Monday, 29 June 2015

Last netball game for the term

"Awww" I can not believe that it is the last game of the term, and then we will be starting back up next term but only about 5 to 6 more games maybe less. I don't want netball to end just yet because that is one of my favorite sports I like playing at Pt England school, because that is where all my friends go to. I can only play netball with my best friends, because that makes me feel happy and it makes me play like it is the last time I will be playing netball.

So for our last netball game I tried my best to play a position that I have only played once this year, and I am usually on WD or C or WA. The position that I had to play in is GD, but I love playing GD, because I just pretend that GD is WD. I just kept on defending the Goal shooter before she can shoot the goal into the goal hoop. But I am not the only one in the team I have another 8 girls in my group. Our captian Jordenne, our Vise captian Asena, Leila, Kevine, Quasia, Sela, Hannah, Puawai, Lesieli, played in the last game. But Hannah was in Australia and so was Leila but she came back earlier, I hope Hannah, Leila and he family had fun down in Australia. 

We had a good game last week, even for our last game of the term. We were on our last quarter of the game and we were playing like the ball was a gigantic ice-cream that they are trying to steel of us, so that makes up keep going. "Yay" we won by 9 points. I think we did a very good job playing netball that night because everyone played as a team, like a family. And our player of the day was "Jordenne" everyone agree's with that because she played very good even though she kept getting pushed by the other team.

My persuasive writing statement

My statement - Do I “AGREE” or “DISAGREE”...
I think kids should be aloud to play outside a lot longer than the usual time they are given. I also think the teachers should have a little time out for a while so they can get a little fresh air, and the children can give them a kit kat ( a break ). Because the kids get free time way more than the teachers. But that's because the kids need to clean out their heads before getting work, and that is really the only way the kids are able to turn their brains on for class work.

It is aloud that the pupils should be having less play time outside of the classroom and more time learning more about digital life, writing, reading, maths, inquiry, well school work is much important than playing around outside. So I think the teacher’s should make the kids do exercise during the afternoon and maybe in the morning if it isn’t pouring down. And if it is raining really badly then they can do a little warm up dance of “jump jam”.

Or if the teachers don’t want that to happen, then instead of doing exercises then stay in class and do more school work, and less playing outside than 1 hour. The children really do love playing outside but they should really be doing more school work, because probably by the time they go into class their heads will be tired out from all that playing outside. This problem that I can now see, is actually a huge problem if you look into it properly. Because the children aren't learning more than they should be, and by the time they head off to college they would probably only know 3/4 of what the teachers are explaining than what they should be. And it won’t be the student’s fault it will be the teacher’s fault.

So I agree and disagree with the situation that I just read in the text, which is to give the children less play time outside and more learning time during class. And more exercising in class so the kids don’t feel left out on playing outside more often. But I think the only reason why the kids are let out earlier it so that the teachers can finish off their unfinished work, like the children's reports, making them knew assessments, activities, WALT, tasks for them to keep them busy. Because I am in the middle of the situation, because if the children stay in more longer than the teacher’s will be pretty busy, just like the students.

My reading task - Up the pipes

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Maths Progress - W9

For my maths progress for week 9, I still think I am well above but on blue. Because I need to work on more of the things in my maths activities, like my multiplication and finding the perimeter and the area. I can solve my problems with at least 3 equations and with the best one as well. I just hope by the end of the year I can be at the highest level. The purple level is the best and that's where I wan't to be by the end of the year.

Moo-Juicer for 2015

Have you ever been a moo-juicer before, or do you know what a moo-juicer is? Well if you don't know what a moo-juicer is, well it is a group of kids that give out milk to the classes all around the school. The first thing they have to do is to stack up the fridge with milk, and stack up the trolley with milk for the classes. When I say milk I don't mean just one bottle of milk, I mean little cartons of milk but in a box with 24 in each one.

