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Explanation - How do people receive and spend money?

Title explanation
How do people receive and spend money? Some people get money from working at a job, or asking for a loan (a loan is when someone asks another person for some money just until they get paid) because they're broke, or by earning the money. Like for example let’s say that the teachers at Pt England school and all the other schools all around the world get paid $100.00 ph as their wages.

Introduction-Paragraph 1
How do they and who do they receive the money from? The money is a world wide currency, that is given to the government and, the government gives the money to the school, mechanics, hospital, and those other jobs as well. But just for example let me explain the amount of money the teachers get at school for teaching the students. Well first the schools give the money to the teachers after getting the money from the government. How does the government know the right amount of money that he/she needs to give to the schools all around New Zealand? The government knows the right amount of money to give to the schools, because the principles that are in charge of the school tells the government the amount of teachers that are at school every day. So really it only depends on the amount of teachers that are teaching at the school.

Paragraph 2
How do they receive/earn the money? Some well earned kids will probably get paid from they're parents for helping out with the chores around the house. Or from delivering newspapers to the houses. Or if your parents got paid over the amount of money that they usually have, and then they just give you money for being a good girl/boy. Or holding a garage sale selling all the old stuff that you don’t want any more, or delicious baking. And your parents probably get paid from working so hard at their job, some parents get paid from wages or by salary. “Salary” the boss at the work has to pay the people that work they're have to get paid $12.70 per hour, they are not aloud to pay them less then that. Because if they do then they are just ripping you off, and besides it against the law to do that. So just for example if I work from 8am until 9pm then I should get paid $177.80. ( so I will be working for at least 14 hours -(14 x 10 = 140) + (14 x 2 = 28) = 168 + (7.0 x .10 = 7.00) + (7.0 x .4 = 2.80) = 9.80 + 168 = $177.80. “Wages” is when you get you paid every day, or week because some people get paid when they work at school, so really all the do is show up at school from the beginning and leave a while after the kids leave. Then they choose to get paid every fort night, day or something. Because I wouldn’t really want to know the right amount of money all the school teachers get every year the work!

Paragraph 3
How do we/they spend their money and what do they spend it on? If I had $250.80 I would save $50.80 for me for what I want and give the rest of the money to my parents for the bored. food, things they and we need. Or some people will either surprise them by buying them a gift like a video game if they like it, some delicious bakery food or things from the diary, Mcdonalds, Karls JNR. Or previously thinking about what the person could do with the money. However do you think that person will spend it all on her/his self, share it out between his/her family for groceries and house things. Or buying some sweets for the kids, or even saving it up for when it is needed. Clothes, magazines anything that, that person admires.

Paragraph 4
What are some additional ways that I could receive money? I actually earn money by helping out around the house, by doing house chores. I am a good netball player but still making my way from being a pro (professional) netball player like my friends, I am still working on some things. So what I am trying to say here is that I am one of the “professional netball umpires, that referees the netball games at the A.M.I netball courts”. I was a newspaper deliverer, giving out news papers to the houses. I some time baby sit my cousins, nieces and nephews so I get paid as well.

The very first thing that I do with the money is give half of the money to my mum, or dad, so that they can spend it on anything that want. I buy sweets, chunk food for me but most of the time I buy myself some fruit with some ice-cream at the dairy so that when I get home I can make me and my family a scrumptious milk shake. Most of the time I will save it up in my bank account, so that when I need something then I can use it if needed. I do a lot of things with the money that I earn. The only different thing that I do with the money is buying clothes, heaps of food, and shoes at Sylvia part.

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