Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Samoan Week

Wow this week is very special for all Samoan people as it is Samoan week. Today Pt England school is going to be having guest over from Tamaki College. They will be doing a very special performance for us, the thing that is special is that they have been here before to give us luck for FiaFia night and it worked. The hall was already set for them and all they had to do is put on a good performance.

As usual we sing the New Zealand national anthem, but we will also be singing the Samoan national anthem. Before watching the Pt England students and the Tamaki College students perform for us Sarenity and Christian says a prayer in Samoan for us. They say a different one but it all means the same but special.

The Pt England students will be doing the opening and the students from Tamaki College is going to be doing the closing performance for us. “The Samoan group is going to be doing the opening and here they are” said Mr Burt. After watching their performance for about 10 minutes the audience was screaming out loud “Go Pt England Samoan students” The thing that I liked about their performance is that they did it their hardest not just for us but for the Samoan people all over the world.

Did you know that Samoan people are very good at celebrating? Because when Samoan people play volley and one of them gets a point or hits the ball over the net then they give them a round of a clause. They did a very cool performance that they showed us.  I really liked watching their dance because we already watched once but there was a little less people but great voices.

Science Road Show

The year 7 and 8 students have been invited to Tamaki College to learn more about science. It is called the science road show. I got really excited when I heard that we have been invited but the only thing that we needed was 8 dollars and we needed permission from our parents as they are going to be paying the 8 dollars.

Wow I can not believe that it is Thursday all ready. Today we will be going to the science road show, before lunch time starts. I am so excited. So while we were walking to Tamaki College we were thinking about how cool and exciting the science road show would be and I thought it would be pretty cool. I also liked the name of it too. So when we arrived at Tamaki College we met a man he was very tall and kind, his name is Shayne. So he introduced his self and we followed him inside where the science road show will be held.

So before starting the show we took a seat and waited for every one ells to settle down for the show to begin. There was a couple of Tamaki College students with us, but they were only with us for the first half, because they have to do there school work. So the first thing they did was introduced there selves and they said let the show begin.

Well we got to see all the amazing tricks that they were showing us and all the amazing scientific things in the room. When they showed us all there amazing tricks we got to do a quiz, so we ha to answer three questions that was on the piece of card board that we got given. So we went of and started doing our test. When we are finished doing it we go to the front of the room where we were sitting and right our name then put the piece of card board into the box. But before we put the piece of card board into the box we have to have three clips on the piece of card board.

Article - About Cricket

Do you know which player was not implicating in the recent cricket match? Well there are three people that people do know and there names are Chris Cairns, Lou Vincent and Stephen Fleming. The only thing is that we do not know who has not been implicated in the cricket match. So this is how we are going to fine out.

Chris Chairns is one of the best players in the team and he works hard in everything he does, so it couldn't have been him. But Stephen Fleming is another cool player and he also works hard. So do you think it was him? Well the answer is no, he did not do it because he was in the match and so was Chris Chairns. So the last person is Lou Vincent, he is another good player but the only thing is that he was the one that missed out on the cricket match. So Lou Vincent did not implicate in the cricket match-fixing scandals.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Saving peoples lives in Malawi

Are you doing the 40 hour famine? Well some of our Pt England students are doing the 40 hour famine and so is other people all over the world. The reason why we are doing the 40 hour famine is because we wan't people in Malawi to have all the nutritious food and water that they have been wanting for a very long time. Did you know that people in Malawi don't have books, tables, nice houses, fresh water and food. Their houses are made out of mud they don't have real toilets and it doesn't really rain over there. All they have is nothing their world is filled with sadness and we are wanting to change that and put it all in the pass. Only 1.8 million people are currently being affected by the food crisis.

