Friday, 27 April 2012

Hyper Links!

We are learning to create hyper links.

Here is a link to our class cite.

Here is a link to Maths Whizz.

Here is a link to our school site.

Here is a link to cool maths games.

Here is a link to cooking games.

Paragraph Burger.

Did you know that a burger could help you write a good paragraph?
Do you know how to write you'r first sentence by starting with first and all kind's of orther words.
the next thing you will need is a hook , Introducsion and you will all way's have to use is ful stop's and capital letters.
The most important thing is that you will need to have is one main idear
in each paragraph.
A conclution is all about who,what,where,when,why,how that is the thing's you will need for conclusion.

Monday, 23 April 2012

In the holidays my four aunties came for a visit and my cousins also came as well. I was really excited when they came all the way from rotorua. 

The next day my auntie said that we were going to go to Rainbow's End and my auntie took me and my other four cousins and my sister. When we got there and paid for the rides. We went to the Fear Fall and then we went to the Roller Coaster. My other cousins went to the gold rush which was quite scary but it was really fun.

When my aunties and cousins went back to rotorua my mum wanted me and my sister Martha to go to my nana's house when my mum said that me and my sister got really excited because my nana well let us go with her son and daughter to the park. Then she will give us pocket money for listening and doing what we are told to do that is the reason why she is the best nana I had ever had. When my mum and dad came to pick us up we had breakfast and then my mum told us to pack our clouse and all the other stuff like our shoes and that because it was time to go to my auntie and uncle's house because they wanted as for the weekend it ws cool at my auntie and uncle's house.

On the the last week we went to Point England beach and had a picnic there when we finished eating we went to the pack and some of the children went with my dad for a swim and had a water fight. When we went home my mum said that we had to clean our room up and the the sitty room as well when we finished we got pocket money. then we went to the shop and brought us some goodies and a drink which was delicious.

When we came home my mum said that my aunties,uncles and cousins were going to come to my house for a  sleepover so we can have enough children to play with just so the kids don’t get bored. When it was night time we started to eat all the goodies and drinks while we were watching the movie called imagine that it is all about when the girl goes to this imaginary world. The next day we had to get ready for school before we went to school my mum and dad brought our lunch and morning tea when we finished going to the shop we went to school.  

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Camp Experience

On Wednesday guess what ’happened it was the year 5 and 6 camp. I was so excited because it was my first time going camp this year. 

When the other groups went to go and do their own activities we waited for them to go so we can start our activity.Then our group got to play our game and that first game was is rollerblading and also ping pong. When I finished rollerblading we swapped rotations just like when you change rotations in the classroom.

On Thursday my group got to do camp cooking. The girls got to go with Mrs Jarman and the boys got to go with fire rawin. While the boy were doing their own thing, the girls went to bake some nice cookies for morning tea. The first thing we had to do was washing our hands so germs don't spread around, when we finished washing our hands Mrs Jarman told us to get in groups of twos. When we got in groups of twos we had been given ingredients, a bowl, a spoon, a knife and a fork.

When it was the last day of camp my group had to get in line to do jump jam just to warm everybody up. Then all the teachers told us to get in your own group to have breakfast when we finished doing jump jam. My group had to line up so we can get some points,then Miss Garden told everybody that went camp to get their cups and bowls so they can put their breakfast in the bowl.

My group and the other groups got to go to swimarama. Then the camp groups had to stay with their camp teacher just in case they get lost. My group and the other camp groups was only allowed to swim half of the pool. When it was our turn to go on the hydroslide which was really cool and fun. Then it was time for lunch we got to have milk shakes, pizza bread and we also got to eat rolls.

Finally we went back to school and had a short meeting in the hall. Then we were allowed to go home. I really enjoy camp and I can't wait for next year!