Thursday, 28 March 2013

The seed movie

The Seeds from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Anatoki Hinaki

Hinaki (part 2) School Journal Library

Does the author Agree or Disagree?

Where in the text is the proof for this?

The Maori word for eel is tuna.
        page 2:
Eels live in sea water.
         page  5:
The eel net is made of wire.
         page 5.
Eels can smell meat.
         page 11.
Eels are slimey.
         page 11.
It can be dangerous gutting an eel.
         page 12.
Eels taste nicer if the blood is left in.
         page 11:
Petrol burns in the smoker to cook the eel.
       page 14.
Eels can’t swim into the hinaki.
       page 3.    

Mangere pools experiences

After two days of hard working activity we got the final last day to have a rest at Mangere pools. We were feeling really tired but a day under the shade was a great end of camp. The camper’s couldn't have a better end of the camp it was so awesome.

At Mangere pools the first thing we did was watching amazing people have swimming competition in the water. Emmy, Brooklyn and Ariana was representing true crew to win more points. Those three girls were awesome and all the other wonderful children that were having a go at the swimming races.

My favourite part of the day was going on the slide. It was so slippery and deep. When I went down the water splashed into my face. As I was sliding I couldn't control the board so it slipped off my body and I had to go without it.

Miss va'afusuaga brought along some rolls and chocolate cake for lunch. When I had the first bite of the roll I couldn’t taste the chicken and tomatoes. As I had the first bite it just had that beautiful taste yummy let’s just say delicious. But did she buy or make it!                                  UM!

Testing omaru creek for-colour

What sort of colour is in the water it is a greenly and yellowish colour.
Comparing different water samples and describing the colour.
Two buckets, 4 jars, 2 strings and four different kinds of coloured water.

The tap water is clean and culvert as well but the bridge water has little bits in side and sticky too.
I think this because of the sea water is clear because of the ma-grow it clean it

Results of my tests

Sea Water
The sea water was cloudy like the clouds in the sky
Tap water
The tap water was transparent because it is clean
Omaru Creek water by culvert
The Oumaru Creeks water was brown
Omaru Creek water by bridge
The bridge water was clear

I really think that the sea water was cloudy because of the sult I found out that the tap water transparent.
I just found out that Omaru Creeks was not yak it just had this floating things around it

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Testing for turbidity at omaru creek

Testing turbidity at omaru creek

I am going to find out about the turbidity, and how bad it is at omaru creek.

I am going to test this by getting 4 emptied jars and to fill it up with the culvert water, bridge water and the dam water .

The Resources and equipment that you will need is 4 jars, 2 or more buckets and string as well.

I predict that the catfish dies immediately and if you catch a catfish in the water, there is one step that you have to do and that is to never stick it back in the water alive you must kill it immediately.

I think this because catfish is a really dangerous fish, and it can come out of the water, and wriggles it self out of the water, and go somewhere else and eat more insects, and they can hold their breath longer than you can imagine.

Why I think this is embarrassing because our school has been played by people who think it is ok to chuck their clothing and rubbish in our creek but we are so lucky to have a rubbish catcher to catch all that rubbish in the culvert part.

Results of my tests

Sea Water
22,15 I think that because it is not really that clear and it has little bits in side of the jar.
Tap water
13 I only had a look because it looked so easy to look at instead of 23.
Omaru Creek water by culvert
I couldn’t think that the culvert water was the cleanest of them all.
Omaru Creek water by bridge
I could see a lot of the dam water but no numbers at all

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Testing omaru creek for- smell

I am going to find out what sort of smell of the water from omaru creek. I am going to test this by the smell that I think the culvert water was musty and rubbery foul. The resources and equipment that you will need is 4 emptied jars, 2 buckets, strings and 4 different sorts and kinds of water from omaru creek. I predict that the water has nasty green and yellow sorts of smell near the rubbery culvert. I think this because the culvert has bits of rubber and tar, body odour.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Concert Movie

I was so sad when the gaggers said that the true crew came last we all got a big shock and we were so awkwardness.

True Crew 2013 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Talofa Lava as you can see there is two pictures all about the eels article.

We have been reading an article about how to catch eels with a hinaki. This is a net made of wire netting that traps the eel inside. Here is a diagram to show you how it works.

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Have you ever done a test before? Room 17 my literesty class had testing in the elearning room and music room. Every practice questions were easy but the real one was hard, because there was like 37 questions to do. I was scared.