Friday, 29 May 2015

Tinkering Tools & Toys

Today our year 7 and 8 zeal zone group, have been focusing on doing and thinking about better things that we can do, change, create and design around Pt England school. So we got switched into groups or 5-6 people and then think and brain storm about the things that we changed and do around our school. Me and my group have decided to do a arcade room near the dentist/reserve. 

The firs thing that we had to do was get into our groups of 5 or 6 and start thinking about naming our group, and putting down some ideas of what we can do around the school in the Tinkering tools & toys presentation. Our team name is "the chicken wings crew". A while later, after morning tea we lined up outside of our class room and went for a walk around the school to see the places where we can put our buildings. 

Me, Quasia, Rebekah, Moa, Keis, and Puawai had 10 good ideas and another 10 amazing ideas which were........
  • Art work all around the school
  • pictures of all the students and teachers outside their classes
  • Music class
  • Dance studio
  • Students kitchen room
  • Camping area + extras
  • Water slide
  • Art work
  • cleaner benchers
  • Painting the walls - outside of each classroom
  • Chairs on the field for people/visitors to watch the games that are held on the field.
  • And......
  • Pool - dug under ground
  • Arcade
  • Museum - Technology inside a room
  • Sick bay - in one of the extra classrooms at the end of
  • the courts:23
  • Photography room
  • Gardens in each blank space
  • Walk way - near the Yr5-6 space
  • Chocolate fountains 
  • Vending machine - in the arcade room
  • Special Room - 
  • Halloween Room - scary room

Maths - Talk moves in our team discussions

For our maths class, we have been working on doing talk moves for the last few weeks. I had Quasia, Ashley, and Rowana in my group and our group name was "Royals". The question that were asked was? The petrol prices went up overnight and now one litre of gas at most petrol stations are $2.18. 

My car needs 20L to be on full so how much do I have to pay? and The petrol price remains at $2.18 but I need to fill my truck for a trip down to Hamilton. My truck needs 60L to be on full so how much will I pay? So we worked it out on our pieces of paper to see if we can use different equations in our minds, not using cheat or calculator.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Netball-Yr8 Team 1 Red Lightning

On Tuesday night, the year 5's to year 8 teams had a netball game. I was excited to be playing against one of the best wining teams in netball. But I was also tired because of umpiring as well. Our netball game started at "5.25pm" so for the last 2 hours I just umpired a game, because I had nothing else to do but finishing of my work at home. So I got changed for our netball game, and then we all warmed up so that we wouldn't get cold or worn out. 

Jordenne our captain did the toss for the "goal or ball". And she got it right so she chose ball and they got the right hand goal. So then we got onto the courts and waited for the buzzer to go. "Gurre". Ring the whistle went off and the game began. Center passes to WA, then our WA passes to GD, and GD, passes to GA, GA passes to GS and she shoots for goal. "Yay" nice job GS". 

We were only playing a 2 1/2 game, because we were still doing grading games. Just to see what grade we will be playing, with the right teams. I enjoyed watching and playing netball. I wish I get to play in an actual, famous netball team. I have the best coaches and captains. That night we played netball was the best we have played but happily we lost by 1 not by 10, or over. And our score was 10 - 11 to them. But it was the closest score yet, 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Smart Values - Making Links

For our numeracy class we had the fabulous "Miss Kyla" with us to show what our bodies do each and every sing day. SO we were focusing on making and writing "smart values, about the three P's". Which is Partnership, Participation and protection. I came up with 5 things in Partnership, 4 things in participation and 4 things in protection.  

My Chameleon

This google drawing that is above the writing! In my literacy class we were focusing on doing a google drawing about chameleons. With a poem about myself. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Matific Blog Post 2

The thing that I liked about the Matific Assignments is the way you get a good, great, well done and all the good things that you get back for doing a great job at your assignments. The way I solved my problem is dividing the number that is the closest ten or hundred, but then I would have to multiply the numbers to try and get my answer. Matific, maths whizz, xtra maths and all the other maths sites are cool activities that we could do in our spear maths time.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Future Aspiration

Today at Pt England School, all the year 7 and 8 students as well as the teachers who are in the intermediate block have a huge surprise coming their way. Because the famous and wonderful ‘Marcus Winter and Louis -Latty” have been collected by “Andrew Patterson” to inspire us in what they have been doing in their lives. So they made their way to the intermediate block and “Mr Burt” our principal, started the speech for our visitors. “Welcome up, Andrew Patterson”. The one thing that everyone know’s about him is that he collects people and then he connects them. And the other thing that he also collects is quotes. Marcus is the special person who does cool and amazing art work with sand, and people call him the "incredible sand man". Louis Gordon-Latty talks and does things all about the glory league sport that tall men like playing, this game is similar and is just like playing basketball

Andrew Patterson is a famous man who is not only the man who collects people and connects them together by doing good things though they already are. But he is also included on the radio. First up to tell there speech was "Mr Burt" who was introducing everyone to us. And then Mr Andrew Patterson came up and talked to us about the people that he collected. Marcus Winter told us about how he started and how he ended up in this place and where he is right now. So back in primary he wasn't the man who you think he is now, because he wasn't the best hand writer you could possibly have seen. But then he knew that he was capable at doing at least one good thing, which was a good artist and that is what had wanted to be all his life. 

“Did you know that” Marcus winter is a famous artist? Well he is a professional artist but he does his art with black sand which is quite cool and interesting at the same time. Because I would actually like to be him when I grow up, and the thing that I liked about the videos that he did of him doing the sand art is that he tells stories while doing it. As well as thinking what to do next and trying not to bounce back at the same time. Focusing on your art as well as trying to trying to hook in your audience by going virelle. After he told everyone a little bit about himself he took us back to his primary days and  I know you are probably thinking that he was the man at art in school. And yes he was, but he wasn’t the best hand writer you may have seen as a year 3-4 when he was about 7 years old. So he thought of doing his future/dream aspiration which was to become an artist. All the things that he told us was so cool and they were so understandable but my most favorite one was " have something good to think about and then no one will stop you from doing what you want to do and think about good things when ever you struggle". 

