Saturday, 27 July 2013

A easy way to solve division problems

In term 2 we had been learning how to solve problems by using our place value's with Mr Somerville.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

In the holidays

On the last day of school my best friend had to leave our school and move house so her and her sister went to a different school. When they left to another school it got borring and there were less girls in the class it was so borring because most of the girls had know one to play with. Al the boys were happy so we dsighded to have a shared lunch on the last day of school to celebrate for my friend's last day but the only thing that was borring was that they had to leave Pt Enfland.

The next day was holiday Mr Burt was telling the school that there was a funky bouny castle going on in G.I but I wans'nt allowed to go. So we went to the beach instead and disighded to go next week because my mum said"Its on every saturdays" and it was. Before we went to the beach we went shopping in G.I and once we came home my Nan and cousin arived they were waiting for my aunty Julian, she works so hard.

On sunday my aunty came to pick me and my big sister up for the night, so that my cousins would have some one to play with, but we really didn't won to go she s pretty anoying some times. It was so borring at the time we got there we had nothing to play with but lucky we brang our netbooks she had internet at her house so we started to do our homework well she had to do her homework I had know homework to do it was amazing free time, but then I relized that I had to blog post so I did more homework "DAM IT".

When it was 7.30 I remembered that X FACTOR was on so me and my sister went up stairs and watched it was amazing there all great singers. My sister goes for More-House and Whenua Patuwai I do to but mainly Whenua because he is an awesome singer just like More House and the others, it go borring when Gap 5 had to go home, a long time ago. When it got darker we fell asleep my aunty was wondering where me and my sister was she never knew that we went up stairs so she woke us up and we watched another movie and had Ice-cream, pop corn and fizzy drinks it was cool after all pluss I never new that they were watching it in the sitting room.

Once it was morning my mum and dad came to pick me and my sister up from my aunty's house we were ready to go and we said "good by" to uncle, aunty and cousin amba. When we went home we had hot chips and more fizzy I was like yea this is the best holiday ever and my sister was like this is the goodiest holiday ever. We were enjoying our selves I was playing out side with my sisters teaching them how to play net-ball with there friends while my big sister was resting in the room all alone with my uncle who snours a lot when he sleeps ohh I felt so sorry for her so she went in my room and she was cuntherble and she was better so we all played together..

One Day

On Monday morning we had to clean up and get out side to play more games and meet more friends because our old naboured had move house and we had a brand new family next door to my house they were very kind. When they first moved in the house it got boring, but when they started to play outside we met them more, and they kept baking cake and muffins for us. Her son was going to our school and he was in room 14 he was so quite in class and he barely even talks to people know one knew what his voice sounded like. Every lunch time he would go to this girl and say hi, good by, how have you been and she was the only one that he would take to his secret girl friend is in room 13 but know one knows that it was some one in room 13 or room 14 know one knew.

School Holiday

On Sturday afternoon my sister's friends came over to see if she was allowed to go Pt England Beach for a while, so she went with her friends and I went with my friends to the pools next door to my house. While me and Martha my older sister went out with our friends parents my mum and dad took my little sisters to the park and they went shopping. When we finnished swimming my friends mum came to pick us up and we had lunch at her house we had hot chips and pan cakes when we all went home I asked my mum if I could sleep over and mum said "Yes".

The next day my friend cam to pick me up and my sisters friends mum came to pick her up too. When it dark time we went to the movies and watched Camp Rock 1 and Step up 2 that was the best night ever because we got to eat pop corn and drink cocoa cola. After the movies were finnished we went home and had dinner Mc Donald, then we went to bed and had the best night sleep ever.

