Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My best friends birthday

On Friday the 19 of December, an hour after school finished. I had a chance to have a sleep over at my friends house and her name is “Ashlee”. First of all we went to my house to pick up my clothes for the sleep over, then my mum took us for a ride to Pak’n’save to buy us some snacks and then I said good bye family I will see you all tommorow I love 

A while after we finished buying some snacks something really ugly and terribly happened, “sadly it started to poor down with rain and lighting (thunder) came down from the sky. So we had to take the bus instead of the train because we wouldnt be able to make it to the other side.

We made it to her house and we were just on time because her mum and dad made it home about 10 minutes before us and dinner was already finsish. We told them about our last day at school and after school, but while waiting we had dinner and watched movies. Her mum, dad, little brother “Conna” and her nan were their, but her mum and dad had to go and get christmas shopping. I think they got it that day I came because it will keep Ashlee from asking to see the presents! “Shhh”.

We watched a horror movie along with a dancing program as well, and we made us these things that the year 8 students got o make at their camp. Which was these “mashmollows and thin buiskits all together” so first of all (do you know how people frie their mashmollows over the fire outside) well we did that, but her nan was their to light the fire and watch us. Then we went inside and used the thin buiskits as our sandwich and put one mashmollow in between the thin buiskits.

The next day after that her mums best friend “Suzie” came over to her house in the morning to pick us up and take us over to Sylvia Park. Once we got their we realized that we forgot the money at home but “Ashlee” thought that she might’ve droped in Sylvia. So we trained all the way back to Glenn Innes to tell her aunty what happened and her aunty handed her $3.00 for our train back to Meadobank. Quess what the money was safely under her pollow in her nans pearse that her nan let her borrow. So we used that money to get us back to her aunties house then had lunch before we left.

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