural event begins the judges will need to see what performances that groups will be doing for the ASB Polyfest! Like any other way when someone wants to make it into a group they will need to apply for the competition or performance, then show them your performance and the they will see if you are going to be performing.

The way the audience promotes all the different cultures on stage is encouraging them to continue doing what they love to do. There if about 10 or more cultural performances in the polyfest that will be performing, so just support every one of them, even if that isn't your culture, because they are performing for us. Because helping them to dance is helping them know that they don't have to be scared of performing in front of us, and that they can continue doing what they want.

 I am looking forward for our trip to the polyfest concert this Thursday. I am hopping that there will be a lot of encouragement going on for the cultural events this week. There will be the Samoan, Tongan, Niuean, Cook Island, Maori, and the diversity stage is the Indian, Hip Hop, and contemporary groups who will be performing and much, much more. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Mrs Tele'a - Siva Samoa birthday celebration

Today is the day when our most cleverest teacher in all of team 5, will be having the most wonderful day of her life, at Pt England school. So all the students in the year 7 and 8 block will be giving her a secret surprise when the clock strikes 10 past 9 (9:10). We were split up into our literacy groups (writing and reading groups) and waiting for the, “Siva Samoa”.

“Ohh” I didn’t tell you what and who the celebration was all about, and why our teacher Mrs Tele’a, was going to have to best day of her life. We sang the happy birthday song to her in the morning with her gifts, which was a delicious chocolate cake, a bottle of wine that she was a loud to drink at school if she wanted to and a packet of lollies.

“Yeeehaaa, cheer hoooo” said the boys who were starting up the samoan dance, or as I should say the siva samoa. It was a cultural performance, that all the teachers joined part of it even though 1 of our teachers didn’t know it, but 2 of our teachers were just videoing the performance to cherish this moment from then and now on.

Mr Wiseman and Miss Peato joined in with the siva samoa. Some of the students joined in, my best friend Quasia was doing the samoan cultural dance as well as everyone else. Miss Peato lay down with her tummy facing the ground and then Mrs Tele’a stood on top of her and jumped over. Then everyone just carried on dancing, until the song finished. It was the most happiest time of the day even though it was raining.

Suddenly the song finished and then everyone was clapping and saying, singing “happy birthday to you”. Then everyone went back into the literacy classrooms ready for our writing task. Hoping that we were not going to be distracted by the awesome performance that was held for Mrs Tele’a.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Whanau / Family time

On a hot sunny morning, me and my family had been planning to go on a trip to Rotorua for the entire holidays. The reason why we wanted to get out of the house, was to see my mum’s side of the family. We packed our bags the day before that, so that when we wake up we wouldn't need to do anything. All we would need to do is put everything into the car and wait for my parents to be motivated for a long way away!

“I wish I could drive so that my parents wouldn't need to do anything but sit down in the back seat and wait until we get their”. Because they usually do everything for us, with the help of me and my eldest sister Martha. My dad wanted to drive at least halfway there and my mum can drive the rest of the way.

The trick that we did was, that only my auntie “Terangi” no’s that we were visiting them, but we going to surprise the rest of my family. Once we got their me and my sister Martha offered to, take everything inside and put them away, since the did all the driving. It took us about 1 hour to do that, but my 3 little sisters, and my mum and dad went out to do shopping while me and Martha stayed home with my auntie.

We all went for a good night sleep before we go and say hello to the rest of the family, because we were busting to go sleep! “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” went throughout the entire night. Out of no where.......“Daring, daring, daring,” went the door bell. “Awwww” everyone woke up with the light pointing towards the face’s, the wind blowing through roughly, all because the window open.

Yea “It was my aunties, uncles, cousins, Nephews and nieces knocking on the door”. Wow what a surprise, they thought that since we are here why don’t we go with them too “rainbow springs”. So we went and found out that there wasn't much people there actually, but we didn't really care because the less people the faster the line will go.

We spent 7 hours at “rainbow springs” but felt really tired afterwards, so we all went to my auntie and uncles house to watch movies and eat heaps of goodies! There was 15 people all there including the adults and kids. I was looking forward to an awesome holiday this year, especially because all of the Christmas holidays that we have is awesome. Even if we don’t go out for trips to somewhere like Rotorua, Wellington, up North, Whangarei. Because we always will have each other!

