Monday, 31 March 2014

Show not Tell Setting

Birds tweeting outside my window wakened me. I pulled the blanket up closer to me, as I was exhausted, not wanting to get out of bed.  I had been shivering all night because it felt like our house was filled with cold freezing ice. There was condensation all over my window. Suddenly I saw the sun shining through my curtains and see leaves falling down from the tree on to the ground. I could hear my mum in the kitchen boiling the jug. “Hello my son” mum said to me in  loud voice as she came into my room with toast, a hot cup of chocolate and cocoa pops for my breakfast. “Thank you mum” I replied. When I finished eating my breakfast and drinking my hot chocolate I felt much better.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Banning cars in the French Capital City of Paris

On the 17th of March 2014 in the French capital city of Pairs has made the radical step of banning cars. The law for banning car’s, is that the air pollution is going fine but is people doing what they are suppose to do. The cars in Paris with odd-numbered registration plates, is the only cars that is allowed to be on the roads in Paris on certain days.

Our Government was trying to reduce the air pollution levels in the City because it is going way too high. People driving will also get fined if they don't stick with the new rules in the French capital City of Paris. If odd numbered plates drive on the road in Paris when it is an even day there car will get towed.

In New Zealand on the 30th July 1979, it is the similar scenario that took place in Paris too. The oil crisis is really bad and someone will get endured, but if the Government of the French capital city of Paris does something about it then no one will get hurt.

Friday, 21 March 2014

The Samoan Group

When I was sitting in the hall for Assembly the Tamaki College students were performing a Samoan dance for us at Pt England school. Everyone was so excited to hear them sing for us and perform a Samoan dance for us as well. They had a lot of talent in them and they sang there hard out, it even made Mr Jacopsen cry because it was so beautiful. The first performance that they did had a nice beat in it and I bet they had a lot of practices to make it that perfect.

My favourite one was they 3rd performance that they did for us, because you can hear everyone's lovely voices, the girls going high and the boys going low. It just sounded wonderful and they did everything they could to make it better and better,and that's what we need to do to make us look perfect when FiaFia comes.

After they did there Samoan performance for us, Casie said " what is going to help us get better in our performance for FiaFia". All we need to do is smile give everything you have sing out loud if you are in the choir and dance you hard out, even if your in hip hop, Kapa Haka, Fijian, Samoan, even if your in the Togan group. Practice, practice and practice makes perfect. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lizara Empathy - Emily and Laura

“I am so hungry” Laura said “There is nothing in her I need to go shopping” Laura said once again. Emily said“ can I go shopping with you Laura”. “Sorry you can’t come because you're too young” replied Laura. Suddenly she stomped her feet, screamed out really loud and said “ this is not fair I want to go too, you are the meanest sister ever”. She ran to her room and she didn't show her face after 20 minutes went past. "I feel so sad now that my sister said no to me" Emily mumbled to herself. 

“I feel really upset now but I have to go shopping I will apologize to her after when I come back” Laura said. After 20 minutes past Emily finally came out of her room and notice that her older sister Laura left her at home with her pet dog. “I am not happy because she didn’t let me go shopping with her” Emily said to her self. “ I also have to apologize to her for the selfish things I said, I will do that once she comes back home” Emily said in her head.

Laura came home and packed the food when she finish packing it away she started looking for Emily so that she can say sorry to her. She finally found her and said “Sorry Emily for not letting you come shopping with me I feel really selfish and I promise I will never do it again”. “I am sorry too Laura for saying those mean and nasty things to you and I really didn’t mean it” Emily Replied. “So I was thinking if I should take you shopping right now” said Laura “Yes please I would love that” Emily said loudly to her sister.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lizara Bio Poem Three

Bio Poem Three

My name is Lizara
I am the child of Suenna and Robert
We love our family, and neighbours
We don't hate any body
Go on a vacation some where as a family
Wishes to be rich and meet a famous person like a singer
We are not scared of anything but I am scared of huge wetas
The value is coming in as one big loving family
We are proud of our selves when we do something good or if we won something big
We live in Auckland New Zealand (Aotearua)
Kia Ora my name is Lizara

Lizara Bio Poem

    Bio Poem One

I am a very good netball player, 
I am still learning the rules of touch, I am an artist, 
I love playing on my bike at home,  
  my favourite subject at school is maths  

Bio Poem Two
Im proud of myself, when I get everything done, and If I do something that is really good. I am clever at maths. I am respectful to kids that are in trouble, I am respectful to the Teachers, and I am respectful to Everyone even out of school grounds. I am Shy around people that I haven't met in my life, or when I was a little kid. I don’t like people who is Selfish to me.

Kia Ora my name is Lizara
I am respectful to everyone, shy in front of people I have never met before, and always happy at Pt England School
I have no brothers, but I have 5 sisters including my self
I love playing a lot of sports and activities, my family, and I love playing with my mates, my favourite place in New Zealand is Rotorua
I am scared of some kinds of food that I don't like, of some of the teachers, of huge bull dogs
About half of Pt England School got to meet the Auckland Breakers, I would really like to go on a plane for once in my life
I am wanting to learn more about maths that we are going to be doing in college and high school, and to learn more about art so that when I know every thing about art I can teach little kids
I would like to become a teacher when I grow up, I would like to be a famous netball player, and to write one of the best stories you would ever seen
I live in Auckland New Zealand (Aotearua)
A lot of people call me Zara as my nick name

Monday, 10 March 2014

Name our New Zealand athlete?

Do you know who is our New Zealand athlete? It is Valerie Adams our New Zealand champion. Do you have any idea what is her favourite sports? The sports that she played is Shot Put, one of her favourite sports in the wolrd.

She had never taken drugs, but this ladie that was going to be the next winner in Shot Put, she had been taken a lot of drugs and thats why she got kicked out and she is never aloud to play Shot Put again. When it was Valerie Adams turn to see if she's been taken drugs, she was clean never taken drugs in all her life.

Do you have any idea what was her farthest distance in Shot Put? In Melbourne Valerie Adam was well papered in her game, the throwing distance is 19.66m long. Valerie Adams works hard to win she never mucks around, because she's all ways in it to win it.

When they had the Kiwi Shot-Put Champion Valerie Adams won the gold medal ,Valerie Adams would go on to become the reigning Olympic, New Zealand Champion in Shot Put. Everyone has hopes that she would never lose in Shot Put, because she is all ways in it to win the Olympics, not for New Zealand its because she loves this game.

Friday, 7 March 2014

My Xtra Maths Results

Today I have never done something cool like this since I started Xtra Maths! I got all of my Xtra maths done in one day, but last yeah I only got up to Division 2nd. So that time I really didn't try my hardest but this year is a new beginning for me. I really hope you like my results!!!