Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Spend Share & Save

For our Inquiry task that we have started today, is all about how we can be financially responsible with money. Being financially responsible with money is like being on a budget, or saving up money. So my question from me to you is, how can we all be financially responsible with money.

Our last Netball game for 2015

The Phone call - Concept Circle

For our reading assignment that we have been working on today. Is writing key words from out of our text and putting them into our concept circle. This is the link to the text called "The phone call". Let's see if you can find some other key words in the text, compared to the words that I have found!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Writing Explanation Presentation

Writing Explanation

How can we prevent ourselves from getting sick? Well firstly stopping something from happening before it even starts is a hard thing to prevent because you never know if it is going to come or go. So the first thing I would do is keep clean. Keeping clean is just like washing yourself after you touch, smell, do, or even think about doing something, Like for example I always wash my hands longer than 1 minutes just to get all the germs out of my system.

If you are wanting some tips about how to block germs from coming to you so you won’t get sick. So if for example you touch a dirty napkin that you thought was clean because it was in the clean basket, then don’t just wipe it on another clothing material go to the bathroom and wash your hands. Another thing before you start cooking or eating wash your hands especially if you just finished playing outside, because you will only be passing on your germs to another person who is in the same environment as you.

Stay away from people that are sick or are getting sick. Because a little kiss on the forehead, or cheek, is a nice thing to do but you just may catch what they caught as well. “Oh” and if you are still in school, kindergarten, college, high school, or in University, and you take lunch with you please take my advice. Don’t eat other peoples food besides your own because you never know what could be in it or if you are allergic to it but you know you’re not. Because some people get very sick and they even have a chance of dying from other peoples food even a close friend, because suspecting that someone so close to you wouldn’t do that well it just might.

This one is way worse than the other sicknesses, it’s your skin problems. If you have eczema and you have dry skin don’t wash it off by using water and soap because that just causes your skin to dry up more and you eczema may get worse  and turn into scars, sores, and or they might even peal of your skin. So see a doctor for all of these cares of your sickness because one little cough can make your heart pound harder and all it wants it a doctor. Nothing else, because you’re medicine might change from an expert's advice.
Keeping warm is one of another way to prevent yourself from getting sick. Lastly if you are in the season of Winter and you are getting the flu, sick, and a runny nose. Then to prevent yourself from getting worse is by keeping warm with a warm blanket, the heater on, a warm pillow to lie on and sitting in the lounge or room with your family so that you know that you are safe and you won’t have to get up to get anything. Keeping warm is one of the most important things to suggest in terms of catching pneumonia, so just wrap yourself with a warm blanket, even though you may not be cold. And wearing warm clothing, close all your windows, doors, and vents in your house.

Something that can help you from getting sick is being able to eat healthy food. Some of the ways from preventing yourself from getting sick is firstly drinking a lot of fluid, eating vegetables, fruit, and most of all taking your medication medicine to help yourself to get well soon. For example I had the exact same sickness when I was in year 6 and I had to stay home from school for at least 1-2 weeks. It was boring but I learnt from it that healing sickness does take time and I had to drink and swallow all sorts of medication things that tasted disgusting but I got better so fast. But to you may not seem fast for 1-2 weeks but to me it felt as if it was only 1 day, you won’t have as much fun but you will learn from it.

So all I am trying to say here is that problems like this can lead to cancer, leading you to hospital, and a chance of dying. So just keep clean, wash you hands every 10 times a day, nah just kidding but at least wash your hands 6 or 7 times a day. Even if you have a little cough, runny nose, or a saw leg, saw arm, saw ears, and if you think you have sickness problems. See a doctor even if it is the closest medical centre near by.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Maths Assignment 2015

For our maths assignment today we have been doing our correct costs. We were focusing on count down and the cost. We were doing the capsicums and finding the difference between the actual count down price and between my one. Which one do you like best?

My Mongooses Assignment

Monday, 17 August 2015

Telling Time

Our math task that we are focusing on is "telling time". All we had to do is go on this website called Primary clock. The steps was to take a screen shot of the time after pressing the hand. And put the picture into our presentation and writing down the time. If you would like to give it a go then click on the link and make your own presentation and follow the examples that I have already done.

