Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Narrative Writing

Wow what would you have done if the weather was bad. Well my weekend was so boring because all I was doing was staying at home with my noisy cousin's honestly you wouldn't like them at all. I had to do every thing for them, but on Sunday she was on her way......... HOME I was so happy and my sisters were as well we were all happy to have our house back.

My mum and dad was relaxing in there rooms, my sisters were drawing on the table and me well when I looked at my library book I had to read half of it and read the rest the next day and I did. Once I finished  reading my book we had dinner and watched movies. Me, my big sister and my mum was watching X FACTOR it was so cool plus it brightened the rest of my day. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013



Matariki is all about celebrating with maori people and waiting for the 7 Matariki stars in the sky to meet them once and for all. A lot of maori people celebrate the 7 sisters of Matariki and they would only come out after 9 months and disappear for 3 months.

Matariki is also known as the 7 names of the sisters Waiti, Waita, Tupu-a-rangi, Tupu-a-nuku, Waipuna-a-rangi, Ururangi, and Matariki and these are the 7 main sisters. Most people celebrate for the maori new year and wake up early to see the 7 sisters shining in the sky.

Did you know that when you use a telescope you would see all Matariki sisters there are 500 hundred sisters all together. When you don’t use a telescope you would only see 7 stars in the sky and maori people do this every year.


Monday, 10 June 2013

My Recount Story

In the weekend me and my sisters  went to my cousins birthday it was so amazing. My mum and dad was happy as well because they had the entire house to themselves it was quiet. For my cousins birthday we went out to the movies we got to watch pitch perfect all my cousins were noisy and kinda quiet.

While we were watching the movies my auntie went to by us something from the shop for lunch but my uncle was looking after us at the pictures. It was so quiet until my other cousins arrived there it was interesting. When the moives finished we went to my aunties house so that my cousin can open all her presents that we brought.

My cousin got heaps of presents the first present she opened was close and it went, on and in and on my little sister was jallis. Then we had a pinyarta, cake and goodie bags and that was the end of my cousins birthday it was late my mum and dad came to pick us up it was the best day ever. We went home and had a sleep for school the next day.

Hope you enjoyed this recount story I presented for you to read.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Antarctica's Long Journey

Once there was a man named josh that took a trip to Antarctica and took skate lessons  but the best thing of all was to win challenges. So he went to the practice’s he got in big trouble so he ran away and didn’t look back he got lost and he was so apprehensive. Josh had heard a earth quake he crashed into a tree and lost his ski board and he had to walk all the way back he was very scared.

He saw the helicopter but the helicopter did not see him he lost his way he was in the middle of the icy cold dessert. He saw a cave he ran quickly in the cave and he felt so sick he was so hungry then he saw a man in the cave he was so lucky cause the man in the because he had food to eat. Man felt sorry so he gave him two pieces of bread but it wasn’t nice bread it was poisoned.

The man that was in the cave he went out to find more poisoned fish josh had woken up he called the cops on the helicopter the helicopter went to find him. The man came back and josh went back to sleep josh was spying on him the man ate the poisoned fish he heard a weird phone tone he saw josh talking on the phone the man through the phone in the water.

The police had seen the man hunting josh for calling the cops and doing the right thing. The police was so proud of josh because they had lost their baby penguins and josh had them that entire time josh was proud of himself more than anyone eels. Than the police took josh home, and josh never ever went back to Antarctica again and the killer stade in jail for the rest of his life with the strong men they were real angry because it was him that made them go in jail.