Thursday, 26 July 2012

Happy Birthday Rave

On a exciting Friday morning Raves mum and dad came in the class room and brought a big 
box that had chocolate cupcakes and fruit kebabs.In the morning after assembly
Raves mum and dad came to our classroom to calibrate raves birthday with the whole class room.When raves mum opened up the box I thought that there was a cake but when
she opened up the box it was cupcakes, delicious when I sour that and I sour fruit kebabs.

When assembly finished I sour raves mum holding a box to the classroom. when we got in side the class room and sat down on the carpet in a circle miss ouano told us good news about raves birthday it was exciting when she told the whole class room.It was fun because the whole class sour the box and in the box was cupcakes and fruit kebabs.

Room fourteen had chocolate cupcakes  with rainbow sprinkles on top and we had fruit kebabs with the chocolate cupcakes.When everybody in room fourteen got there chocolate cupcake and their fruit kebabs we got to eat it and miss ouano got some as well.when the whole class started eating raves mum and dad went home when

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Olympic Games

The summer olympics are going to be held in London,England,in great Britain 2012. The Olympic generation was inspired by London. It is going to be opening in July the 27 2012 in London England.The games are going to be closing in August 21 2012. The Korero for the Olympic games is inspired a generation.

The Olympic Flag

Did you know? that the olympic flag represents five interlocking rings well interlocking means that the five rings are locked together and they can’t move from each other. These colours of the five rings are blue,green,red,yellow and black with a white background. The five parts of the world represent the olympic movement that is joined together. During the continents in the olympic games in ,Africa,Americas,Asia,Australia and Europe. Baron pierre de coubertin designed the olympic flag in the 1913 to the 1914.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Lizara Equestrian Olympics

My olympics is equestrian and it is about riding a horse and jumping over things. It will be so easy only if you knew how to ride a horse. You will need a helmet just in case you fall and bump your head on the ground.

It is played by wearing the right clothing and how to ride a horse that is how you could win a game. To win you will need to smack the horse with a string or something like that so you can go faster to win the race. Then you will  need to go across the finish line to win.

Equestrian started in England in the eighteenth century. It must be so hard riding the horse because when the horse jumps it goes really high and you might fall off. Equestrian first appeared at the ancient Olympic games in the 680BC.

The equipment that you will need and the right clothing is the clothing you could fit and is it good for sitting on a horse.  Then you will need a field so you could have the space that you will need to do for your sport.You will need to teach the horse new skills to win the competition. 

When you start the race you will need focus and speed really fast only if you want to win. Then you will need to jump really high and slow down when it is really close to the other thing that looks like a stick but stand up.