Monday, 20 July 2015

G.I Matariki Light Trail

Everyone who lives around G.I are lucky enough to have a night out at the “light trail”. Why did these wonderful people decided to do something so special and cool? Well this “light trail” isn’t that knew or old to us, because this happen only once a year, for 5 days one week. It is Maori language week and Matariki is the most important thing that always happens on Maori week.

Its just like when it is Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island and all those other countries week. They do a cultural performance for everyone or a Mihi telling and showing people who they are, where there from, and what they are like. For example “Ko lizara toku ingoa - My name is Lizara, No Glenn Iness toku kainganoho - I live in Glenn Iness, Tekau ma rua okau tau, I am 12 year old”.

Today is Friday the 17th 2015, and there is one day away from the “light trail”. And yes I did say that “the light trail starts and finishes 5 days at 6.30pm until midnight at 12.00”. But the only special thing about tomorrow which is Saturday the 18th, it is because the people who sets it up controls the entire thing lit up “forks”. I am so excited about tomorrow because me and my family, with my cousins and uncles will be going tomorrow to watch the “forks light trail”. Hopefully they have amazing and cool prizes that also go with the game and activities that will or should be held there.

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