Wednesday, 1 July 2015

PES should not have a school uniform

PES should not have a school uniform:
What do you think Pt England school should do, from deciding if we should have school uniform or not? I agree that we should not have school uniform, because it saves the people’s time who creates them for us at Pt England school. And if we don’t have school uniform then it saves us from paying money to the school, when we can just wear the clothes that we already have. our mufti clothes.

But there's another twist. Because the money that we pay the school to buy our uniform helps our school save up money for things that are needed. The children can look the exact same instead of looking O.T.L (only the lonely). Ever since weave continued wearing school uniform everyone enjoyed wearing jackets, jumpers, culottes, track-pants and all these amazing clothings that have been created by these amazing people.

If Pt England school students don’t have proper uniform, which is what we call “not wearing it with pride”. Then everyone will start wearing mufti then everyone will look really odd. I agree that Pt England school shouldn't have to wear uniform in school. Because if we don’t have school uniform then we would have to get a “dress pass from Mr Jacobson”. It can also save people from washing their uniform and waiting for them to dry in just 2 days, because sometimes it takes longer to wash and dry or you might loose your uniform and then you would have to buy more uniforms for yourself.

So I would just like wear mufti instead of wearing our school uniform. because most of the time I can’t find my jacket and culottes. So I just go to school wearing my school T-shirt and shorts, but it is so cold because I can’t find my jacket so I just wear a mufti jumper.

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