Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Omaru Creek


On a hot summer day mr.s maths group was so excited to go swimming they had the best time to go to there lesson. When they were walking there plastic bags were making a rustling sound, when they were throwing them. Mr.s maths group was swimming the colouring and cenacles went tinkling up there nose ,and stinging eyes, and went...P,U. When they went to the changing room they were shivering and dripping wet from there swimming lessons.

When we swapped maths groups with mr marks, they were using there goggles for their freestyle swimming lessons. They were twisting their head so they could breathing and blow bubbles in the swimming pool and catch their breath.

Omaru Creek

Oamaru Creek is a beautiful place but it is getting so polluted from peoples rubbish in the rubbish catcher. Another thing that is polluted about Oamaru Creek is that the tadpoles, fishes are dying. The storm water ends up in the drains on Elstree Avenue with a lot of rubbish in there as well

The good thing that is around Oamaru Creek is that people plant as much trees as they can. Like gum trees, harakiki and all sorts of other trees that are named. How would you feel if there was nothing in Oamaru Creek.