Monday, 20 July 2015

Wurst day ever

Saturday the 18th of July 2015 - 18.07.15

Have you ever had such a big puddle around your street or neighborhood? Well today is not a wonderful day to be playing out side because there was such a big storm, lightning, and rain happening last night. The puddle may not look that big in the photo but in person it sure does. It is just like the puddles that you have at school.

How did the puddle start? Well the thing that creates puddle is not only the rains fault. It is because you must have a deep whole where the whole that started, that is exactly our the puddle around my neighborhood started.  

It starts the way everything starts, it starts small and makes its way bigger and bigger. The rain started poring down and a while later it got stronger and stronger.  “Oh” and out of know where I heard a “bang and boom” it was the lightning and storm that was coming out of the dark grey clouds from the sky. And that's what created the puddle.

Why is it dirty? Well the dirt mustn't already been on the hard concrete and as people drove past on there cars, there wheels mustn't been diary as well. The mud is always following you around. But about 4-5 hours later a “boom, bang, clash” sound came out of know where beneath our feet. It was the forks and fireworks that was happening in G.I last night celebrating Maori week “Matariki light trail”. So the puddle was a humongous disappointment but happily the forks made us feel better, even if we didn’t get the chance to see it close up. It just matters that we didn’t miss it by going to sleep but I know that it was loud enough to wake the entire city even.

___________________________________Another version

“Wow” what such an enormous puddle, that has surrounded the neighborhood that these people live in. The color of the disgusting gigantic puddle is “brown, with a little touch of black”. From the looks of it people must been waling around it unless they have gumboots that are at least below your knees. But I know that everyone must be having such a dumb, boring, upsetting day today, because of the puddle that took over most of the space, unless there is a solution. Like some people going out in there cars, van, or trucks. Which is exactly what everyone would want to do if they didn’t want to stay in side feeling sad and lonely, but I would if there was time to have a little rest. So I thank the puddle and some people don’t thank it!

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