So he went to the streets, and the street is the place where he started doing his dream which was art, with dark black sand. He was the man at doing art with sand especially in front of a whole heap of people watching him doing it. There was one thing that kind of stopped him or well distracted him from doing that which was how he thought.

The question that they asked is the question that I had in mind which was “who and how do the people video the men playing “glory league”.  And Louises

Friday, 15 May 2015

Zeal Zone - Anzac Biscuits

Today for our Zeal Zone group we had the fabulous Mrs Te'lea with us. And the theme that we were doing with her is learning how to make Anzac biscuits. I was so excited about what we are going to be doing. So first we watched a short little video about the steps and how to make Anzac Biscuits. Then we went straight to the kitchen after the morning tea bell rang. 
Did Anzac biscuits actually get to the soldiers?  Why - why not? Well soldiers actually did consume biscuits during the World War 1, but in those days they didn't use rolled oats. So yes they did have Anzac biscuits in there days but they didn't have it the way we make it now, because they ingredients they used was just plain flour and coconut/sugar.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Maths Matific - 2

The thing that I love about the assignments in Matific, is the it is way easier than maths whizz and faster as well. The thing is that it shows us other strategies and activities that we haven't done before. And you also have to try in get all five stars before starting the other assignments in Matific. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Technology At World War 1.

In our class 4 numeracy class we were focusing on what and how people did in world war 1 and 2. Today we started of with world war 1 and it all started by watching a short video clip. In world war 1 I learned that they didn't only come out of the war harmed and broken they also come out with dignity and had a more perspective way of things. 

The technology things that were used in war that couldn't harm anyone was air mask, air planes, helicopters, cars, and all sorts of other things. If the German people went back to war 
in 1914-1918 then they could of won and, they also
could of all made it out alive. But the only thing that stop them from doing that was there pride (thinking that they were all that). 

The world war 1 and 2 is called the "Global Conflict".  The scientific people made gas that people could from by not having something like a gas make to stop them from dying. So the sad thing that happened is that the German people didn't have gas mask to protect them. The way they can die is how the gas goes through them, and when it does the gas turns into liquid that goes through there heart/lungs and it contains them to die from the inside to there outside.

Maths Matific

The thing that I liked about the Matific assignments was, that they were easier at the start and as we kept playing it got harder and harder. One of the problems that I was trying to work out was the Division practice sheet. I hope you enjoyed my maths Matific strategy post.

Letter to Eric and Jim

Pt England School
67 Melbourne street

Dear Eric Henry and Jim O’dwyer.

Hi my name is Lizara and I am letting you know that I have been expressing the bad things that you have been included in especially in such an old age for you to be doing things kinds of things. I understand that in 1939 - for years just after the good war ended the German people invaded and pollinated. That must of been a really hard time for you, as you didn't want this to happen. 

And nearly 2 years after that the Especially since Eric went to war to expand and to include the Islands of the pacific. I hope you are alright in this situation of yours and your brother Eric Henry.
So I heard that you and Jim members of the 28th Maori battalion.  

Monday, 11 May 2015

My weekend recount

In the weekend I went to watch "pitch perfect 2" in the cinemas, in town on Sunday afternoon at 4.30pm. This was a mothers day gift for my mum but the only thing that wasn't right is that we forgot to invite my cousins and that. But we didn't really mind because that means that we get to eat all the goodies for ourselves. I hate the parts of the movie when they fight, smooch, and other things like that but I enjoyed the rest of it. 

After the movies we went to bowling and that is when we brought my mum her presents, well that's when we gave it to her. The present that we gave to my mum was a big picture frame with everyone in it (me my sisters, my mum and dad, and my pet dog) 2 boxes of favorites, a card, loom bands, a diary and a mickey mouse pen, and burger king after bowling. I enjoyed mothers day so much and I know she did too.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

William - Louis Stowers

Dear William!

I heard about what happened to you in the fight over seas. I hope you, Bob and James are okay. I wish I was there to help go against the people who did this too you. I understand why you have to recuperate in such bad timing too. I really do hope and pray that you recover soon, in France. That must of been a real big turnaround for you going from England to France because of your recovery for 3-4 months.

I wish none of this would have happened, but hopefully your jaw that has been affected gets well soon enough. It is also good that James and Bob have been well in England. But yes it is a good thing that well good nurses have been taking real good care of you.

The kids said hi and hope you do get well soon. I hope
we get to see you when you get better. We
will hopefully visit you in 3-4 months time but for now
focus on getting better and we will still be here 
waiting for you.

Hope you get well soon my brother
Love from: Louis, Bella and the Kids

Monday, 4 May 2015

Letter to Mr Gustav Guntenbeil

NAME :   Mr Kevin Brook
ADDRESS:  16A Maburie st
POSTCODE :  1078
DATE : 5th May 2015

Dear Gustav Guttenbeil!
I am sorry for the loss of your father
who I am sure wanted you to continue in his footsteps of the pacific soldiers (Germany - British).
I can understand what you are going through in terms of
your father not being there, and your mum who is Irish
and who is the only person you can count on right now.
I know that Tonga is where your father came from,
so that is where you would want to go right now and be. The first reason why I think you should go back to Tonga is because you should learn more about you own culture, and go back to your home.
Another reason why I think you should go back to Tonga, is not only because you want to but so that you can see the rest of your father's side of the family, and I am sure they are looking forward to meeting you again.

Yours sincerely
Kevin Brook