Friday, 24 August 2012

Beach Volleyball

My olympic event is how to do beach volleyball, it is one of my favourite games to play at the beach. Beach volleyball crosses the atlantic Ocean. The first volleyball game was played on 7th July 1896 at springfield. Playing volleyball on the beach is beautiful on a sunny day.

Beach volleyball is played like this. You will need a volleyball, net, people to play abou two on each side and you will need to do it at the beach. If it was an olympic competition you would of been dieing to but you might came second or whatever you came.

School Idol

Well muttered means that someone is trying to understand what the other person is trying to say or sing. Bling means that they are asking their mumu if they can use some of you jiley and clothing. They are planning to dye their hair the same colour so they can look the same. Tomorrow morning when Nathan mum has gone work and dad is mowing the lawn.

They had to fill up this paper to get into the school idol. The school idol is starting on Monday the 26th. The boys what saying that they might use the same dye so they can look the same. When they were planning to dye there they were going to do it when mum is gone work and dad his mowing the lawn.  

They were deciding which rap they will say but then josh said what about a cat one he “asked”. The boys were so shy but when they herd Mr Butler call out the name they got even scarier but then they got use to it. The JoNaZa crew was “applauded” well the word applauded means that they were politely clapping their hands. 

Josh was waiting and waiting and he “said it was boring”. Mr Butler was so relieved when he announced the JoNaZa crew to come the the stage. He was relieved because it was the last performance for the day. That was because he was too nervous but when he put his head up he was getting uset to being on the stage.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Amazing Cross Countrry

photoWhen it was morning time we got to do a little bit of writing and planning were we would go so we don’t get lost. Then we went to assembly. After assembly we stayed at the hall for a talk so we can tell which way we will go because it is going to be a very long run. When it was morning tea time we had a play because this will be the last time to play at school. Then we had c.r.e we only had a short one, or else we will miss it !

When it was lunch time we got changed into our clothing. Then we had to go to room eighteens class and sat down by these chairs that says 9,10 or 11 years old and that is where we sat. Mr Burt and Miss Garden walked us to the beach and that was where we were going to start so the 9 years old girls went first and then everybody else started following.

When we got up to the part when you see this white ground that is when  we saw people telling us where to go so we can see the way the orange flags and some people were filming us going past so they could put it on the news at school. The wind was blowing my hair and it was kind of slowing me down and that was when this other girl went past me.

When I got up to Tamaki College I started jogging because there was nobody behind me and I was so tired. Then I saw our school I was so excited because it was so tiring and hard even though it was muddy. I noticed that I was the fouth girl out of the nine year olds, but my friend was the secound ond and her name is Kevine.

I felt felt so excited that I came fourth and I hope I do better next year and come second or third!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams won the silver medal last night on news. She wasn't that happy but she lived with it.

When the people had to do a drug test all the people passed except for Nadzeya Ostapchuck. She did not past the test so she had to give the gold medal to this person that deserves it. She is Valerie Adams.

When Nadzeya Ostapchuck herd about it, she was cross because she got caught using drugs that is not healthy for her. She was cheating so she was out of the game. So this  means that when you have a silver medal, well it will change into a gold medal and if you have a bronze medal it will
change into a silver medal.

In my opinion I was so happy that Valerie Adams won the gold medal because she made  New Zealand have six gold medals and that is so, so amazing.