I love being a moo-juicer, because it is fun giving out stuff to the classes and helping out with anything to do around the school. Since it is my last year at Pt England School I would like to enjoy it and also help with anything that is needed. I got into begin a moo-juicer because 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Digitzen T2W9

For our working task today we are focusing on doing a smart person, about the digitzen of our country. The word digitzen has is just a word that is put together by two other important words. Digit- stands for digital and -zen stands for citizen. Citizen is a group of people that are around the country including digital. My project that I have been working on is all about explaining digitzen. The face stands for feelings, the arms stand for electricity, body stands for work, legs stand for stars and my feet stand for my foot prints. Because wherever you park you always leave a footprint.

Maths Assignment - Perimeter and the Area

This maths Assignment that has been given to us, was a good opportunity for us to get better at our maths strategies. Our maths assignment that was given to us was to figure out what a perimeter and the area. Now that I have learnt more about the perimeter and the area and can see a better picture about the difference between the width and the length of the shapes that are given to us in our maths work.  

Monday, 15 June 2015

Reading Organizer - Fair Chocolate

This is my graphic organizer that tells you what I have been listing in my mind about how, who, where, when, and what they have been doing with chocolate. What is the difference between cad-bury and milk chocolate! And how is the machine made, and how to make chocolate.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths Level - Maths Progress

This maths progress chart show's you how far I have gone in my maths work. I was first at the green level which is level 3, the reason why I knew that I was there at the first time is because I had to practice my M.A.D.S more to get to the next level.

And now that I have practice doing them at home and on X-tra maths as well, I knew that when we play the game around the world in times tables. Then I might get a better chance of beating the highest maths champion. So just for now I am going to stay at level 4 and if I don't do well next time we have tests and other things then I can just go back a level.

And the other reason is because I can use more then 3-4 strategies in an equation that is given to me either in a test or just for fun. Solving the solution is the best thing and the easiest thing that I can do.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tech at Tamaki College

At Pt England school for the year 7 and 8 students, we get to go down to tech at Tamaki college on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. The only reason why the year 7 and 8 students are aloud to go down to tech at Tamaki college because they are the eldest students in the school and they are the only children that can be trusted to stay there by themselves. But not only Pt England school gets to go to Tamaki college on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings other schools do to.

The technology things that we get to enjoy doing at Tamaki college is music, cooking, graphics, and hard material. So that means we get to go in one group for each term, or a couple of weeks. I wish I was a year 6 again so I could go down to tech and spend more time there than I already have.

Tech is the best!!!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Writing an Explanation - Why is it important to wash our hands

So for our writing task today we are focusing on writing an explanation about “why is it important to wash our hands. The reason why I have chosen to write about this, is because their is a lot of reasons why people all around the world should wash their hands. The main reason why people should wash their hands is because if they don’t then people around them will catch it and it won’t be nice. So this little thing may sound like it doesn't really matter but it does okay, and this is why........

Why do we need to wash our hands? Well keeping your hands clean is the best way to avoid getting sick and spreading germs that have taken over your hands to other. Many conditions and diseases are spread by if you don’t wash your hands with soap and clean water, it will get worse. This is the most important step that you can possibly take to avoid sickness. Washing your hands is the most bet why to stop germs from taking over, and from you spreading it. Learn how to wash your hands if you don’t know how to yet?

How do we/you wash your/our hands? Well I can tell you the 6 most important and best steps on how to wash your hands. So step 1, wet your hands with warm or even hot water only if you can handle it but don’t use hot water if you can’t so if you're 11 years old up then yes you can use hot water but if not then just use warm water okay. Step 2, the grab a soap any soap will do you don’t need those nice expensive ones because it will be a waste of time. So yep wash you hands with soap for 20-25 seconds. step 3, remember to scrub both side of your hands. Step 4, then rinse your hands thoroughly for 10-15 seconds tops. Step 5, then use a towel to turn off the faucet, particularly in a public bathroom. And last but not least then get a clean towel and dry your hand for about another 15-20 seconds.

Hi audience, how has your reading about my story above been? Was it interesting about the things that you haven’t known before? Well I have one more thing or things to tell you which is the habits and the most important things that you must know about washing hands. Which is......

Practicing good sanitation habits is how your hands are not clean and you have touched your or someone else’s face in public surfaces. Well you may be infecting yourself as well as other people around you because spreading germs and disease may recently survey while 92% of adults in the U.S claimed they regularly wash their hands after and before using the restroom (the toilet), but only 77% of people actually did and do. Colds and flues are one of the infections diarrhea are all known as touching and spread when you contact someone or something and then someone else touches it.

