Thursday, 4 June 2015

My maths progress

For our maths class we all have to chose and decided which level are we on by red, orange, green, purple and blue. I have been trying my best to try and get to the highest level in maths, because maths is my favorite subject in school. But just for now I know that I am currently in level 3 or 4. Because I know that I can solve more than 3 equations in the maths activities. 

So my goal for 2015 in term 2, is to try and get to the top level (purple and blue). So the only way that I can get to that level without doing the same thing over and over again. I would have to sit with people that don't a lot, do the wrong things at the wrong time. Because obviously I know that I am going to get distracted. So yes my goal is to get to level 5 for 2015, since it is my last year I will do my best. 

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Angela Moala said...

NIcely done Lizara! Keep working hard and I know that you will be able to achieve your goal. Remember to ask questions as needed, and be willing to answer the questions of others during your small group and whole class discussions.

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