Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Banana podding

On a Tuesday afternoon me and my class got to make banana podding it tasted delightful.

Learning reflection

Date: Tuesday 17th of December 2012

My favorite subject that I have done this year is maths because you can learn more like jumping the number line. The subject that I did not do well this year is reading because I had to stay in the same group this entire year. I manage my time wisely because I finish my task on time and put it in the conferencing doc which is amazing to me.

“I got golden time this entire year because” like I said I use my time wisely do you?. Next year my new favourite subject will be every thing and steel put everything on my conferencing doc.



On a hot Monday morning after I had my breakfast I forgot all about school. So at 7:30 my mum couldn’t make it to the gas station because it was too far. Then it was 8:37 and the first bell rang at school and I had no lunch and I had no uniform for me to get changed in.

When we got to the gas station we paid for it but then it was 11:00 and we were late, late, late. I felt really guilty and terrified and I said secretly in my head that I did not deserve that certificate at prize giving. Then we went home and had lunch it was so boring and I had no friends to play with.

At  2:00 O’clock I went to school but everybody was ready to go home so we went home as well. So me and my sister opened our presents and we both got rollerblades. When I was riding my christmas rollerblades, I went down the hill I tried to brake but then, I fell into the fence and fell straight to the ground.

Next year for christmas I would like to get a scooter or even a mountain bike! Thank you mum and dad. I would not like to fall down and have lots of blood coming out of my leg that’s why I got a bandage and my leg.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Lizara wings Anamaition

Hello my name is lizara and this is my imovie hope you enjoy it by lizara in room 14 2012.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Don't add subtract

This is about as girl me lizara learning how to don't add subtract hope you enjoy it.

Don't add subtract

This is about me lizara learning how to don't add subtract hope you enjoy.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Net book reflection 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

When I did not have a netbook and I had to write with pens and pencils, it gave me a sore hand and a got tired and sick of it, but it was just working fine for some other people. Then my teacher had to always go home or stay at school looking at each book to see if it had punctuation and the paragraph lengths.
Now that I have a netbook it is really fun because you get to create things on google docs. Some of the year fives to eights have netbooks. And do you know what is cool? some people get to take their netbooks home if there mum, dad or caregiver does there netbook course.

The things that frustrates me most of the time, my internet seems to not work which gives me a headache. Plus I can not finish my work on time, and have free time on friday, until the weekends. Sometimes my mouse is frozen and it runs out of battery and shuts down by itself.

The good things about having a netbook is that you know where you have saved your things. Most of the time my work is fantastic. My new netbook is brilliant because you have gmail, google docs and create things as well.

Next year I really hope I get to take my netbook home if my mum or dad does my course. I hope my new teacher or the same teacher gets to take a break and rest. By the way it counts to each and one of the teachers.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

On a Thursday night at pt England the year 5, 6, 7 and 8 had a disco in the hall it was a lot of excitement, that you could begin to imagine. When I got there there will be teachers to take your ticket or money. The disco started at and, it finishes at but, it will be better if it finished at, but it was better then nothing.

The Disco costed $5 dollars but it is fair enough because it included a sausage sizzle and a drink. In the hall it was really dark, and interesting there were different kinds of colours on the lights hanging on the ceiling, and people wearing fancy dresses. When we were in inside the hall some helpers gave us lollipops, and special treats for the best dancers.

Plus you could get glow sticks in the disco or when you get your sausage sizzle and drink. You could win prizes for the best dances, and you win chocolates, movie tickets and a free cheeseburger tickets as well. My friend Rebekah made it in the cat daddy competition boys versus girls it was amazing.

My favourite dance move was the cat daddy, the dougie, gangnam style and the limbo that was the funniest one. Next time I would like it to happen the way it did on Thursday, but just to stay there a little bit longer. I would wish if we could win bigger or the same prizes again next year.

Feathery Friends

This book is all about six birds that have different designed feet and it is about a rat in the as well. A work really loves rats and rats like to tease the work when it is far away in the sky but when it comes closer the rats runs and hides in side of its tiny whole and it never came for a really, really long time.

E.g a parrots loves its own feet because it is well designed. Parrots are some time funny because it likes grasping onto branches up side down.. It just like it the way it was before.

As a matter of fact ducks have feet that webbed together so they are just for swimming in side the water. Ducks are really good swimmers in the water because there feet are really stylish. Most ducks have names when people sometimes buy them it is really funny but this duck is named Darlene.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Jumping number lines two

              This is all about me lizara learning how to make the proper intro deucing maths strategy.