Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Needs VS Wants


How we spend money all depends on things that we need and things that we want. “This essay will explain what the difference is between what a ‘want’ is and what a ‘need’ is. Its things that people are eyeing out, desperately want, or been needing it for quite some time. What does it feel like to spend money on things that is needed and wanted?

What is a want?
How can we be financially responsible if all people want to spend their money on, is on things that they “want” instead of needs? Like spending your money something that is just knew in the store that you really want, but you can’t hold back to wait and buy it later “because you never know if what you want is going to run out”. Things that you desperately want are things that are on high prices. Like for example Samsung touch screen water resistant, large TV screens, goodies (lollies, chocolate, chips, fizzy) and video games. Most of all spending your money these expensive items won’t really lead you to a happy life in the future “because these are just luxury items”.

What is a need?
What are necessity items that we need for our school, family and most of all ourselves? The parents children go out working for money to help pay for the bills, groceries, clothing and things that are needed at home. Things are very expensive in our days because when people go to the super markets “the shopkeepers put their prices so high, and sometimes it’s impossible for people to pay for items in the shop”. Like going to the bank early in the morning or late at night to get out the money from the bank. The first thing that we desire are things that we want but we desperately know we need to pay is groceries for the house and the bills (light bill, tv bill, house bill, electric bill). Clothing, food, water, drinks and so much more. These are all the things that we need not want. If we have no money at all then what can we do? That’s why our government had all these jobs for people to work their way for money for their families. Or holding a garage sale and selling some of the things that you don’t need or old things in your house!

Why is one more important than the other?
How do we find difference between a want and a need and which one is more important to help us in the future? From my point of view I agree with “need” because sometimes things just happen out of no where like for example “today is a ‘sunny day’ and 2 minutes later out of no where ‘rain’ starts pouring from the sky”. It’s just like me wanting to buy the Samsung 6 edge but they haven’t paid for the bills and food for the children and families staying our lovely homes. Most of the time I ask my mum for things that I want which isn’t fair for the rest of the people in the house and that’s why people work all day long by wages and celery for the money to help around the house. Needing things is much, much, much important than needing things because needing things is just you being greedy, inconvenient and childish. Helping out your parents is the most important thing in the world, not money, school, and your future even if it does count but it’s definitely family.

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