Monday, 11 May 2015

My weekend recount

In the weekend I went to watch "pitch perfect 2" in the cinemas, in town on Sunday afternoon at 4.30pm. This was a mothers day gift for my mum but the only thing that wasn't right is that we forgot to invite my cousins and that. But we didn't really mind because that means that we get to eat all the goodies for ourselves. I hate the parts of the movie when they fight, smooch, and other things like that but I enjoyed the rest of it. 

After the movies we went to bowling and that is when we brought my mum her presents, well that's when we gave it to her. The present that we gave to my mum was a big picture frame with everyone in it (me my sisters, my mum and dad, and my pet dog) 2 boxes of favorites, a card, loom bands, a diary and a mickey mouse pen, and burger king after bowling. I enjoyed mothers day so much and I know she did too.

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