Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Technology At World War 1.

In our class 4 numeracy class we were focusing on what and how people did in world war 1 and 2. Today we started of with world war 1 and it all started by watching a short video clip. In world war 1 I learned that they didn't only come out of the war harmed and broken they also come out with dignity and had a more perspective way of things. 

The technology things that were used in war that couldn't harm anyone was air mask, air planes, helicopters, cars, and all sorts of other things. If the German people went back to war 
in 1914-1918 then they could of won and, they also
could of all made it out alive. But the only thing that stop them from doing that was there pride (thinking that they were all that). 

The world war 1 and 2 is called the "Global Conflict".  The scientific people made gas that people could from by not having something like a gas make to stop them from dying. So the sad thing that happened is that the German people didn't have gas mask to protect them. The way they can die is how the gas goes through them, and when it does the gas turns into liquid that goes through there heart/lungs and it contains them to die from the inside to there outside.

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