Thursday, 28 June 2012

Swimming Recount

Before morning tea started room fourteen got organised  into their togs, when everybody got changed for swimming Miss Ouano took us for swimming lessons at ten to eleven thirty. When we got into our swimming groups we slide into the pool and got ready to listen to the instructor. Then we got changed in the toilets and walked to school and had our lunch when we got there, and had a play for the last thirty minutes.

When it was lunchtime room fourteen got ready into our togs to get ready to go to the swimming pools. As soon as we got to the pools miss Ouano and the children that did not do to swimming had to watch us swim, but some of the people got given togs from miss Garden so they are special. At the end the other class room came for their swimming lesson so we had to get out of the pool, just so the other classroom can have  turn. When room fourteen got changed into our school close we walked back to school with Miss Ouano and then we had a whole hour to finish our morning rotation.

The next day miss Ouano told room fourteen to get changed into our togs under our school close. When room fourteen got ready into our togs miss Ouano walked us to the swimming pools. When we got there we took our school close of and had a rinse in the shower and when we finished we slide into the pool carefully and lesson to the instructors for some instructions.

On Thursday miss Ouano wasn't here so miss Muliaumaseali'i took room fourteen to the pools when it was lunchtime we got ready into your swimming togs,and had a little snack. When we started got to the swimming pools we took our school close of ,and had a rinse in the showers when we finished the instructor will tell us to hop into the pool not jump into the pool. At the end miss room fourteen children went back to school with miss Muliaumaseali'i, and when we came back it was fun to have a  time with paint and all the other art things with the teacher.

On the last day miss Ouano took us to the ymca pools when we finished getting changed into our togs and our teel in our plastic bag.  When we got to the pool we got to have a shower and when we got into the pool we got to have free time we had to have our test. At the end we walked back to school quietly in a line and when we got to school we had our lunch at class and that was the last day until we go back.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Clay Workshop

On Wednesday morning room 14 and room 17 went to Youth Town and I think that was one of my first wonderful trips I had been to this term. Before we went, we all met in the hall just to see if everybody was there that day and to make sure that the mum’s and dad’s were there. We were talking about staying in your groups, listen to the leader and pay attention. When we finished doing our thing  we got into our groups, we walked nicely in a perfect line to the bus just to see if we were the best school in the whole world. Then the bus left and took us to Youth town.

When we got to youth town we walk to this room inside and I was saying in my head 'I know this place I came here when I was six years old'. My friends did not believe me but when Sue said that she knew us when we were six or five year olds we used to use the toys and all the other things. We got split up I’m talking about youth town know OK, lets go back to what I was talking about.

So room seven teen got to go to the pool first and room fourteen got to go to play with the clay and make lots of different kinds of things. Lots of children made fishes, hearts, butterflies and all kinds of things. Before we started we had to see what will we do with the clay. We all got to do a practice on the piece of paper and all the peoples pictures came out beautiful of course.

 We said thank you to Sue and Georgia and went back into the room for morning tea. When the other class came in we all ate together. When we finished we changed rotations, so room seventeen went to the clay and room fourteen went to the pool. First we had to go to the bathroom and change into our togs. It was only for the people who remembered to bring their togs and towel for swimming. When everyone got changed we went into the pool. After we had a swim we got changed back into our uniform. We got on the bus and went back to school and went back to normal.

I really felt thrilled when I went on the trip. Next time I hope that we will do more things with clay and draw more pictures!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

P.E.P.A Showcasse

On a exciting afternoon the P.E.P.A people had to perform in front of the year 1 to year 6 and all those children was our audience. When it started the kapa haka people was amazing their performance was so cool that I couldn't get it out of my head. Then it was the hip hop junior’s turn to go on the stage when I started dancing I was so,so excited when I was dancing because when I saw a lot of people watching and I was like what am I looking at then it was the part we were dancing like samoans,toans,figgis,cook islands and maori.