In the morning we had coco pops for breakfast and then my mum and dad came to pick me up to go home then I said"that was the best sleep over ever" and I said"thank you very much see you next time". Before we went home we had lunch and then we went to pick up my sister from her friends house and then we all went home together. Me and my sister had the best day and night of our life we also went to the super murket and brought more goodies yummy.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Baking time

Today my literacy class got to make savory muffins with Mr Marks in the staff room. Mr Marks said “ I would only work with one group at a time” so he let us stay go on free time while he was getting the ingredients. Today was the best day of my life because it was the last day of school until term 3 and we got to make savory muffins for my best friend because its her last day at this school.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Ozone Hole

This here is a little presentation about The Ozone Hole I really hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Paper, Scissors, Rock

Here is a chart that I have created with my friends this afternoon. We got to play rock,paper,scissors we had to do this because we were learning about chance and probability. This was made by me, Kevine and Sela.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Antarctica Movie

Hope you enjoy my Antarctica movie please leave feed back on my blog thank you and have a nice day today.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Time At School

My time at school has been wonderful because I had all ways wished to be in Mr Somerville's class and I actually went into his class room as his student I was so surprised and happy. I only wanted Mr Somerville as my teacher because he lets his class play sports out side and film most of the time. When we be good he would play music but only if we are quite and he can focus on his important work.

This year I have become a year 6 student and I have a lot of friends and Mr S, Mr Marks and Mrs Garden has decided to work all together as best mates I think. Every morning we our teacher would mark the roll and then him or she would tell us to go to out literacy class. After morning tea time we would take our shoes of off and go into our maths class and have a lot more fun.

My goal this year is to be nice and respectful to one another, stay out of trouble and listen to what I get told to do and do it straight away. I would all ways do what I am told and try to win more prizes then any one ell's. Stay in the right place at the right time with the right attitude and I would really love to stay with Mr Somerville if I don't I would try and to not moan a lot.

Little Lunch Five

 Title: Little Lunch

Author: Danny Katz and Mitch Vane

Characters (Manny, Max, Elsa, Melanie Applebum, Rory, Mrs Gonsha, Atticus Busby, Battie, Amba, Debra-Jo- Woo and Tamara Noodle):

Setting (This story was set at school and when Rory walked up to the portable classroom to have a closer peek and he licked the walls because he really loved the brown walls he said that they taste like brownie paint.):

What was the problem? Mrs Gordon was scared of caterpillars.

What was the solution? All the kids helped her stop being scared.

Was there a plot twist? No plot twist in this story

My favourite part of the book was? My favourite part of this story was when Mrs Gordon was scared of little tiny Caterpillars.

If I could change the ending it would end like this? When they all met at school the next day they had a party in the hall and lived happily and their was no caterpillars to be ever seen again.THE END.

Would I read this book again? I would read this book again but I would have to do it in my free time so that I could finish the rest of my work.

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint)

This book that I have been reading was all about sacredness and licking brown walls anyway it was so hilarious and funny and if you were me I would definitely read this book again hope you enjoyed this reading task I have completed please leave a comment thank you for visiting my blog.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Kelly Tarltons

Have you ever been to Kelly Tarltons before, well me and team 4 has been invited to Kelly Tarlton's to investigate more about Antarctica. When the first bell rang we had to race to class put our net-books in to our net-book bag and then we had to get into a pair of two and use one bag only so we had to put our net-book and paly lunch in that one bag it was frustrating. Then we had to go to the hall and check the roll and then check if every one that paid was together so that know one got left behind.

When it was 08:45 we got into the bus and some kids in the bus was singing, being so noisy and the year 5 was just like me when I was their age, ,gosh. When we finally got to Kelly Tarltons room sixteen and room thirteen came with us, we were talking to this laddie she was really, really nice. She was telling us all about what men and woman wear to Antarctica, when she got to the part when she said that Mr Somerville and Mrs Lavakula had to pick one person from each class the volunteers was Rebekah from room sixteen and Promise from room thirteen.

My best part was to see all the animals like penguins, sharks and the best one of all was to see a sting ray in real life ha-ha I bate my sister she thought that she could see one way before but actually she got it wrong um oh and when you go further you would have to take a picture first then see this daisy,  Raise, Crazy thing and you might get butterflies in you stomachs. When you visit this place you would notice that you would go through this enter door and come out the other side and come out of the exit door. All the things that you have seen you wouldn't believe me but you have been under ground how scary is that, ( VERY SCARY).