Wednesday, 25 December 2013

To Mrs and Mr burt

Who's your principal at your school? Well Mr Burt is the principal for Pt England School, this school is so lucky to have a kind and responsible teacher. Mrs Burt is one of the best teacher's that I have ever met, she give's out pizes and phone's to the people who blog in the holiday's. That is the reason why I am doing this but not only just to win the phone but, it also helps me learn better. I all ways dream that I win a prize but I didn't do enough work to win. So im trying to do the best I can. Thank you Mrs Burt for giving out these amazing prize's for the kids that have worked so hard for them, thank you very much, Mrs and Mr Burt.                

All about Mr Marks

Thursday's are usually the funniest days of the week, but this time is wasn't. Because it was the last day of school, their was about 6 teacher's that had to leave Pt England school, so it really wasn't the best day of my life. Three of those teacher's had just started at the beginning of this year and two of them were the best teacher's I had ever had through out the time I spent here.

Their names are Mr Marks, Whaea Raewyn, Miss Moala, Mr Kately, Mr Slade and Miss Blake. Mr Marks was the best teacher that I had have for 2013, he was kind, funny and he always takes us out for games when where good. His class is room 18 these are the classes that all work together as a team that is room 16/17 & 18, and I was in room 18 literacy class with Mr Marks.

Mr Marks and Mr Somerville were best friends until Mr Marks left, but he had a reason, he did it for his family, his wife that is going to be having another baby, so he did make a good choose. I miss him so much now, and I wish he never went, I wish to see him some day, well I wish he will come back.

Everyone misses you Mr Marks and Whaea Raewyn. I miss being with you in kapa haka and you'r songs. I miss you'r new games, and I really did want to be in the team for touch not rugby really.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The last day's of school:

What do you do on the last day's of school? Well Pt England school finishes on Thursday, but before everyone one goes on holiday, people change classes around. They also clean out the class room's so that it could be nice and tidy. Then the teacher's try and make something work for them so that they could enjoy there last two day's. I don't like holiday's because I have to baby sit, so anoying.

I think Mr Marks, Mr Somerville and Miss Garden are the best teacher's ever. Because they take us out for sports if we have been good a intire week. But mostly they let us have free time. I think the last day is the best day of all. Because people go of to place's, some teacher's have to go and live their dreams. I hate it when a teacher has to go because that teacher that goes is the teacher that has taught me more things then any one has ever taught me really. That is Whaea Raewyn, she taught me how to stand up tall don't be shy sing you'r haard out and never give up.

My Netbook Reflection

Mr Somerville has showed room 16 maths class, so many new maths strategies. He isn’t the only teacher that has taught me new thing’s, and other things that I forgot to do. He is one of the best teacher’s that I have ever met and also Mr Mark’s and Mrs Garden, they have taught me how to read a book in proper english and how to be responsible to one another.

I am so lucky to have a netbook because it helps me finish my work in time, and it also helps me learn much more creative thing’s. Instead of reading a book in real life you could just get it online, but the best thing is you don’t need to right all you need to do is type, it’s real fun trust me.

My friend’s have taught me how to play ripper rugby properly, but not only my friends also the teacher’s, my parent’s, and even people that I haven’t even met. Getting to have friend’s is better than playing by yourself, and your friends can help you when you're in trouble. Oh believe me it’s good really good to have close friends, families and teachers.

Have you even had a tutor that has taught you how to play netball, rugby. Well thats not the only thing that tutor’s teach you, they teach you how to be responsible, kind and respectful to one another. They also take maori classes and even hip hop classes, and that’s what I have been doing for 2013, just one thing that I haven’t made it into rugby.

How have you helped other kids in their work? Well the only time I help them is when they really need help, example if their stuck or is they don’t no what to do. Helping kids is one of my favourite things to do because helping kids is like helping you family, but much better.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Our Writing Couplet's

Paige and I have been working on some farming couplets. Here are some of them .

If you want more air
do  not be a bear

Don’t cut down the tree’s of your land
or else it will end up in the sand

Down the lake and down the Stream
also the water would not be clean

If you don’t Clean the sheep’s
It will start to bleep bleep bleep

I like playing with cow’s
Because they have weird eyebrows

If  you play with the sprinklers
don’t get too much tinkles

Monday, 2 December 2013

All about me and my best friend the grasshopper

I really hope you enjoy reading my story about me and my best friend the grasshopper. Please give me feed back on how you think my work went, and things that you didn't like. Thank you Pt England.

Once upon a time there was this grasshopper, that I really hate. He was the craziest creacher I have ever bet. He was sort’ve nice but so annoying. Once you get use to him you would know how it feel’s to have a friend like mine.

