Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Last day at Pt England School for the yr 8 students

On the very last day of school we just enjoyed the last moments that we will have together with the year 8’s and hopefully we will have know down times. So we had an Immersion Assembly together at the second bell which was 8.50am. Shared our last certificates out to every body and and also said our good byes and farewells to all the teachers who will be leaving our school. Most of them are retiring, they already have another job, or they are just going over sea’s to see their family.

A couple mintues and hours later we all went back to our classes and moved furniture around and helped other junior classes. It wasn’t really a good day to end school because it was raining really badly oudside. The least I could say is that we will have fun and the weather will not disterbe us when we are playing, cleaning, singing, dancing and doing a whole heap of cools things, especially on the last day.

So my class “class 4” just moved all the furniture out of the way and just had fun. We made video stars, watched funny and cool movies, sang songs together, danced together and had fun together “just like our Pt England family would do”. Me and my friends didn’t stay at class for half of the morning block, we went of to help other classes take pictures of fthe walls, move furniture around to the right palces and just went back to class at half time.

Saddly after a while we realized that the time went pass fast, and it only felt like a bursting wind went straight past  cbour eye’s. It got quite no one talked except for the school bell ringing and heading of to class. We lined up and took our seats in the hall and waited for Mr Burt to say the Korero.

we said “our farewells and good buy’s to our yr 8 students, and wish them good luck for college next year”. We didn’t really want any of them to leave but they had to go, but the best thing is that they will always visit us and we will see them time by time juring the holidays. We gave them all huge cuddly hugs and hand shakes to show them that we love them and we will miss them. They cried a litle bit and showed us their Christmas talents throught out the entire time they spent at Pt England School.

My best friends birthday

On Friday the 19 of December, an hour after school finished. I had a chance to have a sleep over at my friends house and her name is “Ashlee”. First of all we went to my house to pick up my clothes for the sleep over, then my mum took us for a ride to Pak’n’save to buy us some snacks and then I said good bye family I will see you all tommorow I love 

A while after we finished buying some snacks something really ugly and terribly happened, “sadly it started to poor down with rain and lighting (thunder) came down from the sky. So we had to take the bus instead of the train because we wouldnt be able to make it to the other side.

We made it to her house and we were just on time because her mum and dad made it home about 10 minutes before us and dinner was already finsish. We told them about our last day at school and after school, but while waiting we had dinner and watched movies. Her mum, dad, little brother “Conna” and her nan were their, but her mum and dad had to go and get christmas shopping. I think they got it that day I came because it will keep Ashlee from asking to see the presents! “Shhh”.

We watched a horror movie along with a dancing program as well, and we made us these things that the year 8 students got o make at their camp. Which was these “mashmollows and thin buiskits all together” so first of all (do you know how people frie their mashmollows over the fire outside) well we did that, but her nan was their to light the fire and watch us. Then we went inside and used the thin buiskits as our sandwich and put one mashmollow in between the thin buiskits.

The next day after that her mums best friend “Suzie” came over to her house in the morning to pick us up and take us over to Sylvia Park. Once we got their we realized that we forgot the money at home but “Ashlee” thought that she might’ve droped in Sylvia. So we trained all the way back to Glenn Innes to tell her aunty what happened and her aunty handed her $3.00 for our train back to Meadobank. Quess what the money was safely under her pollow in her nans pearse that her nan let her borrow. So we used that money to get us back to her aunties house then had lunch before we left.

A nice day at the Pools

On Monday 3 days before Christmas we decided to enjoy a nice hot day at the pools in Panmure. Before we made our way to the pools we packed us some togs, towels, spare clothes for after the pools and made us some lunch. On our way to the pools we brought us some drinks and chicken'n'chips before we headed in the pools. We ate outside the pools underneath the tree in the shade and settled our stomach before going inside.

The good thing was that it was closer to my dads work and their water slide but you had to pay for the bands to get in and the pools were for free. So we paid for our bands to get into the water-slide and headed on in. When we made our way in with our bands we noticed that my nanny, uncle's, aunties and cousin were all their as well. The only ones that weren't swimming was my older sister "Martha and my mum". But unless we all enjoyed a good day at the pools with the family their.

After a while I saw a couple of friends that comes to my school, and most of all my best friend was their. I got a little bored but luckily my best friend "Mary, Stacey her sister, cousin and her auntie" come along. We enjoyed the day they brought them selves some bands as well and come into the slide with me, because their was a lot of little and big boys and girls to scared to go down. So we just went for it and had a lot of fun because "why pay for it and not enjoy it".

We played swimming competitions in the big pool, handstands, flips and more bombing. Then we had a snack and settled our stomach for 10 minutes. We had our funny times come back up from when we were at school with the year 8 students. But we were like "oh unless we get to see them now and then in the holidays". So we just spent the rest of the day going up and down for more on the hydra slide. 

After 3 hours or more my dad called on my mums phone and asked us to "pick him up from work". So we had to go besides my sister were getting tiered any ways so, we picked up my dad and went home to have a nice sleep. We enjoyed 3 or more hours at the pools, especially because we got to see each other and not have to wait for next to see each other. We said "good bye and hopefully we will see each other soon".