Book Review - Dog Tales

Text of the book - Dog Tales
Name of the Author - Jennifer Rowe
Illustrator - Janine Dawson
Anyone else contributing to the text - No
  • How the dogs have been so hilarious for the look of life and how they won an award in winter by Emily Rodda.
My favorite part of the text was when the the Dolan Street dogs saved the world and began in very ordinary ways. And all the animals well pets got very excited and started jumping, hoping, screaming, and throwing things around the pond and park.
  • It is quite awkward because the hens were having a fight about who has to go on the house roof. Just because they were bored and wanted a little fun. But one of the pore little hens ended up getting stuck up the roof and falling down the chimney.
My least favorite part of the story is when Max 1 and Max 2 had always been fighting over the remote to go channel surfing whenever the ads come on. But Barney likes watching the ads on that one channel because the channel surfing made Barneys head dizzy. And whenever Max 1 and Mac 2 fight over the remote they end up pressing the buttons to hard and one of them end up making their paws stuck into the remote.
  • There were rumours spreading around in Dolan Street by the flying birds all around the neighborhood.
The rating score that I would give this book is a well earned score of 6. Because the book relates to the title and the Author has done a really good job of adding detail, information and hooking the reader's into her story. But it needs a little bit more action and stick to one main purpose or idea. But this story deserves a 6/10.
  • Scruffy the dog wandered around the house trying to find out what to do for the day but unable to relax.
This is Jennifer Rowe.
  • But my most favorite part of the story is when the Author explains how the haunting Dolan Street pets don’t go into their cars every sixth or seventh day, instead they just stay at home cleaning around the house!
Screenshot 2015-08-17 at 10.22.07 AM.pngThe reason why I chose to draw a dog off the front page of the story, is because the dogs relate to the story more than the other pets and people in this text.

Friday, 14 August 2015

My brand knew band Poster - Tech

What is the Cost?

Today for our Inquiry task we had to focus on getting our "Moving out" activity published and onto our blogs by "Monday" next week. But I had finished off all my work early so I had more time to finish of my activity then when it is expected to be finished. So this is all about things that I would need in a "sitting room - lounge and what we need in our room - bedroom". I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Our brand knew 3D Printer for Pt England School

Hi everyone, this is just a heads up on what Pt England school has earned or well have now. We have a brand knew "3D printer" that we are finding out about it. Iisa, Liku, Jordan and Erick presenting to us with the amazing men that are up their with them. Telling us how and where it is invented and why we have it at our school. We the reason why we got a "3D printer" for our school is because we just wanted to try it out and see what it would be like to bring our imagination to life. And well done to these boys who have offered to be our "3D printer" boys to express the feeling of setting up the "3D printer" and getting to know more about it, even before we have.

Galloping Greyhounds

Galloping Greyhounds:
If Flash comes first Phil gets 3/5 of the prize pool, if he comes second Phil gets 1/4 of the prize pool.  - So if their is 3/5 and if I change it, it would be 12/20 which is still the same amount, and this is the amount that I would start with.
  1. The rest of the prize pool goes to the third place. How much is this? 2/3 of the prize pool.

  1. For the following prize pools, how much would the greyhounds that come first, second, and third each earn for their owners?
  • $600
  • $750 - Third Place
  • $900 - Second Place
  • $1,900  - First Place
  • $2,500

  1. The owner of a placed greyhound gives the trainer 10 percent of his prize money. Flash comes first in an $800 race.
  • a. How much does Phil give the trainer? 10 percent of his prize money.
  • b. What fraction of the total prize pool is this? 3/5 for who ever comes first - 1/4 for who comes second - & 2/3 of the prize money for who ever comes third.

What fraction of the total prize pool does Phil give the trainer when Flash comes: 3/5 + 1/4 + 2/3 = 7/2 fractions of the prize money

Year 8's Project

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Financially Responsible Movie

Netball Game for Week 4

For our netball game that we had played last night (Tuesday the 11th of August) was an awesome game. Because event though half of the team was tired and had sore legs, and then after that game that we would have to play the next morning they would have to go to the netball tournament mixed team. Lucky I wasn't them because I was so tired that night and I was playing WD for the first 2/4 of the game and C for the 3/4 of the game. So me and my team mates put a lot of effort in that game as our vice captain "Leila" was ill in the hospital because she had something wrong with her leg. So we won that game particularly for her and won by 26/11 to Pt England school Red Lighting. And our player of the day was "Quasia" I really think she earned it because she played a full game of WA and kept intercepting and getting our ball back. So congratulations to you "Quasia". And I can not wait until our next game as we only have 2 games left for the season. We had to play the best that we have ever played because their scouts their watching our games for scholarships for college.