Two weeks later, my 3rd best friend had decided to move out so that he can get more space and spend time with his best friends. I was so happy that he had left because there was no distervment’s in the mornings and know yelling at night time. The only thing that was sad was that I had know one to hang out with because all my friends lived in Australia.

Three months later he came back with a new baby grasshopper, he asked me if I could take care of it, because I don’t think I can last long enough. So I said “of course I can, I will do it for you my best friend”. So two days later, he died we had a little funeral for him and gave him left over chocolate, just kidding but we did love him so much.

So I carried on with my normal life except for another grasshopper, but he wasn’t like his father he was the opposite of him. He was quiet and he was so kind and helpful to me. I named him after his father his name is Jacob sweeny.

Friday, 29 November 2013

My time in room 16

This here is a presentation about my time here in room 16. I hope you enjoy reading my story.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Camp Bentzon Rocks

Kai ora my name is lizara and this is my presentation about camp Bentzon. It was the best camp I have ever been to, getting away from school for a week but the sad thing that really upset me was my family, I missed them so much. So enjoy my blog and I hope you like it Pt England School.

Monday, 25 November 2013

She's Sinking

It’s your turn to supply information about the sinking of titanic.

1) Complete the Table of information.

Name of ship
Name of shipping company
White Star
Length of ship
294 - metre-long
Date of Maiden Voyage
1Oth of April 1912
Captain’s name
Edward J. Smith

2) Where was the Titanic sailing to on it’s maiden voyage?)
New York City

3) Approximately how many people were on board the Titanic when it left Southampton?
1500 people on board.

4) Why do you think the Titanic hit the iceberg?
Titanic sinke’d and not many people could fit in the boat

5) Why did so many people die?
Because Titanic didn’t make it. It sinked.

6) What is the signal ‘SOS’ a call for?
SOS means (Save Our Soals)

7) The Titanic is referred to as a ship and also a liner in a passage. Words similar in meaning are called synonyms. Can you find another word in the passage similar in meaning to ‘ship’? Another word for ship is (Vessel or the name (TITANIC)

8) Find words in the passage that mean:
a.  cut: Sliced

b.  died: Perished

c.  first: Earlier

d.  cold: Freezing water

e.  crisis: Emergency

f.  saved: Rescued

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau Island

This is what Kawau Island looks like. If you go to Pt England and you'r nearly a year 6 you will have the chance to go to this wonderful place. I am going to be SO julise

Have you been on camp before? Well next week the year 6 children will be going on this amazing trip to Kawau Island. I think this will be the best camp ever, but before we go on camp we will need to check if we have the right things and paid for it.

The camp will be set up at kawau Island, the year 6 children are going to have a lot of fun. First we have a camp practice, like how to set up a table, how to eat on a table and how to put the dishes away properly. Then Miss Flavell is going to put us into groups and she will tell us our team leader's.

We will have a very famous head sheaf coming to our camp and he will be making us the most wonderful food you have ever tasted. We won't be sleeping in tent's but we will be sleeping in a room with our mates. We will play cool activity's even at night time.

We will go hiking, sailing, kayaking and much more, and I can't wait to go sleep. I was looking forward to this camp for so long. This is going to be the best year ever well it all ready is.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What don't you know about farming

Here is some questions for you to answer and I really hope you understand what I am trying to say. These questions are all about farming well it tell's you about most of it. Hope you enjoy my blog.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Living in a (SCARY) home

Once upon a time there lived two parents and two children, they had a pet dog but he died two months ago. The kids names were Jamie and Jacob they were eight years old, they said “when ever they go to different house’s it always gets worse for them. Because they could see bad spirits and hear whispering noise’s but only in this one house because it was the only house around.

They started hearing and seeing things when they were five but there mother and father wouldn't believe them until they saw what happened. That was why they kept moving from place to place but wherever they go they will keep on following you no matter what happens. So they made the house bigger and then felt a big bump underneath the ground. It was an (EARTHQUAKE). 15 hours later there house had turned into a horrible house but they fixed it up and left it.

So the kids said “but we can still hear those whispering noise’s its scaring us do something about it mum and dad please”. So they called the police and the police said “sorry but we can not hear anything or see anything” Jamie said “But their right behind you, can’t you  see them” Then the police started seeing them and they got the book that can help all the ghost in every single house leave and make there way to hell or heaven. So they read it and 5 hours later they were gone. The police found out who was whispering it was ghost all alone well now you can’t hear them or see them.

The police saved us again “three cheers for the police hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray. The kids were so happy that they were gone and so was there parents and they went back to their old life living in Holly Wood. They just couldn't see their dog any more so they brought another dog which guard the house by the inside though. It was the best dog ever and they had the best life ever by starting all over again they were so proud of themselves.


