Wednesday, 25 December 2013

To Mrs and Mr burt

Who's your principal at your school? Well Mr Burt is the principal for Pt England School, this school is so lucky to have a kind and responsible teacher. Mrs Burt is one of the best teacher's that I have ever met, she give's out pizes and phone's to the people who blog in the holiday's. That is the reason why I am doing this but not only just to win the phone but, it also helps me learn better. I all ways dream that I win a prize but I didn't do enough work to win. So im trying to do the best I can. Thank you Mrs Burt for giving out these amazing prize's for the kids that have worked so hard for them, thank you very much, Mrs and Mr Burt.                

All about Mr Marks

Thursday's are usually the funniest days of the week, but this time is wasn't. Because it was the last day of school, their was about 6 teacher's that had to leave Pt England school, so it really wasn't the best day of my life. Three of those teacher's had just started at the beginning of this year and two of them were the best teacher's I had ever had through out the time I spent here.

Their names are Mr Marks, Whaea Raewyn, Miss Moala, Mr Kately, Mr Slade and Miss Blake. Mr Marks was the best teacher that I had have for 2013, he was kind, funny and he always takes us out for games when where good. His class is room 18 these are the classes that all work together as a team that is room 16/17 & 18, and I was in room 18 literacy class with Mr Marks.

Mr Marks and Mr Somerville were best friends until Mr Marks left, but he had a reason, he did it for his family, his wife that is going to be having another baby, so he did make a good choose. I miss him so much now, and I wish he never went, I wish to see him some day, well I wish he will come back.

Everyone misses you Mr Marks and Whaea Raewyn. I miss being with you in kapa haka and you'r songs. I miss you'r new games, and I really did want to be in the team for touch not rugby really.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The last day's of school:

What do you do on the last day's of school? Well Pt England school finishes on Thursday, but before everyone one goes on holiday, people change classes around. They also clean out the class room's so that it could be nice and tidy. Then the teacher's try and make something work for them so that they could enjoy there last two day's. I don't like holiday's because I have to baby sit, so anoying.

I think Mr Marks, Mr Somerville and Miss Garden are the best teacher's ever. Because they take us out for sports if we have been good a intire week. But mostly they let us have free time. I think the last day is the best day of all. Because people go of to place's, some teacher's have to go and live their dreams. I hate it when a teacher has to go because that teacher that goes is the teacher that has taught me more things then any one has ever taught me really. That is Whaea Raewyn, she taught me how to stand up tall don't be shy sing you'r haard out and never give up.

My Netbook Reflection

Mr Somerville has showed room 16 maths class, so many new maths strategies. He isn’t the only teacher that has taught me new thing’s, and other things that I forgot to do. He is one of the best teacher’s that I have ever met and also Mr Mark’s and Mrs Garden, they have taught me how to read a book in proper english and how to be responsible to one another.

I am so lucky to have a netbook because it helps me finish my work in time, and it also helps me learn much more creative thing’s. Instead of reading a book in real life you could just get it online, but the best thing is you don’t need to right all you need to do is type, it’s real fun trust me.

My friend’s have taught me how to play ripper rugby properly, but not only my friends also the teacher’s, my parent’s, and even people that I haven’t even met. Getting to have friend’s is better than playing by yourself, and your friends can help you when you're in trouble. Oh believe me it’s good really good to have close friends, families and teachers.

Have you even had a tutor that has taught you how to play netball, rugby. Well thats not the only thing that tutor’s teach you, they teach you how to be responsible, kind and respectful to one another. They also take maori classes and even hip hop classes, and that’s what I have been doing for 2013, just one thing that I haven’t made it into rugby.

How have you helped other kids in their work? Well the only time I help them is when they really need help, example if their stuck or is they don’t no what to do. Helping kids is one of my favourite things to do because helping kids is like helping you family, but much better.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Our Writing Couplet's

Paige and I have been working on some farming couplets. Here are some of them .

If you want more air
do  not be a bear

Don’t cut down the tree’s of your land
or else it will end up in the sand

Down the lake and down the Stream
also the water would not be clean

If you don’t Clean the sheep’s
It will start to bleep bleep bleep

I like playing with cow’s
Because they have weird eyebrows

If  you play with the sprinklers
don’t get too much tinkles

Monday, 2 December 2013

All about me and my best friend the grasshopper

I really hope you enjoy reading my story about me and my best friend the grasshopper. Please give me feed back on how you think my work went, and things that you didn't like. Thank you Pt England.

Once upon a time there was this grasshopper, that I really hate. He was the craziest creacher I have ever bet. He was sort’ve nice but so annoying. Once you get use to him you would know how it feel’s to have a friend like mine.

Two weeks later, my 3rd best friend had decided to move out so that he can get more space and spend time with his best friends. I was so happy that he had left because there was no distervment’s in the mornings and know yelling at night time. The only thing that was sad was that I had know one to hang out with because all my friends lived in Australia.

Three months later he came back with a new baby grasshopper, he asked me if I could take care of it, because I don’t think I can last long enough. So I said “of course I can, I will do it for you my best friend”. So two days later, he died we had a little funeral for him and gave him left over chocolate, just kidding but we did love him so much.

So I carried on with my normal life except for another grasshopper, but he wasn’t like his father he was the opposite of him. He was quiet and he was so kind and helpful to me. I named him after his father his name is Jacob sweeny.