A day at the beach with my family

On Tuesday me, my mum and my sister's did a spring clean around the house after my mum dropped my dad of to work. Then we cleaned up for 20 minutes and went for a ride some where after we had breakfast. Then my older sisters friend came over to ask if she was aloud to go to the pools again, so she went to the pools and me, my mum and my 3 little sisters went to Mishenbay.

Before we left we had lunch which was 3 boxes of pizza different toppings and hot chips. Then we packed us some drinks and chips for snacks if we get hungry. Played on the park and had a little swim in the water-fountain. After about 40 minutes in the pool they got changed in the changing room then had some chips and drinks. Then had 10 minutes on the park because they got tired and felt like ice-cream.

So we packed up all our things and went into the car, and went of to "MacDonald" to get us some chocolate waffles but my mum wan'ted a frozen coke but sprite instead of coke. But my sisters were asleep so we woke them up and they saw the ice-cream and ate it slowly because if they eat it too fast it will make them get brain freeze. 

Then we made our way home and saw my sister playing with her friend and her mum my sisters friends mum came over to pick her up. Then we all waited in the sitting room or in our own rooms watched movies or read books or played on our net-books, and waited for my dad to ring to say "he needs to be picked up because he is finished work".

Watching a brand knew movie - Moondance Alexandrer

On Monday night we were trying to decided which movie we will be watching. So my dad went into his room and brought out a brand new movie that know one in our family as seen "so this should be interesting". So we sat down and found out what this movie would be like and ate popcorn and drank fizzy along with the movie. The movie was all about this young little girl who was always teased by kids at her school, but she found this mysterious horse that was running around the street by himself. And she decided to be a champion of what she was never thought to be. Her name is "Moondance and her horse is Checkers". 

This story is based on a true story and their real names are called Don Johnson, Kay Panabaker, Lori and Loughlin. She gave us a tip which was "sometimes you have to be different to fit in". Or you can just be yourself and maybe good things will happen but you just have to get out their. It is inspired by a true story, and this was a family adventure features an all-star cast.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a time of the year where people get presents ready, cook delicious food for the family, and most of all having a lovely time of a day with your family. Because the next day it will be  the actual Christmas day where people and the kids enjoy opening their beautiful presents and having to see their happy faces when they see there surprise. I just want to wish everyone a lovely time of the year that they had with the family and hopefully you will have another vacation after Christmas. Because Christmas for me is every day, and I love that. Presents and money isn't the entire reason of Christmas it is about Santa Clause and his helpers at the North Pole trying to make kids believe'n Christmas and saving all the children who is on the good list and put the kids from the bad list onto the good list. So that everyone will be able to get Christmas presents and help around the house.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Maori D.L.O - Korero

Kia Ora and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy watching my Maori D.L.O that I have created. Followed by Mary who helped me edit it. Have an awesome day today and enjoy my movie. "Please leave a comment on my blog".

Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Te Tuhi Writing

On Tuesday class 2 and 4 got to go on an exciting trip to the art Gallery. Class 2 had to go in the morning because they didn’t have enough room for 2 classes at one time, so they went in the morning block. My classroom “class 4” went in the afternoon, we were all looking forward to a great time at the art gallery once the bus arrived.

After a while the buses arrived and it was our turn to go to the art gallery. We boarded the bus and we asked the bus driver to pick us up after we were finish. When we made our way into the Te Tuhi art gallery. Then there was a staff member who showed us around the environment.

The helpers name was “Jeremy” and he was happy to take our class and show us the 3 most important patterns that means a lot to them. So he introduced himself to us and lead us to the art room where we will experience the 3 pattern from 3 different countries.

So we did ink painting with pastel and a A4 printed paper. So we had to draw 4 things in 4 boxes about our “family, interest, home, and our culture”. So before we started drawing our designs we had to scrunch up our paper to make it feel like mulberry tree. Then we would have to colour in each box and only the boxes with the pastel. Then after that we had to paint over the entire paper with the ink.

He showed us these 2 different Tapa patterns that come from different Islands which is called “Fiji and Samoa”. Then we had to give our piece of artwork to “Jeremy” and we would let them dry up for the next class.  So we used the other classes artwork and drew our 4 different things about our “family, home, interest and culture” and painted around our drawing with pastel and ink ( 2 with ink and 2 with pastel).

About half an hour later we went over to the water room and watched all the things that people would do in the clips and which one of them have family, home, interest and culture init. We saw one about family, culture and home but not interest. We saw a huge picture on top of a big wall paper which had interest in it and the very last one was about the Mangere bridge and saw the difference of what it looks like now and how it looked like a long time ago.

Then Mary and Lesieli went over to get our artwork from the art gallery room and the rest of the classroom had to wait outside for the bus. While we were waiting we took pictures of the building and all around the environment and discovered that they use a lot of detail in their work and the kids actually love this place. They have enough room for kids to play around and me, Ashlee and Quasia took photos of everything.