Friday, 12 April 2013

My Omaru Creek Movie

Hi may name is Lizara if you are having a bad day this movie just might chear you up hope you enjoy your self today.

lizara omaru creek imovie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This animation Is so amazing how is your's :)$

Monday, 8 April 2013

All about fiafia

Fiafia is all about watching kids and teachers dancing and having fun. Every one might be wearing different kinds of costumes but that does not mutter unless you are on stage doing your performance. I think the funniest one is going to be barkerville because it has a really strange name but it actually stands for Mr Marks and Mr Somerville but still a strange title.

My first choice was to be in kappa haka for fiafia and my wish came true pluss I knew my own tutors name she was the one who made a haka that our entire school, her name is Whaea Sophie and her helpers are miss Tito and Mrs Nua. On a sunny day we had to go to our fiafia practice a lot of people got splitted up because there were a lot of places to be in like kapa haka, Bollywood,hip hop, Hawaii,learning how to ride a tricycle,barkerville and other fiafia groups. Pt England school is having a fiafia night on april the 18th and it is the last day of school and we are celebrating fiafia because it is to have fun and just perform and smile on the stage.

When I go to my fiafia practice my tutor lets us wear our costume so that we can find out what we will look like on stage and she will find our places on stage like who goes there and who goes here. I am really looking forward for fiafia performing because it is nearly coming up so we will be expecting alot of adults there. When we are going to be performing we are going to be wearing pou’pous on the stage pluss it is made out of string and harakiki it is the main dress of all and it is pretty and gorgeous.