Friday, 29 May 2015

Tinkering Tools & Toys

Today our year 7 and 8 zeal zone group, have been focusing on doing and thinking about better things that we can do, change, create and design around Pt England school. So we got switched into groups or 5-6 people and then think and brain storm about the things that we changed and do around our school. Me and my group have decided to do a arcade room near the dentist/reserve. 

The firs thing that we had to do was get into our groups of 5 or 6 and start thinking about naming our group, and putting down some ideas of what we can do around the school in the Tinkering tools & toys presentation. Our team name is "the chicken wings crew". A while later, after morning tea we lined up outside of our class room and went for a walk around the school to see the places where we can put our buildings. 

Me, Quasia, Rebekah, Moa, Keis, and Puawai had 10 good ideas and another 10 amazing ideas which were........
  • Art work all around the school
  • pictures of all the students and teachers outside their classes
  • Music class
  • Dance studio
  • Students kitchen room
  • Camping area + extras
  • Water slide
  • Art work
  • cleaner benchers
  • Painting the walls - outside of each classroom
  • Chairs on the field for people/visitors to watch the games that are held on the field.
  • And......
  • Pool - dug under ground
  • Arcade
  • Museum - Technology inside a room
  • Sick bay - in one of the extra classrooms at the end of
  • the courts:23
  • Photography room
  • Gardens in each blank space
  • Walk way - near the Yr5-6 space
  • Chocolate fountains 
  • Vending machine - in the arcade room
  • Special Room - 
  • Halloween Room - scary room

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