There is this girl and her name is Naphiri. She is a really pretty girl that love s to help people and she has a lot of cool dreams that hasn't really come true. She loves to read and also loves studying maths. Her favourite sports are netball and her dream is to become accountant. She wakes up every morning at 4.30am and walks 2km to collect water for her family. Then she has to help on the farm sweep out the entire house and has to look after her baby cousin and before waling another 2 hours to school. Naphiri has three siblings there names are Nethel, Frank and Charles, everyone is affected by malnutrition due to nutritious food. Their family's get given just $3.80 a week which goes between all 6 people.

So wouldn't you want to save all these people in Malawi and give them what they need? Well to help them all you have to do is sign up for the 40 hour famine and try and to get more support from other people in your family and save these wonderful people. They might not have the food that we have and the fresh water that we have but they do have a lot of dreams and wishes and we are going make them all come true by giving them nutritious food.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lizara and Mele's Article Weekly Quiz

Do you know who Steven Adams is? Well I know a little bit about him! Steven Adams is a New Zealand basketball player who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He was born on July the 28th, 1993 and is 20 years old in Rotorua. Steven Adams plays centre and one of the best attributes include aggressiveness. He has also been in the international champion ship. Did you know that he has got a sister and a brother that is also famous? Their names are Valerie Adams and Warren Adams. 

Sound Writing - Lizara

What would the world be like with out sound? Well if our world had no sound then it would pretty boring. Because people use sound to communicate with each other and sound is the most important thing in the world. Well not only sound is for people it is also made for our animals and creatures that live in the woods.

How is sound made? Sound can be made out of a lot of amazing things like instruments and people signing. But animals use a different kind of way to contact to people like bats, marine mammals and some kinds of birds. They use a high pitched sound to locate their prey around there environment.

When the hammer hits something very strong, it will vibrate through the sides and contains a very serious thing. It goes through the outside of your ears and makes its way to the ear drums in the inside. Then it send a message to your brain and it converts to electrical signals. From  your ear drums to the inside of your brain,

What makes sound different? When a creature like a bat, marine mammals or even birds use a high or low pitched sound its not exactly the same. Because if you use a high pitched sound then the frequency vibrates more then per second but if it is a low pitched sound the frequency vibrates less per second. 

So now you know how it feels not to have sound all around our environment well mostly all around the world. Because it would be very boring not having sound to listen and to communicate with everyone. Not just people that need sound animals need sound as well. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Sound Experiment 2014

Sound Through Different Medium
How does different medium affect sound?
I predict that the different materials we use will affect the quality of the sound though the cup telephone.
Equipment/Materials: At least have 2 cups. Strings. Nylon. Thick wool. Ribbon. Toothpick. Ruler (to measure the length.)
1. Get 2 cups and put a hole through the bottom in the middle.
2. Measure your medium (string,nylon etc) so they are exactly the same length. Attach the medium to the cup with a toothpick.
3. Test - Make sure each test the string/medium is taut.
4. Rape the sound and record.(Quality/How loud)
What are the results that you came up with? Well the result that I came up with is really good. Their was 3 different kinds of strings that we had to use and they all sounded different as well. The most scariest one of them all was the wire one. It sounded like you were talking to someone on the other side of a dark and creepy cave.
This experiment that we got to do was so cool and exciting the entire class enjoyed and so did I. I really hope we get to do this again because it is cool to make cup phones for your self. Wouldn’t you want to make something that cool with your classmates?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

South Africa's Celebration

Which Country do yo think celebrated 20 years? There is 3 options of which country won and that is Australia, South Africa and the Netherlands. Well the system that has a different law and has rights for citizens based on their race. 

South Africa is celebrating 20 years of freedom for the cannes international film festivals. The South African delegation lead by the most impressive national people that film and do videos foundations of South Africa in more Cannes film festival.

My Echolocation Writing

Who uses echolocation? Bats, marine mammals as in dolphins, whales Shrews, and some kinds of birds too. These kinds of animals use echolocation to navigate their way around their environment and to try to locate their prey. When they are trying to find their prey they use a high pitched sound. When the sound bounces back to them like an echo it tells them that they have found their food.