So this is a good point on washing your hands because now you know that if you don’t wash you hands you could have a chance of catching the cold, flu and you could possibly have a rheumatic fever if you don’t see a doctor as soon as you can. Keep yourself and those around you healthy by controlling the spread of germs as well as removing plain dirt, after playing outside, before cooking or touching food, after going to the toilet, after coughing and blowing your nose. All those little things are actually big things.

My reading task - Graphic Organiser

“Wow have you ever seen a little boy from the age of 9, ride a bike for over 3,000 kilometers”. Well if that was me I would be tired and frustrated at the exact same time. The first reason why he continues to keep riding his bike is because that is his future which is to become a  famous and one of the most fastest bike riders in the entire world. He goes to bed early and wakes up pretty early as well just to get his brain turned on and to keep well hydrated for the day and the next day coming.

He eats well which is to eat a lot of healthy fruit, heaps of water and have good breakfast. Because if he doesn't eat and drinks and exercise before riding his bike for about 1,589 kilometers away from home he could past out or even wurst get lost and lose his mind and it might go blurry. So most of the time he remembers to take his phone, extra food and water, and importantly his bike equipment like his helmet.

And some of the time he goes bike riding with his dad and sometimes with his mum as well. He has a lot of responsibility to rely on in bike riding because not even I could do that. So I wouldn't want to be him because that would be a hard thing to do especially being a 9 year old who ride over 3,000 (three thousand) kilometers.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

My maths progress

For our maths class we all have to chose and decided which level are we on by red, orange, green, purple and blue. I have been trying my best to try and get to the highest level in maths, because maths is my favorite subject in school. But just for now I know that I am currently in level 3 or 4. Because I know that I can solve more than 3 equations in the maths activities. 

So my goal for 2015 in term 2, is to try and get to the top level (purple and blue). So the only way that I can get to that level without doing the same thing over and over again. I would have to sit with people that don't a lot, do the wrong things at the wrong time. Because obviously I know that I am going to get distracted. So yes my goal is to get to level 5 for 2015, since it is my last year I will do my best. 

Netball Game for week 7

For this weeks game in netball is, going to be the best because I had a good feeling that we were going to win. The only thing that I didn't know was the team that we were going to verse and what positions that I was going to play. So I just waited but still kept an eye on the game just in case if they get in lead. And suddenly out of no where the rain started poring down and lightning started coming out of no where.

The firs thing we did before getting on to the court to start the game. Was stretching and doing a little warm up game just in case we start getting tired. The buzzer rang and the time came, for us to begin our first round for the game. “REEEIIIINGG”. The whistle blew hard, and the girls started passing the ball down the court towards our goal, for our goal shoot and goal attack to shoot the goal in the hoop.

In the first quarter of the game me, Jordenne and Quasia were subs. The buzzer went for the end of the 1st quarter and the girls ran off the court super fast, for the next round to begin. Me, Jordenne and Kevine. Then me Jordenne, and Kevine went back on the court. The only thing that I was impressed with was that all the girls continued playing the game with out a grudge in the middle on the court while the rain was poring, lightning coming down from the sky. Wow we are strong. Any way! we were winning by miles in the first round but then in the second round we were winning by 2 points and in the third round we were a tie by 11 points.

The girls that were playing in the last quarter was Me, Kevine, Sela, Lesieli, Jordenne, Hannah, and Asena, and our subs were, Quasia, Leila and Puawai. We were doing really well in the begging of the game and then as we got 2 points in at the most, we started slowing going faster and better. Finally the girls that we were going against started getting tired and so did we but we all played the best that we could to win this game. 5 second latter after we just got the goal in the buzzer went.

Everyone went “Yay” because happily we won the game. Even though it was poring down with rain in the 2 first halves and lightning bursting out in front of no where. But we never gave up and we just kept on playing. So three cheers for Pt England year 8 team 1 red lightning, who hooray who hooray, who hooray. So we made our way home with a smile and enjoyed dreaming about our game.

The End:)