Friday, 3 July 2015

My time at Pt England school for term 2

How was your time during term 2? For our topic at Pt England school we are learning and focusing on doing "Tinkering tools and toys". My 3 most favorite highlights for term 2 is enjoying my short amount of time with the year 7's, the teachers and all the other students at Pt England school. If I had 2 wishes one of them would be for me to stay at Pt England school, because I am so scared of college it just seems so hard and confusing. But everyone say'd "that college is hard especially on the first day, but you will enjoy it once you get to know everyone that likes having your company".

The 2nd highlight for term to, is beating my high scores in reading, writing, maths, Kapa Haka, helping the teachers, and even better P.E.S ( Pt England sports). I can not wait until holidays start, but I can not wait until term 3 starts for 2015. My very last highlight for 2015 term 2 is, finishing off my work properly, but still need to work on presenting and being confident enough to talk in front of everyone with out a glitch "because being shy is one of the things that I am really, really good at".

The 2 thing that I will improve in term 3 is, getting higher levels or scores in my tests, and competing in every sport and auditions.

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