Marine mammals do not use echolocation in the same way birds and bats do as they live in the sea whereas bats live in forests and caves. When marine mammals use echolocation they navigate around their environment and use a high pitch sound to locate their prey. Bats and some birds are quite similar to what marine mammals do.

Not only animals use echolocation there is a young teenage boy who uses echolocation as well. His name is Ben. Ben is a boy who can't see with his eyes as he is blind. Since he was a child of about 7 years old he realised that if he used a clicking sound he could find his way around. Ben practices using echolocation all around the house and around his neighbourhood just so that he can get use to it.

Ben washes his false eyes every morning to keep them nice and clean. His mum keeps Ben’s eyes in a safe place so that he could change every day s that his eyes don’t end up being dirty.

So in conclusion echolocation is a way of some animals and people finding their way around their environment to locate their prey

My Echolocation Presentation

Monday, 5 May 2014

My Holiday Experience

My most favourite thing to do at home during school holidays is not lying in bed doing nothing that's for sure. I like playing sports especially touch and basketball with my family. I am also trying to get better at netball, because our games will be coming up very soon and I do not wan't to let down the entire team. Would you?

I said to my self in a quite voice "I haven't read books for a very long time now". On Saturday I went to the library in Glenn Innes and picked out a couple of fiction books that I would really enjoy. I spent 3 hours in the library, reading about 17 books about science, drama and fantasy fiction. I enjoyed reading books, I never knew that books could be so cool to read. It all so felt like I was in the story.

"The time is all ready at 5:00 I did not notice I must've lost track of time" Lizara Said. I didn't feel like walking home the long way so I took a short way through the alley way. "clutch" "ahhhhh what was that noise" I screamed out loud. It got darker and the wind got heavier, I was getting afraid. I ran my fastest just like the wind. "I am never gonna go through that alley way again" I said to my self.

When I got inside my family was asleep dreaming about wonderful things. I didn't want to ruin a beautiful dream. So I ran up to my room, put all my books on the shelf so that I know where I put it. "Huuhhh I'm tired" I said. So went to sleep dreaming of what I could do when I grow up.

"Huuhh morning everyone" I said out loud. I went into the kitchen made me a spot of breakfast and went straight into my room. I said to my self If I should write a book my self, so that's what I did. I wrote a book all about science and romance. I like studying about science a lot so I wrote about 21 pages and 09 chapters all about science. This is the best school holiday ever!

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

The topic for term 2 is I like to move it move it. The hall was filled with balloons and excitement and the teachers were also giving out these tiny squishy rugby balls. Suddenly the clock struck 8:50 everyone ran outside there to line up for term 2 assembly. All the teachers at Pt England school was dressed up to tell us there theme.

The first team that was showing us their theme was team 1. Their theme was about the creative things about animals and music that animals like to listen too. I loved their interesting and lovely photos of different kinds of creatures that live in the zoo. Like lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes and hippos too and even their music went with the pictures as well. The song was called Roar by Katy Perry.

My most favourite one of them all was team 4. The reason why I liked their one was because it was creative and really cool. So the first thing they did was that they showed us a short film about different elements and it talks about what would sink and what would float and what was the two interesting words. The teachers that were in it was Mr Somerville, Mrs Ouano, Mrs Lavakula, Mrs Jacobson. So after we have watched the clip they would ask us some questions and if that person gets it right they win a chocolate fish.

So Mr Burt asked everyone a question “how many balloons do you think would make this tiny New York taxi car fly. So their was all ready 13 on the car but it still would flly so Rocky and Levi stuck another 3 more on it. Then they cut the rope and suddenly the car flew up in the sky but the air conditioning was sucking it in so it got stuck. When we got to the very end of the emersion assembly the prefects had to grab a pair of scissors each and cut all of the balloons on the ground and let them go. When they let them go the balloons were lined up in a line.