When I went back to room eight I got changed into my belly close like tutus and the t,shirts when I saw the siena hip hop they were going hard out and they were so,so amazing that they bley my head out. When it was the belly’s turn I went hard out so they could give us a great and amazing score for the belly people and the children that worked hard. Then it was the rappers turn to go on the stage and they were amazing and james was going hard out and they were blowing the judges heads off I think of course not like it will blow my head off.

When it was finished everyone had to go on stage one by one so we can bell all to gather in front of the people who watched us and they were proud of us I just know because the peoples mom was proud of their children. there was kapa haka people,junior people,sinea people, pa and ,jroe,shontae,jeanita vialen,belly miss wild,sinea people,modlesink,and thats is all the people that practice for a few weeks to perform one day like this day. Then e had to go home and come back to school at to and we finished at

When it was 6,pm at night I went to ofa's house to pick her up and then she got a ride with us to the school and will we my mum was waiting on the chairs and when me nad ofa said that we were see her on the stage for the performence she was waiting on the chairs for me and my friends so she could get it all on video. When it was our turn after the kapa haka people my mum went straight on to the stage and just thinking about nice thing so I don't get nervice to much. At the end of the performence when everyone got to do there performence the coachers and teahcers who torte us the dance got flowers and chocolate and that was the end of wendseday night.


Friday, 15 June 2012

Art Reflection 2

Art Reflection Two

Your Task: To paint your photo using the colours you have chosen. Use your final draft to help you figure out what four colours you need for your backgrounds.

1. How do you feel about the work you did? Why?
I am so,so happy  about the work I did because I use a nice colour and bold outlines .I feel so happy about what I did with my picture and my favourite part of painting with on my piece of paper was using different colours.

2. What do you feel that you did well? Why?
The thing I think I did well was having a practice on a piece of paper and when I finish Miss Ouano gave me the real paper and it wasn't a practice any more.

3. What do you feel you did not do so well? Why?
What I did wrong was painting on the wrong side and using the wrong colour's and losing my practice sheet to copy.
4. What would you do differently next time? Why?
What I would do next time is to not make any more mistakes and try my best next time and it did look cool.

Give yourself a rating out of    10 /10

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Party Cloudy:

When I first saw the short film the partly cloudy I was excited. At the time when some birds gave some people quite little babies, kittens and puppies. But when it came up to the battle there was really good clouds that makes nice thing but when I scour the other cloud that makes really bad thing and it was so sad because he was just trying to be nice but he made bad babies.

It was kind of sad because the dark cloud was making bad babies and the clouds above the dark cloud was making really quite babies which was nice. But when it came to when the dark cloud cave the bird the crocodile the bird thought that it was quite but the crocodile ate the birds heard which was not nice of him. When the bird came back the cloud gave him a dog with horns on its head but it was so funny when it was kicking it on his cean.

When the bird came back the cloud made a sharpy hedgehog and when the bird holded it he had this sharp thing from the hedgehog and it went on his hand it did look sour. When the cloud put the hedgehog in the bag his sharp pointy sticks went right through the bag and the bird did not feel like taking it but he did he looked so, so funny. When he came back hif fear was coming off and the ird did not want to take the next thing so he just flew to the other cloud and made the cloud really angry.

The main message is having true friends and friendship. Also having true friends like the dark cloud and the bird they are really true friends even when the bird went to the other cloud that has light and is on top of him. The main character is Peck and Gus plus the other clouds that has more spirit .

My Reflection

Art Reflection One

Your Task: To complete a draft for our Pop Art. You must make sure you count all the colours you need and plan what colours you are going to invert before you colour. We need to make a draft so that we know exactly what colours we use when we start our screen printing.
How do you feel about the work you did? Why? I think it was kind of good and kind of bad as well.

What did you do Good? Why? what I did good was colouring and I do love it.

What did you do Bad? Why?What I did bad was making mistakes in my andy warhol experience.

What would you do differently next time? Why?Not to make mistakes and work really hard and stop talking to much.

Give yourself a rating out of 9/10