Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Weekend Recount

On the weekends I had an awesome time on Saturday because we went down to the Pt England Reserve to go fishing. We only go down to the reserve at the end of the day when it gets cooler! The only reason why we go at the time of the day is because its not as sunny, and we won’t need to stand in the hot sun melting. We have never been out fishing before so this would be cool especially doing something new. But it lightened up my day when we went out fishing, but I went with my family and my uncle who had the fishing rods and things.

The next day after that we went stayed home and spring cleaned the house because we had our cousins over for the night, and they love making a mess. We didn't mind cleaning up because it was hot outside and none of us wanted to go outside in the hot burning sun. So we stayed home and watched movies for the rest of the day, but we definitely enjoyed it. We did our shopping and even did extra for our movie! We were watching the movie called Wreck-it Ralph on channel 2.

We got out our uniforms for school the next day and went back in the lounge for the movie. My 3 little sisters love watching cartoons, and I am getting a habit of liking cartoons now. My eldest sister Martha stayed in her room and watched movies on her laptop, but she came out too watch the movie anyways. We enjoyed the movie with excitement, but we all felt tired after the movie and went back to bed for school in the morning!

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