Miss Peato's Birthday

How special was your birthday or celebration like? Well our team teacher Miss Peato's birthday, but the only thing was....
That no one new about it except for the teachers in the block of the year 7,8 students. So we were wondering what was going to happen. 

Miss Peato was telling us what our day was going to be and the notices for this term. A couple of minutes later, out of no where came a delicious and scrumptious cake, along with the 4 other team 5 teachers. I was looking forward to an awesome day that Miss peato will be having. 

We sang our waiata and then we sang the happy birthday to her "Miss Peato".  And praying that her day will be twice as happier than the other day's 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Cultural Events

Have you ever been in a cultural event before? Well if you haven't heard of this before then you will be surprised about what you are going to hear! Next week from now on the year 7 and 8 students will be going on a trip to the Polyfest in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Polyfest is something where people do different performances every 2 years, to show everyone all about themselves and who they really are. So we will be having that experience that will push us into dancing and doing giving it our all.

Before we go to the Polyfest for an awesome and incredible day, we will need about 5 or more parents helpers for to take care of 150 students. We will need to bring a healthy packed lunch, a big drink bottle, a jacket or jumper just in case it gets chilly (freezing). A signed permission slip to attend the Polyfest, and book 3 buses.  

The cultural events is all about a performance that tells everyone about your culture and what you are like. Even a cultural celebration like a wedding, good bye part, welcome back party anything that is about cultural things is important to those who do it.

I am so excited about the Polyfest that will be coming up hopefully our days go past very fast, so that day comes faster than everything else. Hopefully I will take photo's and videos about it so that I can add it to my writing and everyone can see what we experienced.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Maori D.L.O. - Comic Life

Well if you were wondering what this picture means? This picture is all about me, it tells you what culture I am, where i'm from, my family and what I love doing at school. These are my most important things in the world. 
Hopefully you will be able to understand my maori D.L.O that I have created on my own. 

Thank you for visiting my blog and please leave a comment on my blog. 

We made Burgers

On Friday we had an awesome day that we have organised as a group, and that was to make burgers and sell sausage sizzles. We knew that it was a bit to much to do in one day but with all this time we know that we can handle it. So we did the roll and sorted our selves out on who is going to be in charge of the "bbq", buttering the bread, getting out all the fillings for the burgers, and delivering the sausage sizzles to everyone. 

The ingredients that we used for the burgers was......

* Bates
* lettuce
* tomatos
* mayo
* tomato sauce
* bread buns
* sausages
* sliced bread (buttered)

After that we got onto the next step which was getting the "bbq" nice and cleaned for the sausages. Then we get out all of the trays for the bread to on top with the sausages and tomato sauce. The people that were cooking the sausages for us was Taneila, Paula, Liku, Chris, and Mrs Tele'a. 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Saving this little girls day

Have you ever helped a lost stranger before? Well as I can remember the very last time I have helped a little child, was last year not so far away from Christmas. She was about 5 years old, and got lost in “GI” (Glenn Innes) near the pedestrian crossing.

She was lost, and her parents told her about the neighborhood that is probably why she was frightened. “I am just scared of this place and how I lost my family so quickly” said the little girl. So I took her around G.I too see if any of this people were her parents.

A little while later (5 minutes) we found her parents, they were in the “four square”. They said “thank you for finding my little one, we have been looking everywhere for her”. I was wondering how she got lost but didn't bother asking. Because I was meant to be buying my lunch but this got in the way, but from now on I am happy that she is safe.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Subtracting Decimals-Tenths

QUESTIONS + Answers:
Equation + Answers:
5.6 - 3.2 = 2.4
5.2 - 3.2 = 2.0
2.0 + 0.4 = 2.4
4.6 - 3.5 = 1.1
4.5 - 3.5 = 1.0
1.0 +0.1 = 1.1
9.3 - 3.5 = 6.2
9.3 - 3.3 = 6.0
6.0 + 0.2 = 6.2
4.7 - 3.6 = 1.1
4.6 - 3.6 = 1.0
1.0 + 0.1 = 1.1
8.5 - 7.8 = 1.3
8.5 - 7.5 = 1.0
1.0 + 0.3 = 1.3
9.9 - 3.4 = 6.5
9.4 - 3.4 = 6.0
6.0 + 0.5 = 6.5