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Spring chickens and happy hens

Here is some questions that I have come up with by reading two story's that relates to my questions. Please give me feed back by commenting on by blog-post thank you.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Plane crash

Once there was a family that lived in a magnificent home and had a lovely family. In this family is Jane the mum, John the dad, Carolyn the oldest sister, Jamie the youngest, Jacop the uncle and Cristel the aunty, they were happy together. When the girls was sleeping dad and uncle decided to take them on a vacation to America, because the girls had always dreamed to see wild animals and search for amazing things so they booked a flight to america. The next morning they got frightened that there dream was finally gonna come true.

The next morning the family packed their things and went all the way to the airport, they were just in time they jumped in the plane and took off. They noticed that there wasn’t much people in this plane, there was only about two family’s that was with them they were so excited. The pilot said “free survant for everyone” they said “yeeehaa”. They were half way there so they had a little nap but ten minutes later they all felt a big bump underneath the plane everyone got scared.

In one hour time they said “the plane’s going to (CRASH). Everyone one was screaming and they landed on the ground really hard, then everyone one was so quite because some of them died in the crash even the pilot’s, except two family’s the Camel family and the Elephant family thats the names that the pilot’s gave them. Those two family’s splited up trying to find for more food and water but it was all in the plane so they looked all night long and still didn’t find anything to eat or drink they were hungry.

Then they heard something weird, they said “hey look up its a plane” “help us helps us please” they said “don’t worry we got use” so they all got rescued in the plane so gently.They had something to eat in the plane and drink they were happy. They weren’t pleased that they couldn’t go to america but they were happy to be home. All their things were broken and they were so angry but not the kids. They kept their stuff in their room they knew something bad was going to happen “hahaha” said the girls. One month later everything was back to normal, they had there stuff back obviously they bought it and they had their family.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Living on a farm



Once upon a time there lived a lovely family on a wonderful caring farm. They lived in a weird looking house but they had a great time together living on a farm with cool animal’s. In this family was Jasmine the older sister, Kylie the youngest sister, Desirea the cousin, John the uncle, James the dad and Rachel the mum. This family was so lucky to live on a farm with wonderful pet’s and animal’s.

Jasmine was so keen to go school and meet new friends and get to know everyone, but she was too shy. Kylie was a normal kid she got to meet her cousin’s every weekend, because they lived on a farm as well. Rachel and James the parent’s they were so tired waking up early in the morning milking the cow’s looking after all the animals, they just didn’t get time to have a break. Uncle John spent time with his daughter and Kylie every weekend and go work every week-nights.

Kylie’s mum and dad went out for dinner with uncle John and the kids stayed home alone with the animals. Mum told the girls to put the horse’s back into the garage but they had forgotten to do it. They were fast asleep but they forgot to put the horse’s back into the garage so the horse’s got stolen and they didn’t notice until mum and dad came back. Rachel and James was so angry but they couldn’t blame it on the kids they knew they should of done it before they left.

So they went out looking for the horse’s they asked everyone if they'd seen these horse’’s but they all said “NO”. Kylie remembered that it was just one horse that ran away and it went in a red truck. Dad said “ did you see who grabbed her she said “yeah it was a man”, “would it be your uncle” dad said. “Know he was with you guise” dad said “oh I forgot”. “I think I know” Jasmine said,” If it’s a man then it might be a new person because this had never happened to us before”. So kylie and that went out look for him but then they saw the horse in the same truck they told mum and dad and they caught the man it was their grandfather.

So they had a little talk together and found out why he did it. Mum and dad decided to let granddad stay for the holidays and the kids could spend time with him because they didn’t get the time to learn more about him. Jasmine and Kylie was so pleased with their parents. Jasmine didn’t get what she wanted but she did get to learn more about her granddad same to Kylie.

And they lived happily ever after.

Monday, 16 September 2013

The boy who flew to high

Once upon a time there lived a young little boy who lived with his father. He lived in a gi-normous castle where a kind and friendly king lived, the kings name was king Minos. The young little boy’s name is Icarus and his father’s name is Daedalus, king Minos is Icarus dad’s father. Icarus was so lucky to have no brother and sisters to look after or get bullied.

The next day Daedalus said “Icarus please come in the basement I need to talk to you” “coming father” said Icarus. So I carus went to the basement and saw his father building something. Icarus said “ dad what are you doing” Daedalus said “ trying to make wings so that you could fly. Icarus was so pleased with his father that he had built him a set of wings to fly in.

So the next day Icarus”s father told him to “wake up and come outside please”. Icarus went outside and saw the wings on the path waiting for him, his father said “ put them on and have a try” so he put it on and had a try. His father told him what to do and what not to do but Icarus did not listen.

