Thursday, 31 October 2013

Spring chickens and happy hens

Here is some questions that I have come up with by reading two story's that relates to my questions. Please give me feed back by commenting on by blog-post thank you.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Plane crash

Once there was a family that lived in a magnificent home and had a lovely family. In this family is Jane the mum, John the dad, Carolyn the oldest sister, Jamie the youngest, Jacop the uncle and Cristel the aunty, they were happy together. When the girls was sleeping dad and uncle decided to take them on a vacation to America, because the girls had always dreamed to see wild animals and search for amazing things so they booked a flight to america. The next morning they got frightened that there dream was finally gonna come true.

The next morning the family packed their things and went all the way to the airport, they were just in time they jumped in the plane and took off. They noticed that there wasn’t much people in this plane, there was only about two family’s that was with them they were so excited. The pilot said “free survant for everyone” they said “yeeehaa”. They were half way there so they had a little nap but ten minutes later they all felt a big bump underneath the plane everyone got scared.

In one hour time they said “the plane’s going to (CRASH). Everyone one was screaming and they landed on the ground really hard, then everyone one was so quite because some of them died in the crash even the pilot’s, except two family’s the Camel family and the Elephant family thats the names that the pilot’s gave them. Those two family’s splited up trying to find for more food and water but it was all in the plane so they looked all night long and still didn’t find anything to eat or drink they were hungry.

Then they heard something weird, they said “hey look up its a plane” “help us helps us please” they said “don’t worry we got use” so they all got rescued in the plane so gently.They had something to eat in the plane and drink they were happy. They weren’t pleased that they couldn’t go to america but they were happy to be home. All their things were broken and they were so angry but not the kids. They kept their stuff in their room they knew something bad was going to happen “hahaha” said the girls. One month later everything was back to normal, they had there stuff back obviously they bought it and they had their family.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Living on a farm



Once upon a time there lived a lovely family on a wonderful caring farm. They lived in a weird looking house but they had a great time together living on a farm with cool animal’s. In this family was Jasmine the older sister, Kylie the youngest sister, Desirea the cousin, John the uncle, James the dad and Rachel the mum. This family was so lucky to live on a farm with wonderful pet’s and animal’s.

Jasmine was so keen to go school and meet new friends and get to know everyone, but she was too shy. Kylie was a normal kid she got to meet her cousin’s every weekend, because they lived on a farm as well. Rachel and James the parent’s they were so tired waking up early in the morning milking the cow’s looking after all the animals, they just didn’t get time to have a break. Uncle John spent time with his daughter and Kylie every weekend and go work every week-nights.

Kylie’s mum and dad went out for dinner with uncle John and the kids stayed home alone with the animals. Mum told the girls to put the horse’s back into the garage but they had forgotten to do it. They were fast asleep but they forgot to put the horse’s back into the garage so the horse’s got stolen and they didn’t notice until mum and dad came back. Rachel and James was so angry but they couldn’t blame it on the kids they knew they should of done it before they left.

So they went out looking for the horse’s they asked everyone if they'd seen these horse’’s but they all said “NO”. Kylie remembered that it was just one horse that ran away and it went in a red truck. Dad said “ did you see who grabbed her she said “yeah it was a man”, “would it be your uncle” dad said. “Know he was with you guise” dad said “oh I forgot”. “I think I know” Jasmine said,” If it’s a man then it might be a new person because this had never happened to us before”. So kylie and that went out look for him but then they saw the horse in the same truck they told mum and dad and they caught the man it was their grandfather.

So they had a little talk together and found out why he did it. Mum and dad decided to let granddad stay for the holidays and the kids could spend time with him because they didn’t get the time to learn more about him. Jasmine and Kylie was so pleased with their parents. Jasmine didn’t get what she wanted but she did get to learn more about her granddad same to Kylie.

And they lived happily ever after.