Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Designing paterns:

Room one decided to go to new town to learn about shapes and make sand casting. The word identical means that it is the same thing like a book. They were learning about spirals, koru patterns, fish hooks and other designs.

Friday, 19 October 2012

A day care center for mice

My narrative writing:

As you can see there is a picture of Pt England shops and cars, trucks and some other people.
Start your writing here:

On a summer day a girl named Emma was walking across the round when the light was red so she can buy her a ice blocks because it was a really hot day. Then she bade for it and said thank you very much for the ice block then she ate it on the seat out side of the shops.

When the girl was eating her ice-block a angry boy came over and pushed the girl and the girls ice block dropped on the ground so the girl started crying. The boy did not say sorry and apologised to the girl.

Then the girl called the cops and said kwik, kwik come somebody is trying to kidnap me then the cops arrived and said why are you giving this poor girl a fight you have been arrested.

The little girl got two dollars from the police so she could buy her another ice-block and the girl was ea5ing her ice-block while skipping all the way home glad and happy and she lived happily ever after.

The end:

Adding in parts:

 As you can see I have done a maths project on the top of my little 
  summery This maths thing is all about subtracting in parts.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Holiday Highlight

In my holiday highlight I went to Rotorua for a week I felt really excited. We left at night time, at 7.30 pm and my Mum and Dad was taking turns driving. As soon as we got there my Mum and Dad took a break when we got to my auntie’s house.

When it was morning time we went to pick up my cousins to go to rainbow springs. While the children’s were at rainbow springs the adults were making a birthday party for my cousin Dontay. My Mum and Auntie came to pick us up on a van then they took us home for lunch and goodie’s.

On Friday it was time to go home and have a lot fun riding and singing in the car on our way home. When we got up to the bridge we had a little break and went to the toilet and played on the park but my Mum and Dad was sleeping. We were glad we came home because we can sleep in our own beds watch television and play our pet dog niggers home sweet home.

At rainbow springs there was Roller coasters, Kiwis, Merry-go-round. We saw People riding on them it looked really cool so we had as go at riding the merry-go-round and he other things. People screaming and laughing to much and crying as well