Friday, 31 October 2014

My Museum Writng

My Museum Writing:
“Wow” have you ever been to the Auckland Museum before? Well here at Pt England school, the year 7 students were invited to spend the day at the Auckland Museum. We were all looking forward to an awesome day the Museum! So we went home and gave our notices to our parents, and waited for the next day of experience.

When we arrived at school in the morning at about 8.30am when the first bell rang. We went into class and chatted to our mates, just waiting for the teachers to sort out our groups and which parent will be taking which group with them along the trip. So we did our Mihi, Karkia and our Waiata, then Ms Paget read out the roll and put us into our groups.

“Yea the buses have arrived” So the very first team to go into the bus was Mr Barks group, then ms Lagitepu’s group, Ms Paget, Shannons, My Mums “Sueanna”, Villi, Babra, Tamati, and Shatna. We all boarded the bus and made our way to the Auckland Museum!

We all made our way into the Museum and first of all we had our morning tea then put our bags into our 3 lookers. Then we all got split up and went to the places that was said on the piece of paper that were given to the parents.


What do you do on Halloween day? Well most of the time people don't like staying home, so they go out to visit other peoples houses and ask for treats. Because that is what Halloween is all about, but not only for children to get thousands of treats. It also represents the "Devil" so another things is people don't like doing trick or treat, especially on the "devils" numbers. As the "Devil" does not have a birthday or something special.  

Well me and my best friends Quasia and Ashlee will be going to trick or treat together and visit other peoples houses to find more treat and show them an awesome halloween trick. "Yes" people might think that it will be much better if you go in the afternoon because if you go late most of all the lollies will be all gone. But all the children will be at school from 7.00am to 3.00pm so that will probly be the time that everyone will go out trick or treating. 


What he had too do on the first day in class!

We had an amazing time today, because we had to study more about one of these three artist. So the artist that we had study about was Warren Pohuta, but not only he does art he is also an Author writer. The only classes that were with Ms Paget and Mr Barks, well the "Panuba" class, was class 4, 5 and 1. It was very quite without the year 8's, which didn't really feel like we were at school, and yes most people might say that a quite class "could be helpful and cheerful". For us it isn't normal and I think the other year 8's miss everyone else!!!! We didn't only just miss the yr 8's but we missed Ms Nua, Ms Squires and Ms Clark as well.                                                  

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Presntation about Warren Pohatu

My first day for - Term 4, Week 2 on the 28.10.14

Well this would be quite the tuffest day now, especially on the first day of week 2. Because all the year 8 chlidren had been invited to go on a camp, and the year 7's had to go on a trip to the Auckland Museum. We also found out that the adults had a home school partinship to attend at 6.30pm. Wouldnt this be a fine day for you if you had to go on a trip and afterwords, you would have to be at the school by 6.30pm to attend the home school partinship. 

First of all the year 8 parents would have too drop off their child of to the hall with all the lagudge and just have a short meeting together before they leave, and say good bye to them. The teachers that went of to help with the year 8 camp was Ms Squires, Ms Nua, and Ms Clark. When that is over most of the adults would leave and go home or some will come over to the year 7 and 8 street and help us with the year 7 trip. The parents that helped us on the trip was my mum "Sueanna and her best friend Shannon" along with Vili, Shatna, Barbra, and Alarzae's dad. 

The year 7's had to wait in the street with Ms Paget, Mr Barks and Ms Lagitepu to lead us to the buses and tell us what we will be doing, and our groups. The first thing we had to do is wait for Ms Paget to read out the roll and put us into groups, and tell us who our leader will be for each group. Their was 3 teachers, 4 aldult helpers and 50-60 children boarding the two buses. We were ready too head of to the Auckland Museumand study about more art also to have a awesome time. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My Siapo Presentation

kia ora and welcome to my blog. This is my Presentation all about Siapo. All I am doing here is naming the subjects of these different patterns!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Empathy Story

One day their was a very responsible and generous young boy who loved to play outside on the play ground. He had a lot of hopes for the future and he loved being empathetic.   His name was “Jason”and he had a lot of good friends. But in his neighbourhood there were a lot of bad kids who always thought that bullying people would solve their problem. I call them the “trouble makers”. That was the one and only reason why Jason does not like going to the playground that is outside of his house.

A while after that he made his way outside onto the playground “I don’t care about those meanie boys they need to learn empathy” Jason replied. “Oh no they are following me, I have to try and run away but I am so slow at running” Jason said in his head ( Mind). Jason started running away but the trouble makers were too fast. “Ahhhhhh let me go, what did I ever do to you”. Jason got caught, and said “Stop being so nasty and be empathetic”. They couldn’t hear him, so they bait him up!!!

Then this  was strange there was a person living in our neighbourhood and he looked like a very nice person. That knew boys name is “Calvin” and he made his way to the park and he could see someone feeling sad on the field. “Hi are you okay, my name is Calvin come you can play with me”.  So first of all he met a new friend and he introduced him to his other friends, and told him what those trouble makers did to him. Not only they met a new friend but they all lived happily ever after and had an awesome time on the park.

So after about 2 hours playing on the park, the trouble makers came over just to make trouble. Then Calvin came up and took the mean person to the field and had a little talk to him about empathy. Calvin told them not to be so mean and you will never have to live in the dark and just apologise to Jason and tell him why you are being so mean. So  I that mean person came over and said “I am so sorry for being so mean, I was just so julious because I have never had such cool and friendly, friends like you and that was the reason why I got so angry at you”. Jason and his friends became friends with the bad people and they also became empathetic just like Jason and his friends.

Empathy Explanation

Do you know what empathy is all about? Well Imagine a world without peace, kindness and empathy. Our world would be trapped with darkness, and know happiness for the world. So put yourself into other peoples shoes and imagine what all those amazing and generous people are going through. Think about how you would feel if that was you ( crying and having know one with you) you would feel very lonely.

Well those people who are rich who can afford power, food, water, light in the house. If there was no light in your house and it was pitch black. You were living with no power, no food, and nothing to drink. Just take a minute to realise how other people are living. Just think about being empathetic.

Empathy is all about what? Well empathy is like looking into other peoples minds and seeing what they are thinking about and how they are feeling. Feeling what other people are feeling is being kind and helpful, or helping people out when they are feeling sad and angry. Sharing how you are feeling and what you have been going through.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lizara, Ashlee, Quasia and Nikki's Transformation - Reflection, Enlargement, Rotation, Translation.

Immersion Assembly Writing - Term 4/2014

“Wow” I can not believe that it come to the last term of 2014 at Pt England School. Mr Burt said “It is time for term 4 Immersion Assembly item, Pt England School”. Everyone made their way to the hall and Mr Burt announced team 1 up to show us their amazing presentation about what they will be doing throughout all of term 4.

So we welcomed each team up by 1, and they showed us their amazing presentations, and we good not wait to see all of them. First up was team 1, and their presentation was all about
looking at all the different things that you could draw about in art and who are the special and famous people. Mr Burt replied back to every single team “well done and we will be looking forward to your amazing work”.

Their presentation was all about famous artist showing us what their art pictures are all about, and which one would you buy and who is the best one. They stood up onto the stage ready to introduce themselves to everyone. The famous artist are Andy Warhol (who is known as the man of pop art). Fatu Fe’u ( is Samoan). Vincent Van Gogh ( has a Bandaged ear, because he had cut himself). Pablo Picasso (cubism) Angular Monet ( French accent) and George Seurat  was pointillism dots.