Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Maths Activity

The activity hat we were focusing on was "toss the coin" I was enjoying doing this activity in my group. It hard to do at first but as I continued doing it I found it being easy to do. On our google-drive, but creating a google spreadsheet to write our answers and questions on.

Tamaki College - English with Miss Latu

to understand what is a metaphor
to understand

(sounds - Pronunciation ion
Word Forms (prefix, suffix,
tence, parts of speech)
Parts of speech
use the word in a sentence
An imaginative way of describing something as another thing, and so suggesting that it has the typical qualities of that other thing.
I used a lot of metaphors in my writing
It is a noun in a way of making a comparison, like when you can consider two different things together to describe what way, and in a way they care different or similar.
Make a Comparison between the cook island culture and the Maori Culture.

  • Lovely Voice - Music - Describing how her voice is music to his ears.
  • Life - Roller Coaster - Describing life as a roller coaster
  • Feather - Lifeboat - Describing what the ladybird may look like and how the pukeko’s feather landed on it!
  • They both are able to fly - Their both light and bright:
  • And the also both float, and they both landed in some place.

Year 8 - Tamaki College Experience

 On Tuesday the 28th of April, all the year 8 students from different schools around the Manaiakalani area were invited to Tamaki College to experience what college may be like. As all the school entered the Orientation area we took our seats and waited for the teachers to introduce themselves and tell us what we will be doing for the rest of the day. Everyone at Pt England school were looking forward to a day of science and all sorts of other stations.

First we were given a landyard to wear for the day so that everyone can know who you are and that you are will the school or group that is given to you. And conected to our landyards was a 8gb usb that is for us to keep and on our landyards it say "our full name first and last, our group name which is a symbol, and our school. So like for example it would say "Lizara Raupita - Tango, P RO, P.E". So once we were in our groups we followed our team leaders to our 1st station. While we were following our team leaders to our 1st station we were quite surprised about how big the school was and how hard it will be for us when we try and find our classes in 2016 when we go to college. 

We all had 5 stations to complete and our first one was maths and I love maths, so I was expecting it to be easy. The activity that we were doing was toss the coin, and what we had to do was go on this link that leads us to this toss the coin interactive activity then we have to make a chart of what we came up with. Then we went to have morning tea which was a juice and a calcium yoghurt. And after morning tea we went to science and we were looking forward to making elephant tooth paste that explodes out of the cylinder. Then we did P.E and our P.E teachers was Miss T and she was taking us to do Basketball, Soccer and Touch. But her rules was pretty interesting but at the same time it seemed really fun. Basketball has normal rules, but in soccer you had to play by doing it with your hands instead and you weren't allowed to kick the ball because than that just makes it an automatic hand over. In touch you can play normally but the 1 little tip is that you are allowed to pass the ball forward in her rules. 

Tamaki college was awesome and I would like to come here next year if I can. Hopefully they enjoyed having our company and hoping that we were on our best behavior. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Maths Whizz Usage

Screenshot 2015-04-23 at 10.36.06 AM.png

This image that is showing above my writing is my Maths Whizz image. It shows my study room, including my usage, mail, and all sorts of cool stuff. I have made 75 minutes if usage in the first week back at school.

Underground Soldiers

Monday, 20 April 2015

Immersion Assembly - Term 2, 2015

It is the first day back at school for term 2, 2015! Everyone is looking forward to Assembly this morning because we have something special to show everyone. The teachers show us their theme that they will be doing together in a team. They have to show us by doing a little presentation about it, or a short movie that shows us what they’re doing. “ring ring, ring ring” the bell rang and all the kids ran to their classrooms and waited for their teachers to take them to the hall for the “Immersion Assembly”. Usually the prefects are handing out stickers to the kids and teachers that are well behaved and waiting patiently for the Assembly to begin.

But instead they were doing something so creative and cool, which was cooking or baking pikelets, smaus, healthy sandwiches, including healthy vegetables like celery and carrots. “Mr Burt welcomed up team 1” for their amazing presentation that they will showing the entire school. “Yeeaaa” Their little show was all about healthy things like, healthy food, a healthy playground, school, body’s, and their one was just amazing and thoughtful. “Give it up for team 2 and their amazing thing that they have in mind”.  They had a little video about “Winnie the Pooh” and his amazing friends helping “Eeyore” build a better house for him. So they first showed it on the video and then they repeat it in person.

Team 3 and team 4’s one was quite similar, that was all about “what they can do when it is raining especially in winter when it gets cold and of cause boring because no one can play outside in that kind of weather. So team 3 was thinking of making up cool activities to do with out everyday supplies and turning them into things that can be useful to play with with it starts to rain. Then we have team 4’s one which was I think quite better than team 3 because they were in game that had the teachers dressed as a superhero and “Mr Sommerville” was trying to get passed every monster or something trying to get in his way. So he used his powerful sword to bring them down, but unfortunately this one conqueror that brought “Mr Sommerville” down and he was not able to get to the end of the rainbow.

The last team to perform their theme was “team 5” and they were showing us all about Anzac day and world war 1. So they went marching down the hall and up to the front nair the stage to begin their presentation. Their boss “Mrs Tele’a” was showing them the right way through their show for them to tell us their own thoughts of what we will be doing in each class. “How can we make is better, 123”. “HOHOHO”. Then everyone nicely and quietly went back to class, to begin the day.