Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Last day at Pt England School for the yr 8 students

On the very last day of school we just enjoyed the last moments that we will have together with the year 8’s and hopefully we will have know down times. So we had an Immersion Assembly together at the second bell which was 8.50am. Shared our last certificates out to every body and and also said our good byes and farewells to all the teachers who will be leaving our school. Most of them are retiring, they already have another job, or they are just going over sea’s to see their family.

A couple mintues and hours later we all went back to our classes and moved furniture around and helped other junior classes. It wasn’t really a good day to end school because it was raining really badly oudside. The least I could say is that we will have fun and the weather will not disterbe us when we are playing, cleaning, singing, dancing and doing a whole heap of cools things, especially on the last day.

So my class “class 4” just moved all the furniture out of the way and just had fun. We made video stars, watched funny and cool movies, sang songs together, danced together and had fun together “just like our Pt England family would do”. Me and my friends didn’t stay at class for half of the morning block, we went of to help other classes take pictures of fthe walls, move furniture around to the right palces and just went back to class at half time.

Saddly after a while we realized that the time went pass fast, and it only felt like a bursting wind went straight past  cbour eye’s. It got quite no one talked except for the school bell ringing and heading of to class. We lined up and took our seats in the hall and waited for Mr Burt to say the Korero.

we said “our farewells and good buy’s to our yr 8 students, and wish them good luck for college next year”. We didn’t really want any of them to leave but they had to go, but the best thing is that they will always visit us and we will see them time by time juring the holidays. We gave them all huge cuddly hugs and hand shakes to show them that we love them and we will miss them. They cried a litle bit and showed us their Christmas talents throught out the entire time they spent at Pt England School.

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Ms Squires said...

I have been really enjoying reading all your posts Lizara. It sounds like you have been making the most of your holiday so far. Farewelling the Year 8 was a sad day for us all as we have had so much fun with them over the year. It was great you got to spend Ashlee's birthday with her though. Keep up the blogging and enjoy the rest of your break.

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