Thursday, 18 June 2015

Moo-Juicer for 2015

Have you ever been a moo-juicer before, or do you know what a moo-juicer is? Well if you don't know what a moo-juicer is, well it is a group of kids that give out milk to the classes all around the school. The first thing they have to do is to stack up the fridge with milk, and stack up the trolley with milk for the classes. When I say milk I don't mean just one bottle of milk, I mean little cartons of milk but in a box with 24 in each one.

I love being a moo-juicer, because it is fun giving out stuff to the classes and helping out with anything to do around the school. Since it is my last year at Pt England School I would like to enjoy it and also help with anything that is needed. I got into begin a moo-juicer because 

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