Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths Level - Maths Progress

This maths progress chart show's you how far I have gone in my maths work. I was first at the green level which is level 3, the reason why I knew that I was there at the first time is because I had to practice my M.A.D.S more to get to the next level.

And now that I have practice doing them at home and on X-tra maths as well, I knew that when we play the game around the world in times tables. Then I might get a better chance of beating the highest maths champion. So just for now I am going to stay at level 4 and if I don't do well next time we have tests and other things then I can just go back a level.

And the other reason is because I can use more then 3-4 strategies in an equation that is given to me either in a test or just for fun. Solving the solution is the best thing and the easiest thing that I can do.

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