Best Friends for 2014

Ratio Practice

This maths situation that is above my writing, is all about how I use "ratios" in my problem solving's. If you don't know what "ratios" even are then on the 2nd slide of this presentation has a short film about what "ratios" are. And I hope you learn more about "ratios" if you haven't heard about it before, and enjoy the rest of my blog.


Kevlar has recently taken over asbestos, and their for naturally occurring to materiel and it's resistance to fire. Did you know that asbestos can resist to temperatures over about 1000 (one thousand) degrees Fahrenheit? And it's discovery compared to Kevlar have caused destruction for cancer, and other serious health problems. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Netball for w

For our netball game that we had not so recently, we versed a mixed team of girls and boys. I wasn't expecting to be going against boys but I realized that we might have a better chance of winning but we ended up wining. Because the first second we started they started to "make us angry" because they did a lot of contact, obstruction and stepping," which made us very upset. We just played the game as their was know tomorrow and we pretended to picture them as girls just playing netball. So we were hoping to get our 3 goals back into that hoop but we didn't. I mean we did a pretty good job especially going against 3 boys and 4 girls. And our total score turn out to be 10/13 to "Kohi Marama" which was the name of the team that we were playing against. But they only played one game that day and we had to play in the tournament on that day for netball as well, we played 7 games in the tournament I think and then we had to play 1 last game at 5.05. Unless we lost by 3 and they only played 1 game, I am so proud of all of us.

PES - Blog Commenting

Carnivorous Plants

My brand knew super hero - Girl type

This is my other brand knew super hero that I have created on this website right Super Hero Creating and I love creating brand knew things. My super hero's name is "Ochraist"and the reason why I called her this because she had the temper of an ochar and its personality, breathing under water even with fire, anything fares her. And she created fire she is also able to fly in space and breath with out oxygen in her system. And it is the exact same place where I created the other super hero below this post. Hopefully you will spend your spare time making a super hero of your own......

My made Super Hero - Boy Type

This is my super hero that I have created through the last few weeks and I am proud to call him my undercover super hero. His name is "Ghost Viper" and he has a sci-kick but mainly would call him his brother. His magic powers is invisibility, he is very kind because he is a good guy not on the bad side, he is half magi-shine and he also can control the weather in his hands. But best of all any thing that he thinks of it would come true. For example he would be thinking of having 300000 bullets shooting in less than 10 seconds, and "waabamm" his wish is his command. He is the best hero that has been created in century's no offence flash, arrow, super man, but you guys all rock because you are all our hero's even though you want to be the best. You are all "Family. But you all "Rock" in so many incredible ways, honestly its true. I wish you were all real because that would be a dream come true.....

My brand knew band Poster - Tech

This band poster expresses my favorite band in the entire world. And the reason why I picked this particular band among all those amazing other pop, jazzy, bands is because they have amazing sounds developing peoples futures. Besides their young, hand sum you gotta say and they know how to impress people as well. But they sing their songs like theirs know tomorrow.......

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Metal Detectors

Writing Explanation - How can we save money?

How can we save money? Well saving up money is a hard thing to do especially if you have no job and to many kids in the house. But their is always a solution to a serious problem like this, for example! If you don’t buy expensive things, spend all your hard working money in one day and spending your money on silly things that you don’t even need! That’s why there’s a thing called keeping it to the budget.

Parents in our days always go to a job interview to try and get them a well earn job so that they can earn money for their family and the house bills. There’s so many ways of saving up money like giving the money back to your parents if they give you pocket money or if you take it then hiding your money in your piggy bank and then giving the rest of the money to your parents when they are on a budget and don’t have any money left for food.

Some people are lucky and some people are not? What I am trying to say here is the word ‘gambling’. Gambling is a fear shot of trying to win some money but in our days it doesn’t really work out as well as we hoped it would. But unless everyone gives it a try to saving up money because it isn’t an easy thing to do especially on a budget.

Seat Belt