Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The wild insects/animals

This is my first literacy task for the week and I have enjoyed learning more about the different species and adaptation about them. I hope you learn more about this and enjoy it more than I did!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Farewell Mrs Moala

I would like to wish "Mrs Moala" the best for her new baby and I hope she goes through it well. I really wished that "Mrs Moala" didn't go but she had a very good reason for that and I am happy with my new teacher even though she isn't the same as "Mrs Moala".

"Mrs Moala" was one of the best teachers that I have ever had but "Mr Somerville" is still my first best teacher in the world. But have fun spending time with her baby girl/boy and spending  quality time with her husband and son. We all miss you heaps "Mrs Moala"!

Survivor Assembly

Immersion Assembly - T4W1Y15
Our starting  of term 4 was the best! Why? Because we have a new teacher in room 4 and her name is “Miss Hockly”. But unfortunately our old teacher “Mrs Moala” who was our amazing teacher for the first 3 terms for 2015 had to go because she had a new baby coming soon. We are all happy for “Mrs Moala and her loving family, and we can’t wait for the new baby to arrive”. And hopefully she comes and visits us very shortly!

So to start of the year with a little kick like usual, our school had an immersion assembly in the school hall. When we have an immersion assembly the teachers would have to present in front of all the students, in the school hall, what their team will be doing for the rest of the term. But to start it off like an intro we watched a short film made by our school principal “Mr Burt” and his helpful helpers “Ana Vaafusuaga, Jordan Samuel's and Jalen Watene”.

After watching that extremely weird film made by the amazing filmers and actors in team 5 and Mr Burt was fun. But out of the 5 teams that I enjoyed as my most favorite has got to be team 4. Why? Because it was humorous, it had a lot of experience in it and it was just fun to watch the children guess what was behind them.

“So welcome up team 4”. Well welcome our students in team 4 will be working on how to adapt and learn more about the experience that the wild animals have been through. Like what they eat, their habitat and their ways of living. So their was a choice of 4-5 students trying t o guess what was behind them.

Their only clue was? Oh wait they didn’t get a clue but their out coming answers for what was the wild creature and their habitat behind them. These are the real answers to the 5 people.
  1. A lion
  2. A snake
  3. A gorilla/monkeys
  4. Fish under the deep blue sea
  5. A shark
But the answers that they came up with was....And this is in order from one to five.
  1. Candy Land
  2. Under water
  3. A kangaroo
  4. In the sky with clouds
  5. Birds

Oh and just before everyone went back to class the fabulous “Mr Burt and Mrs Burt” called out 10 boys, and girls! The reason why those 10 kids got called out is because they have been posting blog post on to their blogs and when they do that they win something cool. So they have to stay after assembly on Friday to receive their prize.

My maths word problems T4W1

This is our first maths problem for the term and I was so happy to start maths before I even head out to college next year. Because it will be a whole new level and much harder work to be looking forward to. So I hope you learn more than you should no or if you already no what to do then I hope my work is just as good as your one. Thank you for visiting my blog and have a lot of fun reading my work!!!