Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Weekend Recount

On the weekends I had an awesome time on Saturday because we went down to the Pt England Reserve to go fishing. We only go down to the reserve at the end of the day when it gets cooler! The only reason why we go at the time of the day is because its not as sunny, and we won’t need to stand in the hot sun melting. We have never been out fishing before so this would be cool especially doing something new. But it lightened up my day when we went out fishing, but I went with my family and my uncle who had the fishing rods and things.

The next day after that we went stayed home and spring cleaned the house because we had our cousins over for the night, and they love making a mess. We didn't mind cleaning up because it was hot outside and none of us wanted to go outside in the hot burning sun. So we stayed home and watched movies for the rest of the day, but we definitely enjoyed it. We did our shopping and even did extra for our movie! We were watching the movie called Wreck-it Ralph on channel 2.

We got out our uniforms for school the next day and went back in the lounge for the movie. My 3 little sisters love watching cartoons, and I am getting a habit of liking cartoons now. My eldest sister Martha stayed in her room and watched movies on her laptop, but she came out too watch the movie anyways. We enjoyed the movie with excitement, but we all felt tired after the movie and went back to bed for school in the morning!

Where's "Harbie"!

Having to wait for my face paint

Having to wait for my face paint

The last time that I had to wait in line for was on Saturday the 22nd at the Pt England Reserve. The police (man/woman) had organised a fun day out for the kids, that was all about water safety! There was prizes, swimming activities, bouncy castles, free sausages, fruit, drinks and more activities. The police people were giving out passports for everyone to earn their free sausage sizzle, fruit and drinks. They had to at least have 6 stamps with different pictures on it (not aloud to have the same stamp).

Cling, clang, cling, clang. Wow “this line reminds me of a gigantic snake in the jungle, and I was the tail. I was waiting in line to get my face painted and a stamp where we go and ask everyone who is a helper there. Lucky I brought my phone with me. Have you ever waited in a long line before?

My Maths Problems

1. 5.6 + 3.2 = 8.8
.6 + .2 = 0.8
5. + 3. + 0.8 = 8.8
2. 4.6 + 3.5 = 8.1
.6 + .5 = 1.1
4. + 3. + 1.1 = 8.1
3. 3.5 + 9.3 = 1.28
.5 + .3 = 0.8
.3 + .9 + 0.8 = 1.28
4. 3.6 + 4.7 = 8.3
.6 + .7 = 1.3
3. + 4. + 1.3 = 8.3
5. 8.5 + 7.8 = 1.63
.5 + .8 = 1.3
8. + 7. + 1.3 = 1.63
6. 9.4 + 3.4 = 1.28
.4 + .4 = 0.8
9. + 3. + 0.8 = 1.28

Friday, 20 February 2015

Pink Krispie Bubbles

Today was the best day every! Except for the disgusting rain that came poring down out of no where. The beautiful Mrs Te'lea came to school with some delicious food that we will be putting together for kai time. We will be making "rice krispie treats". It sounded, looked, and will definitely taste amazing!

The ingredients that we were using is rice bubbles, margarine (butter), mini marshmallows, and other equipment to go with it. A baking tray, oil spry or baking paper instead. Then melt the margarine and then add the marshmallows. then put the rice bubbles with it as well. Then spread it out onto the tray and let it cool down for a little bit before dishing it out. 

We had an awesome time making it! And we now no that we should not be eating sugar often. "KAI TIME"

Lizara 'kia time' experience

Our wonderful teacher "Mrs Te'lea" was taking a group of children out to do this cool activity with her! Their was a mixture of kids in each classroom (room 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) the activities were going some where, art attack, kai time, music, exercising and games. I was in a group called "Kai Time" with Mrs Te'lea, I was so excited to be with my 2nd favorite teacher out of the entire school.

In the very first day we made wraps, with all sorts of yummy, delicious and healthy fillings inside. First we got into 6 groups of five, but then we ended up with 5 groups of 5 but we didn't really mind though. We watched a little video of someone wrapping up his wrap with his favorite fillings inside. We had ha, lettuce, crated carrots, hummus, tatia sauce, and cheese. 

The people that was in my group was Quasia, Rave, Rebekah and Angalena. We started making our wraps, and had turns taking pictures of everything and everyone. At the very end when we start eating our wraps we said our prier, just to bless this food that was given to us by Mrs Te'lea. We had so much fun making it, taking photo's of it, and most of all eating it. Hopefully we will have more nice and healthy experiences like this again.  

Monday, 9 February 2015

Orientation Recount

On the 6th of February, me and my family had an awesome day that we were all looking forward to be doing. There was no school for the entire day, because if you do not know why we were not at school. It was all because of Waitangi day. I was so happy because we get a longer weekend or as other people call it a holiday.

It was a bit dumber than I thought it would turn out, because it started to rain, and there was a heap of cars on the road. So what we thought that would be best to do was get out all of the games, and coloring (drawing) activities. It was boring and noisier over the next door neighbor, because they were having a little birthday party.

I was publishing a bit more things on students blogs, from their maths form. At about 1:30 (half past 1) we all had lunch, then played a little game with my cousins that arrived when we were playing games inside. They were making a party for us because it was Waitangi day. It turned out to be the best Waitangi day ever, but it would've been way better if it wasn't raining so much.

Me and my sisters cleaned up the mess since my cousins and my mum and dad set up everything. So when we finished cleaning up everything we set up a movie theater for my family in the lounge. We just watched movies for the rest of the day, because it was still daylight savings.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Back at school for 2015

My first day back at school has been strange and weird because I came a bit late in the morning and was wondering where my friends were gone. I saw the prefects standing up at the front of the hall near the stage saying the welcomes and introducing themselves. Then Mrs Te'lea called out the students names for them to enter their brand knew classes for 2015.

After a while she called out my name and I an going to be in class 4 with Mrs Moala for the rest of the year. I was quite happy because Mrs Moala is an amazing teacher and she use to teach my little sister 2 years ago. Once we got into class she introduced her self again and we did a little spread sheet which had questions on it and we had to ask people what they we like.

I am looking forward to this year and especially next year when I head of to college along with all the other year 8 students. Hopefully I will end this school of well and get huge improvements through out the entire year. Because it doesn't really feel like I am a year 8 this year I still feel like a year 7, especially with the new buildings and the new basketball courts that will be coming out.

My Maths Form

Monday, 2 February 2015

My blog profile

Kia Ora! my name is Lizara and I am 12 years old. I am a year 8 student for 2015, and I go to Pt England School. I really love playing games/sports that has a lot of running in it. I have 2 parents and 5 sisters including myself. My favorite subject at school is maths, but most of the time I do silent reading. My main goal for this year is going to school every single day and earning points for my class. The people that I admire are my family.