Icarus was in the air, he was spreading out his wings and flying exactly like a bird. Then he had forgotten what all the rules that his father told him to do. So he just forgot all about it and just enjoyed his self and he flew way to close to the sun, but if he goes way too close to the water down below his wings would get soakin wet. Then he noticed that his wings were melting by the sun and there was soil coming out of it and he fell into the water (SPLASH).


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Punctuation Goal's

This is my punctuation goals that I am focusing on for this year. This is where I think I am at writing my paragraph's or making perfect sense. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Enjoy me blog!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Xtra Maths

This here is all about xtra maths. This year was the first time getting 70 right answer's by racing the teacher, and I have been working on division my highest score ever!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Father's Day

On Friday after school I was thinking about what I could get for my dad’s birthday and father’s day. The next day I got frightened because Sunday was father’s day, then it would be my dad’s birthday the next day. So I said to my aunty “ I was just wondering if you could take me to the shop so I could buy my dad something for father’s day tomorrow” she said “ yes but you have to be quick ok”. 

Once we finished our shopping we went to buy a present for my dad and, while we were gone my mum and sisters were cooking and setting up the party. I bought my dad some flower’s and a big block of chocolate from the warehouse and, it wasn't just some ordinary chocolate it was a wonka chocolate, um delicious. 

So we went straight home and, stuck our present that we brought by the other one’s and, their was this humongous cake that my mum baked it looked yummy. So after everything was done we had a BBQ that my uncle did. After we had a wonderful time with the family on father’s, but the only thing that was so cool, is that my dad’s birthday was the next day and, I don’t know what I can buy.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rhyming Couplets

A couplet is a two line poem. The last word of each line rhymes. 

I really really tried to look

For this mysteries book.

I have a really cool pet parrot
Who really loves to eat carrot.

I really really like to fly my kite
When it goes way over height.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The three little pigs

                                            listen to ‘Lizara the three little pig's’ on Audioboo

Once upon a time on an old farm lived three little pigs, who lived with there mum and dad. The first little pig was the noisy one. The second pig was the stupid one. Finally the third pig was the smart one of all his brother’s. The next day the three little pigs had decided to leave their mother and father, to see the world and make new friend’s. They were roaming through the woods and over plains, they were playing games and having a lot of fun. Know one was as happy as the three little pigs, and they easily made friends with everyone. As summer drew to close, they realised that folk was drifting back to their usual jobs. Once it got darker the three little pigs, went to the supermarket to buy things, to make there house’s. The first piglet said “ I’m gonna make my house out of hay”, so he brought him some hay and went away to try and find a place to build his home. The second little pig said “ I’m gonna buy me some sticks to build my house”, so he brought him some sticks and went away to try and find a quiet place to build his house. Then the third little pig said “ I’m gonna buy me some bricks to build my house”, so he went away and started to build his house. Then the BIG BAD WOLF came and started to blow the pig’s houses. He went to the first little pig and said “hey let me in or else i’ll your house down” then the little pig said “no go and find your own house” so the wolf huffed and he puffed and blew the house down. The little pig ran away and went to the other pigs house and the wolf said “ let me in or I will blow your house down” so he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down. Then the ran to the third little pigs house and locked the door, the wolf said “ hey open the door or I will blow your house down” so he huffed and he puffed and it didn’t work so he huffed and he puffed and it still didn’t work. So he went on top of the house and went down the chimney, but lucky the third little pig was smart because he put on a hot boiling water on top of the fire. The wolf fell into the pot of boiling water and he got (HOT) so he quickly ran outside and never had seen the three little pigs since then.
This story that I am writing about is the three little pigs the reason why I am writing this story is because it is an easy story to retell and they kind of act like my sisters.

The moral of this story is
to buy cheap stuff and
use your brain.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The ugly duckling

Once upon a time on an old farm lived a mother duck and her seven baby eggs. Mother duck was sitting on a clutch of new eggs. One day her six chirpy eggs started to hatch 1,2,3,4,5,6 chirpy eggs hatched but the seventh one didn’’t. The last egg was bigger and when it started to hatch the last duck had grey feathers and he ate more food than his brother ducklings.

When mother duck told the ducklings to have a swim in the pond all the ducklings were being nasty and mean to the ugly duckling, he was so upset.  Once all the ducklings and mother duck went to sleep the ugly duckling ran away to try and find his family that he looked like. Then a man saw the ugly duckling and took  him inside for dinner and water. Once he got bigger the old farmer let the ugly duckling free.

Once the ugly duckling got free he went back to the old farm and found his real family, he was so happy and so was his family. The ugly duckling was back with his brothers and his mother duck but when he looked in the pond he had seen that he had changed and grown way too big.  Then they went back to the nest to have dinner and they lived happily ever after.