Friday, 28 November 2014

My - Future Aspiration Writing

On Wednesday the Intermediate block had a special presentation about our future aspiration. There were special visitors coming by to show us what they have been doing in the past and advice that can help us in the future. Their names are “Paula Fakalata, Anthony Samuels, Andrew Patterson, and Amelia Unufe.  

When they made their way into the door we sang a little Waiata, to them and our Mihi and Karakia. Andrew Patterson was the presenter of introducing them to the front and repeating the key things of they have told us, just checking if we remember.

“First up to show and tell us what they have done in the future and how it turned them into a better person is Anthony Samuels”. Anthony Samuels told us a little key thing that will help us is “your past does not have to determine your future”. Do you know what To Miharo Hoki mean in English? It mean “you are amazing”. He also showed us a short video of other people who changed and didn’t let the past determine their future.

Paula Fakalata was up next. He wasn't’t scared of what we do to strive and succeed, but he was scared of us not giving things a try. He was a professional swimmer and he would always win every single competition. But this one time he was swimming and he was reaching for the ground because of his height but he couldn't find it, so something bad happened. “And he was drowning in the water he stopped breathing and his mum was crying, so the lifeguard dived into the water and let him out of the water and started pushing onto his heart. Trying to bring him back, so a while later it worked. He spat out a lot of water and all his friends were laughing at him. He felt so shy and embarrassed in himself.

He never went into the water for a very long time, but suddenly one day he realized that “it doesn't matter if one mistake had happened in the water, and it won’t stop me from doing something that I love to do”. He continued swimming and he recognised that he actually had a lot of fun doing it too. He told us his secret for how he kept winning it was because he would always get the middle and he would put his feet down onto the ground because of his height. That is how he would always win the race

Monday, 10 November 2014

My Reading Task: About Fatu Feu'u

A special place in the Community - Our Pt England Reserve

Have you ever been to the Pt England Reserve before? Well at our Pt England Reserve we have a beach down at the bottom and a lot of people enjoy going down there including our school. Not long ago these hard working men built a beautiful playground that kids really love playing on. Most of the time children are down on the beach making sand castles and swimming in the water.

Not many people have heard about our Reserve so usually we would have the entire area to ourselves. We really do like sharing it with other people. Our Pt England Reserve has all kinds of amazing things that you can do there, like playing on the playground and down the beach. There are toilets, changing rooms and showers in the toilet rooms as well.

Once every a year at Pt England school we have a big school picnic at the Reserve. We bring sports gear to play with and a lot of fresh fruit if the children want any. It is a good thing that we bring sports gear because we have a huge field down there as well. We all have an awesome time and other people come down join us as well.

Often other sports teams from other schools and clubs come over to use our field on the Reserve for competition. Usually every weekends families come over to have a “BBQ” and bring their children over to play games, play on the park and down by the beach. We have a large beach down at the end and a lot of people play with the clay and build big and cool sand castles which look “fantastic”.

If you haven’t seen our Pt England Reserve then come near by and you will be amazed. Our Community is lucky because the beach is quite nice and cheerful, and it is a nice place to have a family picnic. This Reserve is a very special place for us at Pt England school, and our Community because we enjoy visiting it every time.

Friday, 7 November 2014

My art work

Today class 4 have been looking at all of the amazing art work that this incredible person has drawn. Her name is "Jo May". She lives near a beach and with nature creatures. So she draws picture of them and what she really loves looking at. It has a lot of inspiring things in it and the colour really stands out. So that is what we were doing in our class today, and we really enjoyed it. Now all I have to do is paint my picture and it will look sort of the same. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lizara RT - Book Review (The Floods:Play School)

Book Title: The Floods - Play School
Author: Colin Thompson
Reviewer: Lizara - Class 4
Grand total of books read this year: ?
Book Genre: (Highlight)

  • Science fiction
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Series
  • Fantasy
  • Other (state)

  • Biographies/Autobiographies
  • Historical
  • Instructional
  • Other (state)
Insert photo of book cover here:

Reading Level:
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Advanced
(Leave how many stars you rate it.)
Every day five of the children travel halfway round the world to Quickline College, the ultimate school for witches and wizards.

Orkward Warlock, the vilest boy in the school, hates the big happy Flood family, and together with his sidekick. The Toad, he's plotting to kill the Floods - on sports day.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Colour Wheel Activity

Me and my brand knew Chromebook

 I was having an awesome time at school! And when I went to see Ms Tele'a I had been told that I will be given a brand knew Chromebook. That excite me a lot and my family as well. It wasn't only me who was going to be given a Chromebook it was also Nathan, Sarona, Taunese, Iron, Johnlee and Jayden. So a while later we went into the staff room to practice how we will greet them and how we will stand up tall and proud with a big smile too thank them heaps. Then we met all the other school and children from those schools and enjoyed standing up on the stage together with our Chromebooks. Thank you Warehouse and Variety we appreciate it!!! 

My Barista Explanation

I have had a nice time learning how to use the machine and make delicious things. Like for example hot chocolate, Mocha, Flat white, Long and short black. The supplies that we have to use is a green cloth, three different jugs ( measuring, coffee and a hot chocolate jug). 

The people that also do it with me is my best friends Quasia, Ashlee, Mary, Nikki, Lesieli. Oh Sarah and Mohammed as well. I started doing barista in term 2 for the last few weeks, and that was when I became a professional barista "I was so pleased with myself". I have been training Quasia and Nikki with Mary and Lesieli and we turned them into experts for next year if they sign up like us. 

I just want to thank Ms Flavelle for an awesome opportunity that you have given me. Now I will just go home and teach my family the way you all taught me and I hope the year 6's enjoy being a barista the next year coming. 

Harry Potter (Quiz - Article)

Harry Potter is a famous actor doing mysterious things, that excite people a lot. He does series of seven epic and fantasy novels, and had been written by a British author named " J.K Rowling". Our young adventure wizard "Harry Potter" titular character has recently been in movies but not only that, he has also been  in books of excitement that tell you about what the story means. He has only made 7 books now and his very first book was had been written in 1997 and continued to 2007. If you have not seen any of harry potters movies or books have a look at them, you might like it.