Friday, 21 September 2012


Most animals like whales measure about twenty meters long. Some whales are known to grow over 30 meters which is very long and it might be as long as 3 classrooms. Wales are not a fish if you think, because the mother gives it baby milk and the baby is called a calves.

Some dinosaurs were as big as whales but they died a very long time ago like millions of years or so. Sharks and killer whales are the same but the killer whale is way smaller then the Whales. Did you know? That the sharks are scared of the dolphins because dolphins crash into them.

Whales happens to live in the sea and give food to their baby calves. The whale is the biggest sea creature that you could imagine because they are bigger there three classrooms, and this is true. I think that the whale is the strongest thing in the sea.

Whales are one of the biggest and strongest animal in the world! I can’t believe that

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Turning fractions into mixed numbers

I am learning to turn improper fractions into mixed numbers it might be a little confusing but you will get use to it I have created one on top of my writing take a look at it then you might get what I mean.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Improper Fractions

This is how my learning intention and making improper fractions and using mixed numbers. I am learning to make a fraction use what is left that doesn't fit in these fraction parts, Next time I will practice to be perfect then I did for my own practice sheet.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Invaded Rocks

Mum woke up Nathan, just in case the mouse was still in the kitchen. Nathan lost his pocket money because he frightened mum when she was hiding behind the kitchen door. Dropping are little things that are called mouses poose

Mum found a cat in the cupboard when Nathan was making lots of loud noises. They decided to clean up a little, then they went out for the day because they did not want to stay in the house. Mum got brave when she'd finished, and slid off the stool.

When Nathan was about to open the cupboard and yanked it opened, but then mum said no it might run out again. Mum kept yelling at the boys she did not believe her eyes.

Making fractions

Yesterday, afternoon my group the diamonds had to wash our hands and get into groups of two. Then my teacher gave each person a hand full of play dough to make some fractions in different kind of ways. When we rolled it into a little ball and flattened it with our pams it felt soft and it was just like my pillow.

Then we had to cut one chocolate bar into halves then we will do what it said on the fractions mat. We made and chocolate bar cut it with a bamboo stick in different shapes. When we got the play dough it felt so squishy, slimy and disgusting.

The next day after ICT and music room then we went back to class and made some play doh when all the groups came back from the ict room and music room. When we came back we got a piece of play doh each and we used it to help make fraction.

I felt really happy when my teacher took a photo of my fractions and dividing in halves. Next time I will work more harder then before so I can be the best in the whole call.

Making Fractions


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lizara's Paralympic Event

Did you know that Cameron Leslie Won the 150 meter individual medley? Cameron Leslie was missing some of his limbs on his arm and elbow. Philippa Gray and Laura Thompson was in a bike race and two people had to be on a bike but with two sets.

Many amazing people had to paddle to gather so that they could win as a team. I think next time they deserve to win another gold and bronze so they could make us win more. The girls were working so hard and the other people representing their countries and have a happy time with their family.

New Zealand has got 4 golds, 3 silvers, 4 brone and their total score is 11th. As you know, there are 160 countries competing in the olympic games in London England 2012. The paralympians work so hard because they will want to win the gold medal.