Tuesday, 8 May 2012

They only plant their rice in spring. zwe mum plants rows and rows of seedling into the muddy water. On their way to school the next day, zwe and his friends walked over to the rice to get some lunch for school. Zwe love his rice and his food,and they sometimes they have meat,fish and eggs with their rice.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Andy Warhol's Style Of Art !

Guess what? Andy warhol died in 1968 but before he died he drew a lot of pictures that are really cool. I am talking about an American artist of Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol is a famous man because he was an amazing artist when he draws a lot of pictures like Marilyn Monroe and lots of other famous people. He was a religious man and he did volunteer work at homeless shelters. Andy Warhol got three shots and he still survived, do you believe that?

He is famous for being involved in the pop art movement and he was called the Prince of Pop art. When he was young he showed that he was very talented drawing people like Marilyn Monroe and Mohammed Ali. Andy Warhol is really famous because he draws a lot of other famous people,places and food and he is popular for creating supermarket products. Did you know that Andy Warhol actually produced himself on photos all around the world and on movies as well?

Andy warhol takes pitchers of famous people and he silkscreens it with opposite colors on to his art paper. He does all sorts of different kinds of thing like marilyn monroe and he even did a sketch of Mohammed Ali. Andy Warhol uses bright colors that shines through art he draws. He uses bold outlines on is art paper.

Andy warhol uses inverted colors on his art work and he uses bold outlines. In the 1928 Andy Warhol decided to paint daily objects that were mass produced like coca cola bottles and soup cans. He also liked making silk screen of famous people, food and also shoes and all sorts of other kinds of thing like Marilyn Monroe.

Andy Warhol is an American artist. I love him because he is my favourite man that is an artist. He uses bright colors and he also uses bold outlines with his lovely work. He screen printed over photographs of famous food, drink and celebrities just like Marilyn Monroe, Mohamed Ali, Mao and of course Michael Jackson. My favourite part of Andy Warhol's art is when he uses bright and shiny colors on  his art paper which is very cool.