Friday, 4 December 2015

Yanomami People

My Family Quotes


This is my quote for 2015 and I really hope you enjoy reading it as everything it says is true. This quote has helped me through things especially since my family has always been their for me but also because it will help you too. If you are in a bad time. Enjoy it while you can!

Decimals To Percents

This is my maths assignment for W8-T4. And I hope you enjoy it. It shows how I solved little problems like changing a decimal into a percent a per hundred. 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Fractions to Percent

This presentation expresses how good I am at fractions to percents. because earlier this year I didn't even know what percent is but now I do which is per hundred or per century. I have learnt so much more from this site and I hope you do too, but only if you don't know what it is.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Our Cardboard Expedition

Have you ever experienced the brand new cardboard expedition before? Well just recently we had two wonderful gentlemen come to our school to show us what cool things we can do with it. The way they made it was obviously just get the box and transform it into a box that can be turned into a 3D box, and then pop in your smartphone and hop on the site and began the fun. “Mr Clark” did a show and tell about what we should do with it, just to keep it clean and make sure it doesn’t break and restarts.

But as soon as you look into the cardboard expedition, they put 3D goggles inside so that it would look realistic and way more exciting. So before we got to begin the excitement we had to listen to “Mrs Tele'a, and “Mr Clark” about the rules and how to hold it once the teachers pause the screen. And when we finish watching the 3D screen it will say “paused by teacher” and then they will ask us 3 interesting questions about who was in their? What kinds of creatures and animals were in the picture? And where were we (what country, city, or island) exactly?

We put the 3D cardboard on and explored the wonderful things around the world. The first place that we explored was the rain forest and it was so cool because it actually felt like I was there but I wasn’t if only the people, animals, and sky was able to move on the screen. This was my favorite place out of the other 10 places we visited because it felt calm, secured, and most of all the animals, insects and creatures in the rain forest we’re enjoying the quietness.

Oh I forgot! Once we visit the place that is on the screen we have to try and find an animal in the screen, guess which place we are and what season we are in. So as soon as we finish visiting that place they asked all of us those questions and I didn't actually guess I already knew that it was the rain forest because it was the look and the feel that told me it was the rain forest. But I didn’t quite know what season we were in and where the insect was.

I really hope we get to do this again because I really enjoyed and know that everyone else did. Because visiting places like that especially when it feels realistic can be very nice. Like Seeing people who have never seen before, spotting different things in the world that we have never noticed before, locating the places. And the cold blooded motions the change every 2 seconds maybe more. This was the best experience for the week!